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Building your email list is key to growing your health coaching business. But one of the biggest mistakes that I see so many health coaches make (myself included) is not having that follow-up sequence for their email opt-ins (aka, freebies). Maybe we get writer’s block, we don’t have the money to hire a copywriter or something else entirely. 

In today’s episode, I am walking you through the brand new List Building & Marketing Kit, so you know exactly what to do to build a list of loyal followers who want to learn more from you. Inside this kit, I’m telling you how to niche your freebie so it reflects your expertise, where to strategically place your freebie so your people opt in, why video is so important in this day and age, and content ideas to include in your follow-up emails so you can build a strong relationship with your subscribers. 

I have the perfect gift for you!

In my brand new Clean Eating Hacks list-builder & marketing kit, you have everything you need to build an email list of raving fans and potential clients.

  • 5 Clean Eating Hacks Guide: Build your list with a lead magnet that everyone will want! ($200 Value)
  • 3 Cover Images w/ Canva Template: Easily brand and swap the cover in no time at all! ($100 Value)
  • Opt-in Page: Get new subscribers with high-converting opt-in page copy. ($150 Value)
  • Thank You Page: Deliver your guide with a clear direction on what to do next. ($75 Value)
  • 3 Follow-Up Emails: Nurture your subscribers and build the trust you need to turn them into clients. ($300 Value)

If you’ve been keeping track, that’s a total value of $825! But I’m giving it to you for free!

When you sign up, you’re also going to get a ton of support from me. I’ve created video guides to walk you through every step.Download this fantastic resource for both you and your clients here:

Hey there, guys. My name is Rachel Feldman, I’m the proud owner of yourhealthcoachbiz.com where we create content for health and wellness professionals so you don’t have to spend time doing that. You get to stress less and coach more. 

So what I wanted to dive in today, as we put together this list building and marketing package, it’s the first time ever that I’ve put together a list builder with follow up emails. 

Why did we do this? Before we jump in, one of the biggest failures that I see most of us make is we don’t have that follow up sequence. We either get writer’s block, we don’t have the money to hire a copywriter, which on average can be anywhere from 50 to $100 an email. 

So when we thought about kicking off this year, and giving coaches what they really need to start their business, or to leverage their business, I wanted to put together something that I’ve never done. 

In this training video, number one, I want you to download the freebie, make sure you join the Facebook group on February 7, we are doing a list building challenge. If you feel that you’re tech deficient, or you don’t know where to share your list builder, it’s a great thing to join. Secondly, what we’re going to talk about in this live training is how to use this and where to actually share. 

How To Niche Your Freebie

So I want to share with you the freebie first. Okay, so number one, here’s five clean eating hacks. What I want you to think of is how do you niche this freebie? Clean eating is a very general niche. We all know that. But each one of you specializes in a certain area. So knowing your niche is very important. Think about how you can do five cleaning meat eating hacks for hormones, five clean eating hacks for gut health, or five AIP clean eating hacks, or five thyroid or five cleaning hacks for thyroid. 

Many of you are either autoimmune specialists or you work with environmental toxins or you work with moms, this could be five cleaning hacks for moms,. Think about how you can stop the scroll with that title. You can also go into the freebie and personalize this add in and you will see right here in the freebies opt-in. You can add some different tips like living in a toxic world, if you’re talking about hormones, you may want to talk about five ways that living in a toxin world affects hormones. 

How Does This Topic Affect Your Client?

Second is write down some ways that it actually affects your client. This will really help you when you’re going to create your social media. Because remember, we have to know the pain in the problem. We have to know the pleasure. That’s what they want in the desired outcome. That’s the transformation your ideal client is looking for. So the faster that you can do that in your social media in your list building in your offers, the easier it’s going to be to stop that scroll and get your ideal client to actually opt in. 

So I would say what is clean eating for hormone health. You can go in and add your additional info right here. And then we look at the five hacks. You can use this in so many different ways.

I actually put some notes together so I stay on topic. Because if you’ve ever heard a video from me, I can go to all different places. 

Where To Strategically Place Your Freebie

So number one, this can be a three day, where do you actually put that freebie, you can put that freebie on the front of your site, you can put that freebie on the bottom of your homepage. You often will see where there’s information or some people have their Instagram feed, that there is a freebie you can put this on the sidebar. 

