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33: Keeping It Simple: Real Talk about What it Takes to Launch Your Health Program

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Do you find yourself struggling with comparing yourself to others?  Are you overthinking what it takes to finally launch your health or fitness program?  It’s time to get back to basics and keep things simple.

I have the lovely Jes Royston back on the show today for another great interview.  We are talking about what it really takes to launch and why you need to let go of comparisonitis. 

About Jes

Jes is a Certified Holistic Health Coach.  She takes her clients on a journey to wellness and calls herself a forever student who believes the more she can learn, the more she can help others. 

For the first couple of years into health coaching, Jes knew the message was on her heart, but there were so many things coming at her from the outside world.  She, like many of us, had a hard time not comparing herself to others she saw on Facebook and Instagram.

Jes finally decided to take a step back and asked herself three simple, yet profound questions.  Who do I want to serve? Who do I want to help? And Why? That’s when she realized it was “me”– herself.   She wanted to help people like herself- ones that had major issues from childhood that carried over into adulthood.  Once she was able to heal her own body she wanted to pass the knowledge on to others. That’s when she landed on helping young moms who didn’t know where to start. 

Jes bought the following programs 

  1. Our Seasonal Detox
  2. New You Weight Loss
  3. 21 Day Clean Eating

She used the workshops from the programs as list builders. She also crafted a healthy work with me page using the programs and offers them as do-it-yourself offers.

She also bought the 5 day gut challenge and the 8 Week – Restore your Gut Program, so she could create her signature business. She uses the 5 day gut challenge to lead people into her network marketing company.

Jes strategically chose the programs that fit her niche, her ideal client, ideal client avatars and now she is creating a membership on kajabi.

You can find the programs here.



In today’s interview we will discuss:

  • Figuring out what program you should start with
  • How long it took Jes to launch her first program
  • Where Jes started telling people about her first program 
  • How Jes presold a program a month before she offered it 
  • Why it’s important to work on your coaching and confidence skills before you worry about what programs you are using

That wraps up today’s episode.  I hope it shows you that you can strip away a lot of overwhelm and get back to the basics and still have a successful business.  You don’t need to worry about software and programs and ads and all of the things. You need to figure out your WHY and figure out what lights you up and who you love to help.  This will make it easy to connect with your ideal clients and help transform their mind and body.

Don’t forget to reach out to me on IG or FB and tag me and Jes.  Tell us what you loved, how it helped and what questions you have.  I want to get you back to the basics and help you run and launch a successful health or wellness program that you love and allows you to transform your client’s lives. 


Thanks for tuning in…. that’s all for today! See you next week. 




Where to connect with Jes: 


Jes’s Website 

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