139. Why I LOVE Our Done-For-You Programs + How One Client Found Success with Them ft. Amber Robertson

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Once upon a time, I was that solopreneur health coach with limited time and an even more limited budget. After a heartbreaking experience, I promised myself I would create a program where coaches could get the content they need without a big investment in their time or money. That’s how our Done-For-You programs were born and why thousands of coaches use them inside their health coaching business – including today’s guest, Amber Robertson.

In this episode, I want to dive deep into how our Done-For-You programs have changed Amber’s health coaching business and how they can build authority, grow email lists, and increase passive income. Amber also expands on how the Done-For-You programs have saved her time AND helped her find clarity on the clients she works with. 

Connect with Amber:

Website: https://about.me/blissholistic
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/blissholistic/ 

Rachel: Hey guys, I am extremely excited to be here with an amazing health coach and a good friend, Amber. So today we are going to talk about Amber’s experience with the Done-For-You programs. So Amber, thank you so much for taking your time to be here with us. And to help coaches understand what really are the Done-For-You programs.

Amber: Thank you, thank you so much for having me.

Rachel: So I know that we hear this like Done-For-You and it’s a very common term Done-For-You social media, Done-For-You blogs, Done-For-You programs. But I want to dive deep into how did these programs affect your life? How did these programs affect your health coaching business? How did they save you time? And maybe even how they helped you to cultivate and get clearer than on the people you work with? So are you ready?

Amber: I’m so ready. Again, let’s talk about it. So for me, the Done-For-You programs provide so much Done-For-You content. The thing is, this is information that we already know because we’ve studied this stuff. And these are programs that if I wanted to sure I could create, but it would take me months, if not an entire year to really sit down and put all of this information together. So it’s a huge, huge time saver for me.

Rachel: People will say, How do your programs compare to other Done-For-You programs? And I always say, I only bought one program ever being a coach and there was a copyright. It wasn’t even on the sales page. Because once I download and there was a copyright there. Tears fell, because it was at the beginning of my coaching practice. I was a solo entrepreneur, I had no money to spare. Andit broke my heart. One of the reasons that it catapulted me to say, one day, I’m going to create a program where coaches can brand themselves. 

The Difference Between Our Done-For-You Programs & Others Out There

So have you ever had any other experiences without saying any other programs in the difference between the content in our programs compared to any other programs?

Amber: Yes. So I have. I’ve investigated some other programs, I think I purchased maybe one other Done-For-You, that was not nearly as robust content-wise as the programs that you put out. Plus the fact that all of your programs, I can edit them. So I can change out the images, I can add my logo, my colors, my branding, and it really personalizes it, and I feel like it makes me look so much more professional because I have the liberty to do that. 

When I put a program out there, somebody doesn’t look at it and go, Oh, this doesn’t make sense. This looks like some cookie-cutter program. It’s not like that, because I can go into those documents, I can add my own story and personalize it. I can change the language to make it sound more like how I speak. And that’s everything. It gives me the confidence that what I’m putting out there is credible in the information because I know, you and I have had a similar background in terms of our training and education. And that’s another thing that makes me confident to buy from you is because I know this stuff, but you’re taking the time to put it together. Whereas it would take me forever.

Rachel: Well, and that’s the thing that I always say to coaches, it’s not the coaching part and knowing the information. For the majority of coaches, that is not the problem. It’s time. We’re deficient on time. Or we start a program and say I’m going to make this program. And then we don’t get it to that really deliverable state where your clients either one on one could be working with you, or in an online or offline program or even as a do it yourself. So that program needs to be in a place where somebody could easily download without even you being there and not even a turned into passive income.

How To Use Done-For-You Programs For Passive Income

Amber: That’s how I’ve been using your programs from the beginning. I have all four seasons of the detox. And what’s really cool about that is I can use those online when I want to generate a little bit of easy income a little bit of fast cash I can do that. 

The very first time I did one of your detoxes it was maybe the winter one and I launched in January. I had probably 50 or 60 people all together during that first one. And the detox ones have generated 1000s of dollars for me. And it’s just great because it’s content that I don’t have to create. I can put it out there, when I know I’m going to need like maybe it’s my slow season, and I want a little boost in my income, and then I can start promoting one of the detoxes. And then there it is.

Rachel: I love that you brought that up, because that tells me that you are a health coach, entrepreneur. And it’s very hard. I talk about this a lot. To go from the health coaching place to and be caring, to know that you want to change somebody’s life, you want to give them the information they need. You want to work with them to really looking at this as a business. And so when you said slow months, I always felt the same, I needed to have my one on one. But I also needed to have that little easy program that somebody could come in by. 

How Done-For-You Programs Can Build Your Authority & Your Email List

So talk to me about that. Was your first detox with that amount of people? How much did that build your authority? Or did you already have an established authority?

