Is your Probiotic right for you?

I was getting acupuncture the other day and I started to talk about my digestion because something was off….

This was me last week.

“OMG, I am bloated.”
“OMG, I have bags under my eyes.”
“OMG, I feel so fricken’ tired.”
“OMG, I have a rash on my right arm after eating food I never have an allergic reaction to.”
“OMG, what the heck is going on because I feel like I have a headache.”

Last week I had so much going on with my work, kids projects and I just forgot the basics.
Even though, I have attended one nutrition school, three detox schools and graduating from the Raw Food Institute, I was drawing a blank on my knowledge until I chatted with my awesome acupuncturist. She is my coach.

All of the sudden it occurred to me – I had not switched our probiotic and rotated.

Capsules and a sprig of mint on a wooden surface

Think about going to the doctors for a chronic sinus infection – ” Would the doctor give you the same antibiotic over and over – no way!! WHY? Because your body becomes resistant to this antibiotic, hence it no longer works, and this is the same for your probiotic.

Are you taking the same probiotic and cannot figure out why you are feeling funky?

My clients always tell me they are so happy that I have taught them about so many different probiotics because your gut is the gateway your health and happiness.

Did you know that 95% of serotonin is manufactured in your digestive system?

The gateway to your health is your gut. The digestive tract starts in the mouth and ends at the anus. Many people suffer from digestive upset somewhere along the digestive tract, whether it is acid reflux, indigestion, constipation, diarrhea or stomach cramps.

Why is a healthy gut so important? Because a healthy gut:
Promotes immunity
Prevents gastrointestinal infections
Reduces inflammation
Regulates body weight
Synthesizes nutrients such as vitamin k, B12, and short-chain fatty acids
Protects the integrity of your gut lining
When there are imbalances in your gut, you may experience the following:
Celiac disease
Food sensitivities
Food allergies
Colitis or ulcerative colitis
Some cancers
Inability to lose weight
Heart disease
Neurological disorders like anxiety and depression
Skin problems
And many more
Why does the Gut get out of balance? And when does this toxicity creep in?
A diet high in sugar
A diet high in processed foods
A diet low in minerals and healthy fats, such as EFAs
Toxicity in the foods you eat
Years of taking antibiotics or birth control
Eating foods that inflame the body

Make sure to change your probiotics + eat clean this season because stress from the holiday season can lead to belly bloat, headaches and a bunch of blah! Trust me.

Download these free recipes and open them on your iPad + make cooking in the kitchen easy as 1-2-3.

Man's hand cooking at home with touch screen tablet, fresh vegetables and kitchen utensils all around, top view


Rachel Feldman


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