How to Make Simple Chia Pudding

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I  love easy  breakfasts because I am always on the go. Why eat just an apple at work when you can enjoy something so delicious like chia pudding {see recipe below.}

I have two kids who are age 5 and 7 and a full time business, so that means I have a busy life just like you. I have to admit when chia seeds became popular I wondered if they were as good as everyone said they were but once we tried them, we were in love.

I am always searching for healthy breakfasts for myself and my clients that are quick and easy to prep.

I am always looking for meals that are packed with nutrients and loaded with omegas.

Did you know Chia seeds are loaded with nutrients, protein and omega fatty acids, fiber and even calcium – they have 3 times more calcium that MILK? {how cool, right?}

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You can buy chia seeds at Whole Foods,, Vitamin Shoppe or your local health food store. I have even found them at my national chain supermarket.

First let me share what my teacher David Wolfe says about SuperFoods!

“Superfoods are a class of the most potent, super-concentrated, and nutrient-rich foods on the planet.  Extremely tasty and satisfying, superfoods have the ability to tremendously increase the vital force and energy of one’s body, and are the optimum choice for improving over-all health, boosting the immune system, elevating serotonin production, enhancing sexuality, cleansing, and alkalizing the body. Nourishing us at the deepest level possible, they are the true fuel of today’s “superhero.”

Chia seeds are loaded with Omega 3 fatty acids plus manganese, calcium, and phosphorus. Just one ounce of chia seeds contains 11 grams of fiber, so they are wonderful for relieving constipation and improving heart health.

* Here is no no fail recipe for making the best chia pudding.

*PLUS this recipe is gluten free, dairy free, allergy friendly and paleo approved.

*This recipe is great for those with digestion issues and many who suffer with allergies.

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