Amber: So I had been, working on my practice for a few years, just doing one on one health coaching, individual sessions with people. The first time I did an online detox, that was a game changer, because it gave me some exposure to this whole web audience that I had not really been focusing my marketing attention on. 

So it prompted me to want to open myself up to this new audience. And not just the detoxes. But some of the other things like there was a smoothie ebook that I turned into a smoothie challenge. That was a list builder. Yeah, I think I probably got about 100 new people added to my list just from doing that. 

But what I really think is important to think about here is not just the exposure that the detox gives you, but what the detox can lead to. So if I can just explain for a second sort of a sequence of events and how this works for me. 

Rachel: So you’re breaking down what we call the sales funnel, which can be a really scary word. I always say, it’s not a curse word. It’s not scary to say the word. Detox isn’t scary, because it’s all about what you’re about to tell us. What does that gateway program and the opt in freebie which we have the smoothie one, that was your optin, you built your list, you got new people, you lead them to a gateway, and now you’re about to tell us what you led them to after.

Amber: So because of the exposure that I got from some of your online programs, the detoxes, for example, it just helps me build my list. One result of that was I started to get invited to come into larger businesses and corporations and do wellness workshops. For that audience. I have for three years now, I’ve been doing a monthly nutrition workshop and cooking demo at the National Farmers Market, which is awesome. And that, of course leads to more one on one. 

So starting like up here with the detox, then that leads to speaking engagements, then that leads to the one on one client relationships. And it’s this whole ripple effect. So another thing that I’ve been able to do is take content from the online Done-For-You and bring them offline into my one on one client relationships. There’s so many pieces of these Done-For-You that are strong enough to stand alone, in and of themselves. some of the ebooks, some of the handouts, they’re strong enough to stand alone and really be supportive of the information that I share with my one on one clients.

Why Done-For-You Programs Are The Tools To Help You Unlock New Opportunities

I think that what you just brought up and walk somebody through your personal experience takes exactly what I talked about all the time, is that I so often see coaches and they don’t follow that system that we even put in our manual that we even suggest like take these small steps, and that is going to lead you to these other opportunities. Whether it’s online, whether it’s the next signature flagship longer program, or the goal is a membership. I mean, whatever your business plan is, these are just the tools. 

How You Can Make The Done-For-You Programs On Brand

So you just walked us through an amazing experience and all these opportunities that came to you. People will say, Okay, I have a 9-5 job, which is really about a 7-7 job. Or this is my second job that I want really to be my primary, or I have kids. The list goes on. And they say, Would I be able to have the time to edit the materials and launch? I know the programs are a time saver. But how long did you feel that it took you to personalize it to your brand and to your flavor so that somebody wouldn’t even see that anywhere else? I love that you brought up that point that they would know this is Amber.

Amber: Right? So it took me it took a few hours because I’m pretty meticulous. We don’t want to strive for 100% perfection all the time. But I do like to see good quality imagery and things like that. So I’m pretty meticulous with my editing. It took me a few hours. It’s the kind of thing where if you dedicate some time on the weekends you can you can go through and get this done. 

The great thing is, they also come in like a PDF ready format. So if you don’t want to do the editing, you don’t have to it’s just a choice that I made, because I wanted a certain look but if you if you don’t even want to do that I love that you make it PDF ready so that you can just send it right out if you wanted to. But I mean, I would reserve some time on a weekend and dedicate a few hours and just get it done. And then you can use it forever.

Rachel: We were doing the PDFs a long time ago, we actually been stopped that because so many coaches want to put their flavor in. And I remember even clocking myself because I said, Okay, I have to stand behind what I know is possible. So every time I edited when I was launching the detox, and I took the same programs for the seven years that I was coaching clients, and did this. And I would sit there and sometimes just delete a paragraph, I even wrote it. But I said, this isn’t just doesn’t flow or I don’t need it. And I would for a 14 day be able to get that done in two to three and a half hours, depending on the amount that of course, the extra hours if you’re making covers, or if you’re playing around. But that’s why I tell people at all different places in their business, or their comfort level with Canva, or PicMonkey, or any of these different ways to make a simple image. You don’t even have to do that. Because that’s why we tried to make it so that if you’re going like this, I don’t even know where to start my business. And I have no time. And I’ve asked that you can go and open up that zip file or that Dropbox and feel a little at ease. And spend more time on your marketing and more time honing in to your business and what your people really need. So that when you open cart, or when you pre trip, and when you’re building that excitement, people can get results like you did.


