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199. Dr. Lauryn’s Holistic Approach to Restoring Health, Head, and Heart

In this episode of the Healthy Hustle podcast, Dr. Lauryn shares her inspiring journey from struggling with her health issues to becoming a functional medicine practitioner and entrepreneur. She opens up about her battle with an eating disorder that started at a young age and led to years of searching for answers in conventional medicine and various diets.

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198. How to Stand Out and Attract Your Ideal Clients

In this episode of the Healthy Hustle Podcast, I’m sharing my favorite strategies for new coaches to increase their visibility and grow their wellness businesses. The online space has changed and the buyer’s journey is longer today than it was 3 years ago. So it’s important to recognize the unique strategies that you can take to help you differentiate yourself from other coaches. 

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197. Using EFT to Overcome Trauma and Share Your Message with the World with Amy Stark

In this episode of the Healthy Hustle Podcast, I interview Amy Stark, a psychic medium healer and expert in mind-body-spirit connection. Amy shares her own healing journey from chronic illness to discovering her gifts as a medium and energy worker. Throughout the interview, Amy provides practical tips for self-care. She reminds us that we have control over how we react to life’s challenges and encourages us to take charge of our own happiness.

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196. Cracking the Code on High Ticket Sales with Angelica Ventrice

In this episode of the Healthy Hustle Podcast, I sit down with Angelica Ventrice, a successful business coach for health and wellness professionals. Angelica shares how she started her own wellness business and grew it into a six-figure success by having a passion for helping clients and understanding their needs.

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195. How to Master the Psychology of Eating with Dr. Sandra Scheinbaum

In this episode of the Healthy Hustle Podcast, I interview Dr. Sandra Scheinbaum, the Founder and CEO of the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy. During our conversation, we dive into the psychology of eating and debunk some common misconceptions. Sandra emphasizes that the psychology of eating goes beyond emotional eating and explores how our food choices and eating habits are influenced by our upbringing, culture, and even our personality.

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192. How to Define Your Profitable Niche in 5 Simple Steps

In this episode of Healthy Hustle, I’m sharing my free workshop on the 5 steps to define your profitable niche. One of the most common mistakes I see health coaches make is not narrowing down their niche because they want to help everyone. In the online market, it’s crucial to be specific and target your ideal client so they can hear your message and see you as the solution to their problem. During this episode, I provide practical steps to define your niche, including connecting your personal experience to your potential clients, identifying your unique story and hero journey, and brainstorming your interests and preferred tasks.

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My name is Rachel A. Feldman.

I am a kick-ass business coach for health and wellness professionals, who are sick and tired of having businesses that do not attract the ideal client or when they do, they do not have a system to teach them. I help them define niche, story, backstory, a system and a leak-free business sales funnel. I had my own health struggles that lead me to be a health coach and then organically became a biz coach after my struggles and mastered my own leak free business funnel system. I went from making 13k to 6 figures by year 3 and now I am proud to say, I rock a business that feeds my soul, my spirit and my family.


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