Business Coach for Health Coach and Wellness Coaches

How often do you feel stuck with the words you want to say to your ideal client?


How often do people not hire you?


How often do you hear crickets when you launch your opt in freebie?


Do you feel stuck crafting your signature business?




I have built my business from the ground up while having multiple health issues. I dropped the imposter syndrome right away.

I teach driven health coaches how to create profitable and sustainable businesses with the same proven system I built my health coaching business with – sounds fabulous, right?

I’m a  biz coach for health-focused solopreneurs and entrepreneurs, helping you nail down your niche, get your work out there strategically, and start building the business you deserve. I have worked 1:1 with hundreds of coaches building their business and supported over 8,500 health coaches to build their business with the done for you programs.

Why me?

Because I know first hand how frustrating and exhausting both the struggle to conquer confusing health issues and run an amazing business can be. But I came out on top – and I’m here to help you do the same. (Curious? You can peruse the full story below.)

You might be hitting wall after wall in either area, not sure where to turn next.
You might’ve paid for the programs, read the books, tried the “super foods” and “failsafe” strategies… but nothing’s worked.
You might feel just about ready to throw in the towel.

If you are, please hear this: you don’t need to give up.

You just need to re-think your approach and uncover what’s right for you.




I’m Rachel Feldman – but you can just call me Rach.
Welcome to my world.


I am the proud founder of Rachel’s Wellness and the creator of the Done For You Programs called Wellness Business Solutions in a Box for health coaches. I empower coaches worldwide with tools for a healthy life and a healthy business.

Whether you’re looking for a more nourishing way of eating, a realistic plan for your busy days, or a strategy for your next rockin’ program or launch – I’m here to make it happen for you.

It’s time to release those rigid rules.

Around here, flexibility’s the name of the game – in your body, in your mind, in your business.

I BELIEVE knowledge is power – and you deserve to know the tools and strategies that will work for your biz.

I KNOW no two businesses are the same, and with an in-depth examination of your biz and then we make the magic – we’ll find exactly what will (and won’t) work for you.

I HELP you discover why you face certain challenges, what to do about them, and which tools will give you more energy, not fear the tech overwhelm of MailChimp and Dropbox or and opt-in freebie, and overall sense of “Wow, I feel rockin” again.

My coaching centers entirely around helping you rock out an awesome business you enjoy.

What feels good to you matters. The business you love matter. And yes, you’re allowed to eat chocolate and build a kick ass business. Because the key to a nourished body/mind and a business you love depends on you being at peace.

Bottom line: I make creating a kick ass business easy. I am not going to overwhelm you. I am going to teach you simple ways you can market like a pro, nail down your niche and own your dreams >>> because this is your birthright. 

But wait - hold up. How do I know all this?
Well, here’s my story.

I know what it’s like to feel sick for a long time with no solution in sight.

I grew up as an active little kid in Center City, Philadelphia. While I adored sports and exercise, and swam competitively from ages 3-17… I always struggled with my health.

I had my first ulcer at 14, and came from a long line of disease and digestion issues on both sides of my family. I had sensitivities, intolerances, and allergies like you wouldn’t believe – so I became a health nerd at a very early age. For a while, my challenges were manageable… but when I hit adulthood, everything took a sharp turn for the worse.

In my twenties, I took a job in one of the most competitive, high-stakes industries out there: commercial real estate. I worked my ass off to carve my niche in that boy’s club and stay on top. I was always on a diet. Every morning I’d wake up, hit the gym, get to work, eat a can of tuna, and stay on my grind until late into the night.

Soon enough… that fast-paced lifestyle took its toll.

Despite the fact I was successful, and looked healthy and fit, I was getting sicker every day – and it was affecting the way I enjoyed my life. My autoimmune, digestion and adrenals were a hot mess, and I felt sick.

I found out I had heavy poisoning, candida, parasites, liver toxicity, h-pylori and a host of other pathogens. My body was shutting down. I was not even getting a period nor having a bowel movement – I was lucky if that happened once a week. My sleep was horrific, and I was a nice yellow-grey color. I felt like a was dying.

The first $10,000 I spent went to testing, which confirmed all of the above and started detoxing my body per the suggestion of the naturopath. After being told, ” You need to start X plan, and it will cost X money (which I did not have).” I asked if there was another way and I was told NO.

At that moment, was the beginning of my empowerment. I started researching and swore one day I would help people just like myself.

I poured thousands of dollars into a long line of doctors and specialists who just couldn’t tell me what was wrong or told me do X, and this X has helped every one of my clients (about $100,000 to be exact) — but it never helped me.

It was terrifying, and on top of it all, the constant stress of being sick was wreaking havoc on my emotional well being.

Thankfully, after a lot of painstaking research, I was able to get better and begin to pull back the layers of toxicity.

I wish somebody had walked the journey with me because the late nights searching on the Internet and the “doing this alone gig” was exhausting.

With the help of a black H&M bag full of supplements I carried everywhere (yup – I was that girl sucking on garlic) and an awesome acupuncturist, I slowly started to come back to myself. Then one day, at the end of one of our sessions, my acupuncturist told me about a school that would eventually change my life: The Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Hearing about the groundbreaking health techniques going on there absolutely blew my mind. Though I couldn’t afford to enroll right then, I made a promise to myself: as soon as I had the cash, I would.

