Warmest blessings,
Gary and Noreen Campbell, Harmony, PA

denise lomento detox program testimonial I contacted Rachel after I had hit my sugar bottom: Depleted of energy, bloated, and out of control. I needed help, and Rachel was there to help me pick up the pieces. We talked about what my body was really asking me for through the unrelenting sugar cravings. Rachel set me up on a plan made just for me, but kept it simple and sustainable. We added a few supplements, extra protein, and some healthy fats. She set me up with a daily routine and recipes that worked for my busy lifestyle…and over the next few weeks, she helped me discover which foods served my highest self and which I needed to let go off.

The end result? I have never felt so good! Sustainable energy, healthy digestion, and, so far, 10 pounds just melted away. The bloat is gone, and now, when I eat something, I have the tools necessary to understand if it works for my individual make up. The crazy part? I eat more now than I did before…just of the right foods for me. I don’t crash in the afternoons, I am more productive at work and the mental fog has lifted. And, most importantly, I feel good about the way I nourish my body. I will forever be grateful to Rachel for getting me on the right path and supporting me when I couldn’t support myself!! Her wisdom, enthusiasm, and gentle guidance helped me to start a new journey to wellness and vitality!

– Denise

“Rachel has my utmost respect and appreciation for her work. I have long been on a deep quest for radiant health. I asked Rachel to share her knowledge with me because despite feeling like I had tried everything, I knew deep in my gut that I was still missing a few key factors. It’s tough to admit that though. After at least ten years of intense searching for answers I kind of felt like a health expert. I had read about so many different health ideas, but yet I still didn’t feel radiantly healthy. My biggest challenge really became that I had become so picky about whom I would invest my time and money in because I had already tried so many approaches. I needed someone that had already been in the same boat as myself, and that’s how I found Rachel.

Rachel’s spirit is one-of-a-kind. Not only did I get to learn so many insightful new ideas but I got to know her as a person and what kind of attitude it takes to overcome health obstacles. All of the support and confidence she gave me was really what I needed the most. Rachel is relentless, talented, intelligent, dedicated, and most of all incredibly empathetic and loving. The best thing I learned from her is that radiant health is a continual journey and that joyful persistence is key. If you are looking to take your health to the next level, no matter where you are at, she will help you get there.

Thank you Rachel for being you, for spreading the light to all those that come in your path. The love and concern you give your clients is, I believe, the best healing tool one can ask for. To know that you can get through health difficulties because someone that was in similar shoes was able to rise above, is very powerful. I feel much strengthened to continue on my journey toward radiant health.  – Kerry

We are a relatively healthy family, but things come up and over time things can build up or get clogged up leading to problems!!! Well thats where we were at. Working with Rachel has helped us peel back the layers to help my kiddos and myself feel really great. She cut straight to the problem, came up with a plan that included diet and supplements. This has made all the difference in the quality of life around here! Moving forward I feel like Rachel has given me some tools to keep in my back pocket to use at the onset of ‘not feeling great’ to boost the system and help keep us healthy. Rachel has been incredibly supportive to me as a mother which has been empowering. There is nothing worse than not knowing what to do for your sick little ones!
I have learned so much from her and cherish her.
Thank you, Rachel!

Sarah Hilber

I was referred to Rachel by my family practitioner. Initially, I was seeking assistance with a rotation diet because of a multitude of severe food allergies and sensitivities. Well, what I received was so much more! Rachel is an incredibly knowledgeable individual with a deep compassion and caring for others. Not only did Rachel provide creative rotation menus and recipes but recommends high quality organic ingredients; some of which I never used or even heard of before but are readily available at Whole Foods. Rachel also has an extensive understanding of functional medical testing and has recommendations that can help support the various organ systems such as the adrenals and thyroid. She has great ideas to help you detox and even directed us to a source for an infra-red sauna. Rachel is a pivotal part of my health and wellness team and her knowledge, enthusiasm and caring makes her an absolute pleasure to work with!

– Marcy Saitsky


” Rachel’s detox program is outstanding thanks to her deep knowledge of food and amazingly compassionate understanding of people. My husband and I are food lovers and did Rachel’s detox program together for seven days; we were both amazed and pleased with Rachel’s nourishing, satisfying and delicious recipes – our kids ate much of the food with us as well.  In addition to all of the food guidance Rachel’s plan included so many other ways to nourish us outside of food.  Her well thought out recipes and materials made this program so doable for two working parents with three kids!  What is so special about this program is that so many of the recipes, and other detox tools have made their way into our daily life – Rachel’s detox program has been a true gift!” ~ Megan Culp, Proud Mommy

“I will be honest, my lifestyle isn’t exactly the picture of heath, grabbing meals on the go seem to be part of our daily world. So I entered into the Detox with some trepidation and the first couple of days were painful as my body started getting rid of toxins I didn’t even know I had. But by day 4 something miraculous happened… I felt amazing! I had more energy than I had in years and I couldn’t wait for my next healthy meal. By the end of the detox not only had I lost 7 pounds, I had gained new eating habits that I still haven’t altered. It gave me a new way of living and now 14 pounds later I have to say ‘Thank you’ for giving me my vitality back.” ~ Stacy Nelson -Marketing ImPerfect

“I have done detoxes before, but never one online…never one so easy nor so delicious. Rachel’s daily emails felt like I had a personal coach and kept my “can do” attitude in check. I highly recommend Rachel’s detox for everyone who wants to feel better, enjoy delicious, super-foods…and have access to a master health coach. Bottom line: I lost 7 pounds and am making some of the simple practices part of my daily ritual.”
~ Collier Thompson

“I suffered with IBS my entire life. Doctors mostly brushed me off and told me to eat more fiber and drink more water, which mostly made my symptoms worse. Then I met Rachel. She worked with me 1-on-1 and helped me resolve most of my symptoms in a very short period of time. I was amazed at how quickly someone who really listened and cared could help me figure out what worked for my body to rid myself of the issues I’d dealt with for all of those years. I’d been interested in health and nutrition for some time, but had not known how to use that knowledge to help myself. Rachel not only helped me take back my own health, but she inspired me to go ahead and take that next step to become a health coach as well so that I can help others the way that she helped me. I am forever grateful to Rachel and I know she is changing many other lives for the better every day.”

–Susan Holsapple


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