Or if you have a free offer page, you can share that at the end of a blog. If we’re talking about your website, have a blog or have a video of blog, where you have a video at the top, have a blog about clean eating, put some recipes in there, make it enticing and something that somebody really wants to read and that at the end of the blog, you have the call to action, which is this freebie. 

Now the amazing thing because you have three follow up emails which we’re going to look at. Once that person opts in with automation from an email marketing system. Some common ones are mailer, light, MailChimp, flow desk ConvertKit. Those are the ones that I hear a lot. You can have this automated, where they get that first email a day later, they get the second email a day later, they get the third a day later. 

Now, you could do it every two days, every three days. Sit there and really plan out, how do you want to engage in that conversation? Because your email marketing is really a conversation. If I’m opting into this Five Hacks for Clean Eating, what do you need to put in this freebie that’s going to make me want to open up those emails? 

Why You Need To Be Using Video

I highly encourage you to get over video, and to do an introductory video on the thank you page, or to do an introductory video and email number one, allowing me to really get to know you and build trust. I had three people get on Discovery sessions in just the last few days and say to me, Wow, I feel like I know you. And they were ready to buy because they had watched the videos that I have. 

Once you sign up for a discovery session. It says here before we get on resume, please watch these videos. Video is how your ideal clients can get to know your personality. You can share an introductory video, how you started, why you started, why clean eating is important to you for hormone health, we’re just gonna stay on the hormone health niche. 

The second video, you could even do a testimonial or case study. If you’re a brand new coach, I guarantee that you’ve had somebody in your family that you’ve helped, you can talk about that in a second video. And, guys, these can also be marketing videos that you use on YouTube. 

So I went into a little more detail, but I really want you to understand how valuable this freebie package is. Secondly, you can do a video on the five clean eating hacks. 

You could easily take this information and put it into a PowerPoint format. If you didn’t want to do that, you don’t want to waste the time. Or maybe you’re like me, where that’s not your zone of genius, you get lost making it pretty. You can buy a workshop that is about clean eating for hormone health, or one that is about hormone health, make that the workshop, do a workshop on YouTube and have the call to action, the five cleaning hacks. Make it so the workshop is what’s grabbing their attention. With the hormone hack, make the five hacks for clean eating the download and continue to nurture your ideal client. 

So what do you do with the video? You put that call to action, which is the five hacks for clean eating in the description, or in the social media posts. That one video can be used on IG. That one video can be used on Facebook. That one video can be used on YouTube, that one video from YouTube can be shared to Pinterest, it can also be the exact video that you have on the blog. 

Take a deep breath because I know that’s a lot of information. But this is how we repurpose one piece of content so that we don’t feel overwhelmed. You’re handling a lot of different pieces of your business. And the biggest thing that I want to make sure of is that you’re not sitting there in stress, overwhelmed creating the content, but you’re actually following through with your list building and marketing strategies.

Re-engage Your List With A New Niche-Specific Freebie

This can also be a gift in your newsletter if you have a newsletter list that you haven’t communicated with, or maybe you are starting to email your newsletter list and you only have a few people it doesn’t matter. Those few people are people and they want to get a great gift from you. 

What I did when I had Rachel’s bonus is I would take an amazing freebie like this. And then I would put a day to three days of recipes. People love recipes. People love a meal plan. So you can put a day of recipes or even three days. 

If you’re in our Content In a Box membership, you have a ton of recipes that you can use. If you have any of our programs you have a ton of recipes, make them niche-specific. If it’s hormone health, make sure you have those DIM foods. If it’s gut health, make sure you’ve got those cultured foods. If it’s a tip, you’re gonna have a different type of food or you know vegan, vegetarian, etc. 

Okay, you can also use this for social media. One of the videos that I did the other day was how to take a workshop and create content ideas. So video number one five hacks for clean eating. You can talk about living in a toxic world, but it’s clean eating, that could be a video that you do. Or this could be individual social media posts. Living in a toxic world could be one post, what is clean eating for hormone health could be one post. 

