120. How to Get Content Ideas From A Workshop

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Is your social media content overwhelming you? Maybe you’re struggling to come up with content ideas for your health coaching business. I get it. Content creation takes a lot of time, especially if you’re showing up on different social media channels. 

What if I told you that I have a very easy hack that will reduce your overwhelm and help you generate so many content ideas, you’ll want to start posting on social media more often? I know, crazy, right?

In today’s episode, I’m breaking down how you can take one workshop or PowerPoint presentation and create a ton of content for your social media channels. No matter what niche or topic your workshop is on, I can guarantee you there is plenty of content ready to create and share with your audience so you can help them improve their health. I walk you through three workshop examples and generate content ideas for you to use from each.

Hey there guys, it is Rachel Feldman. I wanted to kick off 2022 by talking about overwhelm. So many coaches come to me and say that they feel extremely overwhelmed, whether they are brand new coaches, or whether you’re in that growth stage of your business. 

It can take a lot of time to do our social media. It can take a lot of time to figure out what content ideas to have. So what I wanted to do today was to show you how simple it is to use a PowerPoint to find content ideas. What I’m going to do is go over a few different niches. 

I’m going to start with a period workshop. I want to just show you that it doesn’t need to feel overwhelming to plan your content. It doesn’t need to feel overwhelming to even take the captions from this content. 

So let me just share and for those of you who haven’t seen me in a while, I was taking a good amount of time to recover from Adrenal Fatigue, which has been something that I’ve dealt with for years. I know a lot of people who have had health issues like heavy metals and EBV, like myself, sometimes can go into burnout easily. So I took that time to just take care of myself. So if you haven’t seen me, that’s what I’ve been doing. 

Alright, so let’s look at this workshop. I want you to just go through it. This is great for repairing your period or coming off of birth control. I want to show you a workshop that’s like perimenopause or menopause. We really had a few different topics. 

Ideas For Turning Your Workshop Into Content

Content idea number one, a workshop could be turned into a freebie that is a PDF. So if you were thinking about sending out a newsletter, this would be great for you to bleed out videos over the month to even a newsletter. 

So right here we have how your period works and what a healthy period looks like, why birth control does not repair or regulate your period, six powerful daily habits you can put into practice right there. Those are three content ideas. That could be three videos. It could be a pre-recorded video that you put on YouTube. It could be a Live that you do on IG or Facebook. This could even be a series of videos. You make this workshop into a series of videos so that you know exactly what your content is going to be with a video week. 

Here is another content idea. What is the menstrual cycle? So we go a little deeper into each phase. You can have this in a video, you could have this even in stories, but these content ideas for what is your menstrual cycle? That’s number one. What does a healthy period look like? That’s number two video or number two social media post. 

What do I mean by that? You can take exactly the content that you see right here. 21 to 35 days, maybe you’re actually going to combine, what is the menstrual cycle, unhealthy period look lik,e and take that content from the PowerPoint, which you can find on the slide version of the script, and then put that right into a post. With Instagram, it’s gonna be a little shorter than what you can do with Facebook. 

Then you get into common problems. That can be a whole other post. What are the common problems? PMS, breast pain, moodiness, load moodiness, bloating, cravings, fatigue, headache, acne sleep disturbances, that could be a pre-recorded video where you can easily just share this screen. This could also be a Reel. This can be an Instagram post. This could be a Facebook post,\. You can even do this as a case study or testimonial. So many of you have those whether you’re a new coach or in that growth phase. 

So think about all the ways that you can use that. No periods or irregular periods. Same thing we just talked about content types. Maybe that’s your why. Do a behind-the-scenes. What did it look like when you had irregular periods? No periods? What? What brought you to be the coach that you are today? 

So many of those different types of posts. So not only are we talking about your different types of posts, but now we’re even talking about those different categories. 

This could be a success story, as I said, heavier, painful periods. What about birth control? You could have a whole other little series on birth control, talking about what you wish you would have known before you got on birth control, some of the side effects of birth control, birth control and infertility. 

