126. How to Survive Overwhelm During a Launch

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It’s time to launch and all of a sudden you are crippled by a sense of nervousness, fear, maybe even dread. Overwhelm is that you? 

It’s inevitable that we will experience overwhelm as health professionals and business owners, especially during a launch. I’m no stranger to launching nor the overwhelm that comes with it and in today’s bite-sized episode I want to share both my personal experience and tips to push past overwhelm and have the launch that you desire. Even though we can’t always avoid overwhelm, it does not have to cripple us. Tune in now to learn how to deal with overwhelm once and for all.

Hey guys, it’s Rachel and on the podcast this week we’re going to talk about overwhelm. Now, I know I’ve talked about overwhelm in regards to showing up on social media and how to avoid it. I’ve also talked in past episodes about how to get past overwhelm when you feel like you just don’t want to show up. But today, I want to talk about the overwhelm that I experienced around this launch.

Overwhelm as a Seasoned Business Owner

We are launching the done for you programs, infographics, freebies and all this other good stuff for the spring launch. I have launched close to 100 times, whether it’s for myself or for my clients because back when I had Rachel’s Wellness I was launching for my clients while also launching the done for you programs. Before that, I was launching freebies, products, programs, so it has been a long time of launching. It’s not my first rodeo, let’s just say this. 

What I found is I started to have this overwhelm the caused me to feel scared and nervous. I wasn’t just scared and nervous that people wouldn’t buy, but I was overwhelmed with the tasks I needed to do. So I sat there and I found myself delaying and procrastinating, spending time scrolling through Instagram and Facebook. In all honesty, I think we all experience this kind of overwhelm, especially as health and wellness professionals. We have so much on our plate in our own lives in addition to our businesses. Maybe you’re a person like me that has an autoimmune disease, specifically ulcerative colitis EBV, that decides to come back when there’s too much excitement, too much adrenaline, which is why I have to do my launches differently. 

Iin past episodes, I talked about dealing with adrenal fatigue and how I came out of that. A big part of that journey was not to allow myself to step into overwhelm, because that causes my adrenaline to run and feed the EBV, which leads to a shitload of parasites, Candida and other fun issues that we don’t need to talk about. So I started feeling that overwhelm and the adrenaline started to sneak in and I remember staying there for a few days, which during a launch is a long time amongst your other responsibilities (I mean, think about it, we can birth, breastfeed and bring a baby home in that amount of time!). I started to feel a little panic, and as you know when that panic sets in, that’s going to take you away from your launch as you can’t even show up on social media without feeling that massive overwhelm. 

I thought to myself, “What the hell am I going to do? What is going on with me?” I started to seriously question myself and my abilities. All of a sudden, I thought about what I have learned before. Talk about it. Share it with somebody. Play it out – is this real? Can I really not get these tasks accomplished? Do I not have the energy? Am I not inspired? Do I not love what I’m doing anymore? All of these emotions start crashing in. I will tell you, launching is like birthing a baby. All the second guessing does come in, but it’s the excitement of all of this newness that you’re producing, which requires you to balance all of those negative thoughts that are coming into your mind.

Dealing with My Overwhelm 

So what do I do? I went to my hubby and I said, “Scott, I’m feeling this massive overwhelm. I don’t know what’s going on with me.” I was a little whiny, I must admit. And he responded, “But you’ve done this before with no problem,” and that was the moment that I realized, I have done it with no problem. It’s not that I wasn’t inspired. I had to sit there and really reframe what was going on in my head. Was I nervous? Scared? Was I just feeling a little tired? What was actually happening? I was nervous because this one program was coming in a little late that I needed to get edited. It was the microbiome program and it was a huge one. I was worried and that worry was bleeding into my energy; it was seeping into my vibe and getting in the way of my excitement for this launch. 

I realized it was a real fear and once I identified it, I was able to rewire and reframe. I reminded myself that despite the fact that this program is late, it should not take away anything from my launch. I decided to flip the script on my fear, get super excited and bring my energy back. All it took was a few moments of being honest with myself and reframing everything I was experiencing. While I’m not an NLP coach, I do know from feeling scared enough times, like when I started my business and had no idea where to go, what to do, how to launch a workshop, how to upload to YouTube, how to do Dropbox, how to create a sales page, how to write copy all these things, I still had to sit there with that overwhelm, and not let it get the best of me. 

It Does Get Easier 

Fast forward to today, there are many launches that I’ve gone through and it was easier to pull myself out of this. It didn’t take weeks or years. I want you to think about what is pulling that trigger for you in your own business. Is it the mindset part that overwhelms you? What’s really going on? Is it the overwhelm of not having a plan, because let me just tell you, nothing has a perfect plan. Remember, that overwhelm is just a pain. And as Eric Thomas says, “Pain is temporary. But if I quit, that pain will last forever.” So I really want you to think about what’s going on in your own life and in your own health coaching business. Is there something that you feel overwhelmed about that you’re procrastinating on? 

My last tip is this, and it’s something that one of my favorite mindset authors, Mel Robbins, says. She says, “Either you run the day or the day runs you.” I had to sit there and say, “Stop letting this day run you.” I’m going to take charge and I’m going to start with just 20 minute work blocks. I know they make this really cool cube that I’ve seen people use for time blocking, but I just take an old kitchen timer, put on 20 minutes and then at the end of the 20 minutes, I get up, move around, do some jumping jacks, do some push ups, walk outside, and that allows me to give myself a little grace. It helps me get myself into the mindset that I need to get things organized. It is a total home run! 

So remember, you can totally take charge of your mindset. Do it and never look back! You’re worth it and your business is worth it. Alright guys, I will see you on the flip side, peace out. And remember, if you feel overwhelmed, it’s okay. It’s in the way that you handle it that determines whether or not you are successful.

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