Educating Your Audience by Showing a Behind-The-Scenes Look

Remember to niche. So living in a toxic world when you have hormone imbalances, and then we have five hacks for clean eating. This could be a video talking about the five hacks. And then you can have additional five videos or five social media posts, where you really dive into each one of these. 

Ditch the processed foods. Show me what are your favorite foods to actually exchange? Do an exchange for me, take me to the food market? Maybe do a reel on that? Or images of ditching the processed foods? Are you throwing out the foods and video showing all the foods that you like? Show me the clean, clean 15? And Dirty Dozen? What are your favorite ways to save money? Ditch the plastic? Show me exactly what you use? What are your favorite water bottles? What are your favorite ways when you’re on the go to drink water without emptying plastic? Ditch the sugar? Show me your sugar exchanges. 

People always want to know what you use, we have to be educators. But we also have to show people just like this is my favorite cuts club. People want to come into our office, they want to really get to know us. That’s the behind the scenes category for social media. So you want to show behind the scenes. What are you using?

Again, pulling people in, showing them and making sure that you’re really speaking to your ideal client. Ditching the gluten. You might have a favorite bread that people actually want. I can’t tell you how many times I see people say I went gluten free. And I hate the bread. So you can use these as social media posts. 

What You Can Include In Your Follow Up Emails

Look at these email follow ups the way that I always do. The way that I always look at email follow ups and the way when you opt in, you’ll actually have a video by my copywriter showing you exactly how to edit and personalize this. I encourage you to do a video. There is nothing that replaces a video, you really get to show one of the social media categories, which is your WHY. Why you actually started coaching, why you are the best hormone coach, and show me why you’re different than my business and the way that I teach. 

I always call this your pillars. It’s something that I did naturally in the beginning of my business because I just kept saying everyone’s got a coach. So how am I going to teach differently? I’m gonna sub niche. I’m going to talk more about these individual categories. 

So your pillars may actually be that you are a hormone coach, but you specialize in thyroid. Maybe you specialize in mindset and habits. Maybe you specialize in Hashimoto. So those would be your three pillars that you’re talking about constantly. Or maybe it’s AIP, diet, auto, immune, and thyroid, these are the areas that you really want to dive into to kind of set yourself apart and explain. 

I’m a hormone coach, but this is my system in my process. So you’re going to hear me talk about these areas constantly. Because this is how I help my ideal client to get better by addressing 123. And those 123 are typically those additional areas that you do set yourself apart. 

So it’s really good in these videos, or even in these emails to say I’m gonna put on my classes for a second tap to see where in this email this is about more than losing weight. It’s about finding your healthiest, best self. This is about more than balancing your hormones. This is about find your healthy impulse self in my business and then being able to add in my business is based on the three following principles. So that you can really talk about or the three a three step process and go through and really talk about five cleaning hacks for hormone health going through and making sure that you’re personalizing these to what you actually need. 

See if you can get a testimonial. That’s always a really great one. You’ll see right here in our tests. Reach out to clients that you have a really good relationship with. Or if you don’t have those relationships yet because you’re a brand new coach, reach out to a friend or family member that has worked with you in some kind of fashion. I guarantee you’ve been giving away the shopping center for free for a long time. 

Where To Share Your Opt-In

What I want to talk about now is where to share it. I know I talked about that briefly. But if you have that workshop, that workshop can become a masterclass. We talked about sharing this on YouTube workshops. If you’re not because of this current time, where maybe we’re not doing as much face to face, you can reach out to those same exact venues, yoga studios, chiropractor’s office, doctor’s office health, food store, gyms. So many different places really love having individuals like us come in and teach a class. So you can teach that class. 

You can also reach out, if you don’t turn this into a class and say, Can I do a newsletter takeover? What does that mean? It’s so easy. It means that you’re reaching out to those same venues and saying, Hey, this is what I specialize in, I have this amazing gift that I can give to your audience. Would you allow me to do a newsletter for you? 

So you’re actually doing it where you’re saying to that person, I’m going to give you this gift in exchange, I’m also going to do a little video on five cleaning hacks. You could also take one of those content pieces and really dive into that. Maybe we’re doing a video where you just take somebody to the market, and you pick out the favorite foods for hormone health, we’re just staying on the hormonal tomtec. 