Coming Up With Sub-Category Titles & Content Topics

See how even just from one headline right here can birth control, repair, or regulate your period that we can all of a sudden come up with some other sub-category titles. Here’s the scoop. then we go into the six powerful daily habits for periods healthy hormone diet. It’s gonna be one with a great recipe or a call to action with a link to download a free bait like our five-day hormone detox, or a three-day recovery hormone tied, or your freebie or maybe it’s a quiz from one of our protocols. 

You could pair that also with a meal plan, and it would be super awesome. Get the right nutrients on board, you could actually show the nutrients. Do a behind the scenes category post, whether it’s a real or video. This could also be just a post get the right nutrients on board, Zinc and magnesium are a great headline. Give a little intro and you have a social media post. 

Sleep. We see this trending everywhere on me, I see this left and right on Instagram. Everyone’s talking about their sleep, what do they do for sleep? What are the ways that you help your sleep? What are your favorite sleep remedies? So that could be a whole nother social media post content idea. 

Movement of your body. We talked about those different categories. We talked about the types of posts, all of a sudden you have could talk about inflammation, you could talk about what you did before HIIT training and maybe it didn’t work and you’re doing yoga, yin yoga. You could talk about improving insulin sensitivity with movement. You could even talk about the types of movement, reduce stress, show your breathing practice, or do a little restorative or yin yoga, affirmations that could even be subcategories of different content, affirmations. 

Do things that you enjoy, show me all the things you enjoy on a Reel. Learn how to let go of things you cannot control. So I think you’re getting the picture right? Then we have ditched the toxins. Show me your beauty care. Show me your natural household cleaners, people love to see what you’re actually using. Do not drink out plastic bottles. 

That’s the biggest thing that I want to just say. I want to just show for coaches that too often we just step into that education mode when our ideal client really needs to get to know us. So when you take a PowerPoint all of the sudden, you’re not going to feel extremely overwhelmed. Like what do I talk about this month? That same workshop. PowerPoint is just a PowerPoint that we do the workshop. And that same workshop could also be a masterclass that you have after somebody signs up for a one on one session with you to help prequalify them to help them understand how you’re different as a coach, and to get them to sign up for your one on one faster. Or it could even be a masterclass. 

Creating Content From A Menopause Workshop

Now we’re going to move on to another presentation. Because one thing I know and some of the biggest struggles that I see with coaches and myself is when we get busy doing our business, when we get busy list building where we’re trying to figure out our strategy and we’re content planning, we get tired, and when we get tired, we’re not as creative. 

So I want to show you exactly what we can do. Let’s do the menopause workshop. This is a big one. I’m gonna look at one of the handouts in this. I can do an entire series or a class on estrogen dominance. I can talk about estrogen dominance, but I also need to make sure that I’m informing my client that estrogen dominance can lead to weight gain. 

You’re going to see right here in the content that we have anxiousness, craziness, dry skin, feeling overly emotional. Hello, perimenopause, low thyroid function, hormonal ups and downs, hair loss, all of that, right. These can be individual social media posts. Those could even be content ideas. What are some of the signs of estrogen dominance? 

What I would do is make sure that I’m educating but also talk about what estrogen dominance relates to and then how to restore balance. That’s an entire another content idea. I have a quiz right here. As I was saying, some of you might have a quiz. Here’s even talking about menopause labs. All within this one piece of content. 

Using A PowerPoint To Guide You Through Content Ideas

I saw this the other day on a Reel. I saw this also on a video, I saw somebody talking about Dutch cast on a social media post. We want to educate, but we also want to connect the dots. When we have a PowerPoint to help guide us with our content ideas, it makes it much easier. 

So we’re not all over the place. I’m going to go right to the beginning. Understanding menopause right there. That is content. Idea number one for my ideal client. My ideal client may know she’s in menopause, but she may not understand how. How it affects her body on a myriad of different levels. Another ideal client who’s exactly the same woman I’m working with, maybe she doesn’t even realize she’s in menopause. But she’s having all these problems such as hair loss, dryness on her skin and her body in her vaginal area. She’s experiencing a lot of weight gain. She maybe doesn’t even know the word perimenopause. But she can understand why she’s having these insane cravings. She can understand why her sleeps an issue. 

