I want to tell you about a catastrophic dilemma plaguing the health coach world. I witness it every single day.

In “your health coach launch school”, I had a coach who joined and thought she had it all figured out — until she made this major mistake that most health coaches make all the time.

She fixed her own health issues.

She had the know-how to help others.

But, she couldn’t sell her program. She wanted sales like every other coach.
The problem was her chosen ‘niche’ had absolutely no interest in what she was offering. The program simply wasn’t profitable or marketable to the specific niche she was aiming for.

Her market of potential clients could never identify with how she could help them because what she was offering simply didn’t match their needs.
She worked it out just like this:

Personal health coach struggle: IBS

Chosen niche: Gut health

Chosen sub-niche: Fatigue

Program bought: Gut health

Chosen market: Corporate
Cue the crickets when she walked into the corporate level office with the wrong offering.

What do you think happened when she marched into the corporate world with a very lengthy program that focused entirely on the gut, with absolutely NO gateway program to lure them to that next level?
Nobody bought it.

It wasn’t her. She had the know-how.

It wasn’t the program. The program has been sold around the globe by 8,500+ health coaches worldwide. In fact, she sold the program to her one-on-one private clients like it was the hottest thing.
It was because she tried to push a program that wasn’t right for her target market. They needed a short-term program with an immediate benefit to gateway them into the ‘next’ level program or one-on-one coaching like cleansing, detox, or easy weight loss. And then, she’d need to market any of those gateway programs as an energy builder, a fatigue buster, and a corporate mid-day pick-me-up.
This is the plague of misaligned marketing. It’s not that you don’t have the know-how; it’s just that you haven’t organized your program offerings correctly.
I didn’t learn this in wellness school. I went through plenty of trial and error before I made it work to get clients.

Now, I’m showing you how to ‘have it all’ in your business with the right messaging, key niche targeting, and marketing that works with programs that sell when they are branded right for your niche.
Over the next couple of weeks, you’ll hear me talk a lot about niche marketing and sub-niche marketing.

I’ll cover questions like:

Coach 1: I’m afraid to niche my business. Will this limit my reach?

Coach 2: I don’t know which niche is marketable, profitable and correlates to my story. How do I choose a niche that works?

Coach 3: I chose weight loss as my niche. Which sub-niches work best with my niche?

Coach 4: I want to buy the VIP done-for-you programs package. How do I package each program and make sales with a consistent message?

Coach 5: Which programs should I use as a gateway, group, or in my one-on-one coaching?
…All the coaches scream…..Help….!!!!!!
These are questions I get every single day with not enough time to answer everyone, until now.
This time when I launch the Spring Done-For-You Programs, I’ll tie the big reveal into a 90-minute live event that will answer questions just like these.
Stay tuned, because if you are ‘this’ coach facing ‘this’ everyday dilemma of not knowing how to rock a marketable and profitable niche, I’ve got the fix to help your business work so you can make money, coach more, and enjoy more time chilling with your kids, your lover, or your BFF.
Rock your healthy hustle,


P.S. If you want to get a head start, then click here to access my email marketing machine sales guide. I’ve spilled my soul into this guide to help you turn your flat sales into a sold out, talked about, stunning success.


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