You can do that where they’re signing up, give a high value email. And adding some of those recipes. There’s not one person that wouldn’t download a freebie that has recipes. Trust me, it worked my entire business, which is why I had recipes everywhere. Blogs, social media posts in every freebie. People go crazy for recipes, which is why our programs all have them. 

The same goes for reaching out to those same venues. They have a website, they’re looking for guest bloggers. When you’re pitching to somebody, don’t just say I want to come. Say it would really help your clients to have info like this.  What I have found is in the last two years, people have struggled even more with their hormones in the following ways. I would love to give you this gift. It really dives into five clean eating hacks for hormones. And in addition, there is a day of recipes or three days of recipes. Talk about that person’s business. Anytime that you do a pitch to a podcast or a venue, anything you want to talk about their business and how it’s gonna benefit them. 

Okay, we talked about Pinterest, sharing this to Pinterest. We all love Canva. Who doesn’t love Canva? Makes it super duper easy for you to find a Canva Pinterest, where you have the image which you already have those three images. And please guys, if you’re not going to Canva don’t spend the time trying to do it. Your time is equity. So when you think about spending an hour in Canva, trust me, think more about the coaching experience. You can swap out a picture and keep it really simple. 

But you can take that Pinterest image, put the image of the free book in the middle and say free freebies for moms or hormone health free bay or hormone health gift. Or if you are putting three days of recipes put three day hormone meal plan. You can also share on link tree. Many of you have heard link tree. There’s also a lot of other different platforms like tap bio, where you can actually put a link to your freebie. And it’s really great. 

Again, I’m going to say that it’s a really great link to have because when you are doing Lives where you’re doing social media posts, it’s a great way to be able to drive somebody to a place where it has your free pay, maybe also has Hint Hint, a class or a master class, and then it has your work with me. 

The last that I’m going to say is that same workshop or that masterclass can also be a really great way to give somebody a gift after they sign up for a discovery session. So if somebody signs up for a discovery session, and you have this all worked out that workshop that you’ve already done, reuse that workshop. If you’ve worked hard to do one where it’s clean, even for hormone health, make sure that you give that to the person that just signed up with you and say, hey before we meet, I want you to get to know a little about me, and watch this video, that person’s going to one be able to build that trust right away to they’re going to be able to see your personality. And three, it’s going to allow for a better conversion, because you’ve already pre-qualified them. 

Remember these workshops, and these master classes are really important for you to showcase how you coach. If you don’t want to do the Workshop, as I’ve mentioned, we have amazing great workshops on hormone health, or any different specific niche that would really help you. 

How To Mitigate Writer’s Block

In closing, this is a game changer package. Too often we don’t have the follow up emails, I made that mistake. I wish that looking back, I even knew that there was such a thing as a copywriter. Even for myself, that’s written programs and endless amounts of content, when it comes to my own business, I can get writer’s block. 

So I totally understand if you’re sitting there and you have all the brains, all the knowledge, all the drive, but when you sit down, you get writer’s block, you’re handling a lot of information all at once. You’re thinking about discovery calls, you’re thinking about list building, you’re thinking about building your one on one, building your packages, your marketing. 

We never thought that we would have to do all of this. But we do, especially to stand out in the online space. So make sure that you grab this. You can really use it for any different niche. I can’t wait to get to know how you’re using it. Please join the Facebook group, I will be going live and we will be in there doing a very specific 14 day challenge on how you can share it in so many different places. 

So if anybody’s ever gotten on a call with me, and they’re overwhelmed by the amount of programs that we have, trust me when somebody just answers a few specific questions, I have a really keen eye for being able to pick out their niche, but also help them to develop a process that will set them apart from anyone else and most importantly, a niche that is super aligned and profitable. 

So guys come into the free group. If you are overwhelmed with your niche, I double dog dare you to go live or do an intro picture and say, This is what I really want to specialize in. I’m really struggling with this. This is who I want to serve. These are their problems, but I don’t know how to make it sexy and make it actually profitable. 

It’s been a pleasure being with you guys. Make sure you download it and I think that’s where I’m gonna end this. I will talk to you guys soon. Have a beautiful one. Peace out guys.

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