So all of a sudden talking to her about the signs of perimenopause and menopause are important. This could be an entire video leading to a quiz. So you could have the content piece wherever you’re showing up. Let’s recap, Instagram, post Facebook, Youtube video. You could be doing this in your group, maybe you’re actually looking at using a workshop to have content ideas to have in your group. Then you’re actually doing this as a masterclass in your group, bringing people to either your one on one, a low-cost option or higher ticket, she might be having this discomfort during sex and doesn’t even realize this is one of the issues. So even having a whole other video on discomfort during sex. 

We could have a whole nother video on irregular periods. Talking, as we said in the different content categories. Behind the Scenes, a success story. My why. Showing your freebie or showing this workshop. Those are also content categories. When you don’t have a period for 12 straight months, you can even talk about how do you know when you’re in menopause? Three ways to boost hormones. Those are three different videos. See how it lays it out? You can talk about adrenal health. That’s a whole other video.

How To Differentiate Yourself With Your Content & How You Coach

You could also talk about a menopause hormone diet. What does that look like? What is a healthy diet? You could even attack. I don’t want to say this a negative way. But the way we create viral content is to talk about some mess and each one of you have your certain way of coaching. 

So you might find that you know a woman or you might believe that a woman who’s in menopause should not do intermittent fasting, or she shouldn’t do keto or she should talk to me about the foods. 

This is how we start to separate ourselves from everyone else is we show that information but we connect those dots with showing that in my business I don’t believe that a person should do this for the following reasons and this is what I do believe. 

Then we have foods for hormone health. Show me a recipe that has ghee on it or coconut oil. This has grass-fed butter, duck fat, avocados, hemp seed, salmon, I just actually had avocado toast. You can do a recipe, you can actually do a behind-the-scenes cooking with you or even shopping iodine foods. Show me what is your favorite one to buy . Collagen. Show me a smoothie or show me a protein ball that you’ve put collagen in dim foods. Explain to your ideal client what dim foods are and why they are so crucial for her mind. Cultured foods. 

Natural menopause medicines we have essential oils, herbs. Now we’re talking about toxins, toxins everywhere. Mindset menopause and weight gain do we see and what I really want to explain to is that you can see from just the content topic titles, that all of a sudden you can create that amazing content with ease. 

Creating Content Out Of A Gut Workshop

Now let’s do one on gut because I think there are many different gut peeps here. And this is just a workshop. This isn’t even a freebie copy and pasting. So let’s go to gut microbiome. This is one of our gut workshops that is also in our 12 Month club membership and it has a guide. 

The reason I love workshops, the reason I love pre-recorded workshops where you screenshare you don’t have to screen share for the whole time, or even making a Reel showing some of the PowerPoint is that I do think it’s much easier for people to visualize, or even taking a PowerPoint and turning it into a PDF. 

So right here, let’s talk about gut microbiome. Do you have any of the symptoms GI problems, yeast infections, weight, joint pain, allergic reactions to everything? Sinus problems, reoccurring illness, sugar cravings, autoimmunity? You could add definitely a whole other section there if you have it. Or if you have more that you want to add. Talk about mood rate. 

So right now it’s like what do you experience can be video content piece number one, content piece number two, let’s dive deeper into the mood. Three is hormone. Skin issues, food cravings, inflammation, sex, immune seven, immune. Seven, eight, right there, we have eight ways that your microbiome can be affected. So that could be its own content piece. 

You could bring in the different categories. A case study, client success, or testimonial. My why behind the scenes of my program, or looking at behind the scenes of a workshop. Gone missing is actually what it’s like to rebuild your microbiome with you. What did you do? Do your why. Take them into your business, into your office. These could also be their own individual ones, individual content pieces. 