Fast forward a few years.

A wonderful husband. Issues getting pregnant solved by an incredible energy healer and lots of detox, the right foods, and proper nutrients. The birth of my son. Quitting my job in commercial real estate to become a level 2 Reiki master. The birth of my daughter.


Despite the massive changes that happened in my life, one idea always rang clear and true: I had to attend the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. And so, with two babies and a heart full of determination, I turned to my husband and said “This is what I’m meant to do. It’s time.” He agreed – and I enrolled.

While I loved every minute of my education, my state of bliss was about to come to a screeching halt. My graduation lined up with the 2010 recession. All of a sudden, my family was in dire financial straights.

The hubby turned to me and said, ” honey, we lost all of our savings.”

At that moment, I had exactly two options:

I could go back to the high-pressure job I worked for, and potentially send myself into another downward spiral.

I could use my new degree, and start my wellness coaching business from the ground up because I believed in my soul this is what I was meant to do – help other people to be empowered.

The first would have been the safer choice. I didn’t have any money for a website and had no idea where to start building a business on my own. At this point, we sold our home so we could live on the savings (thank goodness we made that smart investment).

We decided to make the move to Boca Raton, FL. So not only would I be starting a solo biz from scratch – I wouldn’t know a soul where I was going. But somehow… I felt the call stronger than anything.

There were people out there who were lost and confused, just like I’d been. People who’d seen every doctor, who’d tried every pill and plan, and still couldn’t find a solution. I needed to help them.

But then, my health issues resurfaced.

With all the stress of the stock market crash and our relocation to Florida, the problems I’d kept at bay returned, full-force. I had trouble eating, inflammation, and painful digestion issues – the birth of my ulcerative colitis  (and yes, this has been a huge blessing). Once again, I was seeing specialists and doctors who could only shrug and tell me “We don’t know why this is happening.”

It was at that moment that I decided to step out of victimhood.

I was determined to figure out what foods I was eating that my body thought were foreign invaders. Sure, I was eating what I thought I “should” be, but how was it affecting me? I was chewing on goji berries and eating all super foods, but if they weren’t right for my body, what good was it doing?

That’s when everything clicked into place. When I really learned what my body’s blueprint was, and what foods made me feel fueled instead of inflamed, everything changed. I went from being moody, tired, sleepless, bloated, and cranky, to a rockin’ mamma who has so much energy, some people wonder how I function.

I knew I needed to go deeper with my education because my chronic fatigue, hormonal imbalances, digestive woes and anxiety got better when I changed my diet but I knew there were levels of toxicity I needed to address.

I attended 4 detoxification and cellular regeneration schools to learn about safe and effective detox (and I am not talking about drinking cabbage juice for 5 days).

I learned how to support my body, cleanse naturally and remove toxins that were robbing me of my energy, my sleep and taking away from my happiness.

I am not saying every day is perfect – come on now…I am human but what I get to teach you is how to make simple changes that will transform your life.

Our bodies are like cars in that way. They run gorgeously… as long as they’ve got the right gas. You have to figure out what fuels you – physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

So I pulled my techniques into a program, took on my first coaching clients… and business just took off. Since then, I’ve worked with clients from all over the world, helping them balance out their eating habits, treat their chronic health issues naturally, and finally feel blissed-out and alive again.

I taught my clients the power of cleansing and detox and how to ditch the counting points mayhem, and now I am teaching you.

I teach coaches how to have killer sales funnels and ones that speak to their niche.

I teach you the same tools that landed me gigs on radio shows, summits, and teaching Nationwide about health and business. I have run countless masterminds and create multiple programs for myself and coaches, which is why I get it.

I have a proven system. I know how to create visibility, authority, and launch when you have 0 money in your pocket.

I did not graduate and have anybody hold my hand, although that would have been nice. I put in the blood, sweat and tears but now my job, is to make it easier on you.

Now, I wanted to empower others with the tools and techniques I learned; and help you skyrocket your business.

I’ve got a sixth sense for seeing what you need. You are not cookie cutter, and you do not need a cookie cutter business coach.

Together, we can find the answers you’ve been looking for. It is time to get empowered, and I am here to coach you through this journey – back to a place where you feel alive, empowered and not scared. I am your business partner.

I’ve built my business with two babies on the floor, a not so great website but I had a drive to build a business and today, I support my family financially doing what I love. I do not tell you this to brag about how much I make. Instead, I tell you this because your dream is possible and I am here to show you step by step how to make it happen.


I help health coaches, and wellness professionals build the businesses they deserve and make money doing what they love. I am your business partner. I cannot sell you a cookie cutter 3 step process because you are different, just like every client you have is different. I coach and support you based on your needs, your style and your niche.

Why work with me? I have been in your shoes. 

I know what you feel like trying to build a business alone and confused where to start. I know the frustration you feel, and I am here to tell you this, ” I will be there for you every step of the way with marketing, copywriting suggestions, strategy and defining your niche and mastering your message/story.”

It’s time to bring an end to confusion and information overload about how to build a business.

It’s time to listen to your dreams and build the business you deserve and desire without pulling your hair out.

It’s time to create a strategic master plan, so you can have less time worrying about the next step and make money.

You’re ready. I’ve been waitin’ for ya.

Let’s do this.




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