How the gut microbiome influences your food choices. For example, he thrives on sugar. If the ratio of good to bad bacteria in your gut is not optimal, can lead to extreme sugar craving. So maybe you want to actually bring in sugar. Talk about inflammation, what does inflammation look like? How does it show up in the body? The immune system, allergies, how to give the gut microbiome a boost? That would be a great YouTube video, that would be a great headline for a social media post. 

I would stop at that. Because the whole reason that our ideal client actually stopped their scroll and looks is because it is solving a problem. Now you might find that your ideal client doesn’t know what gut microbiome is yet. You might have to do a few more introductory videos on what is gut microbiome is and relate it to or you experience any of the following. Let me introduce to you what gut microbiome is. So right here, how to give the gut microbiome a boost. This could be an entire come into my home. Let me show you how I give my gut microbiome a boost. 

One more gut health tips. That one’s a little shorter. But you might find that you want to talk about leaky gut. You could talk about what to expect. So the symptoms of leaky gut, how to help leaky gut digestion and leaky gut, leaky gut basics. Do a few introduction videos on leaky gut basics. Leaky gut is condition that occurs when the integrity of the gastrointestinal tract has been compromised or damaged. 

Take this content that you have and actually talk about leaky gut. I used to explain it, where I would say to my client, or even on a video, imagine that you’re looking through a screen, those little holes are the leaky gut. So find a way to actually take these big terms and explain them to your client. Talk about what that digestive system is. Leaky Gut happens in your small intestine. How it happens. So how do we actually have leaky gut? The health of the GI tract could be another one. 

But you might find when we get into these, what I call words that people don’t exactly know, you might find that you focus more on your content pieces on talking about some of the problems. What are the problems that your ideal clients are struggling with your irritable bowl, celiac, colitis, Crohn’s, chronic fatigue, inflammation, skin issues, fibromyalgia, cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, autoimmune mood disorder, migraines, asthma, allergies, inability to lose weight, you might find that actually doing a workshop. 

I mean, doing your content ideas on some of those topics become that much more advantageous because when we come to our clients, and we’re doing content, sometimes our clients don’t actually know the words that we’re actually using. And so it takes going through that workshop and actually turning that maybe into a masterclass where you’re finding out exactly what the words your ideal client will identify, fit, identify with. And then teaching them those bigger words so that you’re not just talking microbiome, leaky gut, while maybe your ideal client only knows that they’re dealing with nonstop allergies or sinus issues, which could be a content piece. 

Why Creating Video Content Is Important

So I wanted to just keep this short and sweet. The last part is to make sure that you’re going on YouTube, if you start to enter. We even use the microbiome or leaky gut like how to fix leaky gut, you’re going to see that they will come up with a number of different videos that are the highest interacting videos. You can start to see great headline titles because those great headline titles are the difference between your ideal clients stopping at that video, or continue to go. 

The last part that I want to say and just content is what I was talking about in the beginning of this video. It can feel extremely overwhelming to feel that we have to post on all these different social media platforms. So the faster that you learn how to repurpose, repurpose a piece of content, the easier it will be. 

The reason I love workshops, or I love videos is one, our ideal client really gets to know us through video. Number two, a workshop can be used as a way to prequalify your ideal client before they get on a discovery call. So you might find that you’re using the workshop to create your content pieces. But you’re also putting together that masterclass or a shortened masterclass like a 15 Minute. So you’re saying to your client, Hey, before we get on the phone, I would love you to watch this so you can find out why I talk about gut health, leaky gut in the microbiome. They’ll be able to really go through that workshop and understand what it is that you do. At the end of that 15 minutes you’re going to really talk about this is the kind of work that I do. This is what some of my clients have experienced. 

The third is that you can take this workshop, do an intro where you’re not screen sharing, screenshot parts that it doesn’t have to be the entire class, but you can find that you’re actually taking that video and then repurposing it where you have a pre-recorded video where you’re doing a Live, you’re downloading that Live you’re uploading that to YouTube, you are taking notes only a portion of it and doing a Reel with that, but when you have those content ideas and you have the plan, then you don’t feel as overwhelmed because you know each week what you’re going to talk about. 

So with that being said it was a pleasure to be here with you guys.

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