That’s so true. And what I think it’s more important to set to if you’re gonna dedicate some time dedicated to the marketing because that’s, that’s everything I mean, I love that you include things like a launch timeline, you include all of those instructional videos, because for a lot of people like this is their first go round like their first rodeo, right. And so, so that’s extremely helpful to include those kinds of resources. I like to tell people that when you’re and just let me preface this by saying I’m a solopreneur, right, like, I’m just a one woman show, I don’t have a big team behind me. So I have to prioritize. How do I want to spend my time what’s going to turn into dollars, and it’s always the marketing it always is. And so when you’re a solopreneur, it doesn’t matter if you’re a health coach or something else, you’re really a full time marketer. Yeah, if you want to be in business, you’re


100% and I believe that is why the majority of coaches are not making money is that and that’s why when you come into the forum, and I say to people over and over lack of perfection, it’s not that I don’t want you to have the most gorgeous and amazing clear content for your client. But if you spend all your energy there, where’s the NRG if you want to do a local free event, and then need them to, where’s the energy to maybe do a webinar? Where’s the energy to do a live stream? Where’s the energy to create great content? Have people say, Wow, she really or he really is talking this amazing program that I have to be a part of, because I heard pieces of my story.

Rachel: Yeah, and I think that’s the beauty of the Done-For-You is that it’s done for you. So you can focus on the marketing. So tell me a little because I get this all the time, email, personal messages calls, they say, I have bought a program, and I wasn’t happy and it didn’t fit my needs. And I always say, unless you were writing that program yourself, maybe that wasn’t the right program for you. 

But I really encourage you, even with my programs, think about your niche. Think about the system that you are taking your client from A to Z, whether it’s in your one on one, a three tier work with me page, the conversation, to the gym, or the spot on what program, they would want to partner with you. Sometimes I feel like people are either jaded, or they’ve had a bad experience. 

That’s why I always preface it to say think about your niche first, then buy a program. But what would you say to a coach or a wellness professional, who’s sitting there and looking and saying, this looks great. I see all these testimonials, but I just need to hear this from somebody’s mouth.

What The Done-For-You Programs Are Fullproof

Amber: Yeah, so if I’m that mouth, if that’s what you’re suggesting –what I can say, I have never bought a program of yours that I have not been 100% satisfied with. And it’s because I trust the information, I trust the educational background that you have. It lets me know that we’re a match professionally. So the information that’s in your programs is the same thing that I would be teaching to my clients to so I trust the source. 

I absolutely love the fact that it’s a time saver. It’s Done-For-You. So I can focus on the marketing, it’s editable. So if there’s something in there that I want to work differently, I can put my logo on there to brand it for my particular business. I can make it niche specific, because it’s editabl. My target market, my niche is successful professional women, many of whom are suffering from low energy and fatigue or autoimmune issues. And I can go in there and I can add in those key words to to the content that’s already written. So it’s speaking to them.

The Real Cost Of The Done-For-You Programs

Rachel: You even brought up as you were talking, I thought, well, yeah that’s the beauty of even when you open up the business folder, and you have the sales page, written by my copywriter, who writes great pages, and I think about how much that would cost. The average cost to get somebody to write a six email sequence these days is between $650 to $2000. An opt in page that’s 500 words, on average is about $450. A full sales page at $1000. Plus, usually goes at about $895 to $1,200. 

So I think about everything that we get sometimes, I even add them as I’m close to launch, and I’m going to drop boxes, I think, that’s why I created these. Because there was nothing that provided all of that for me as a solo entrepreneur –the same position as you –and really wanting to be smart about my money. I love that you brought that up too. Because again, it takes me back to knowing that this is a business for you. You’re thinking about your ROI, you’re thinking about your clients, you’re thinking about every process and you’re putting those pieces together.

Amber: Right and when I buy one of your programs and spend whatever I spend on whatever program it is, I come back and if 20, 30, 40, 50 people buy that program, suddenly I’ve got 1000s of dollars coming in. Yeah, that’s a no brainer. That’s a great return.

Rachel: Oh girl. Now we need to get you to the next place of uplevel to that next signature program. So it has It’s just been amazing to be here with you. What I love so much about these interviews or case studies is I never know what I’m going to hear. 

I come in just so excited to connect with my people. The tribe that we all have as health coaches is just united it with our mission of really wanting to change this world. So to hear your success, and to see the excitement in your face as you share that has just made my day. It’s part of the reason why I do this. So thank you. It is exciting. 

So can you tell everyone where to find you, your website? I know you said you work with those busy professional women, pretty much like ourselves, who needs that self care and that routine and all that stuff laid out so we’re not law? So if anybody is interested in hiring you please tell us where we can find you.

Amber: Yes. Well, my full name is Amber Robertson. You can find me online My website is blissholistic.com. You can find me on Facebook and Instagram under the same search term bliss holistic and I just love connecting with other coaches. I love connecting with other health professionals. Please reach out and thank you so much for having me today.

Rachel: Thank you for taking your time now. Thank everyone please check out Amber’s Instagram or Facebook and give her some support some love and comments on her blog. And if you are interested in any of the Done-For-You programs, you can find that greatness at www.yourhealthcoachbiz.com 

Everything that we talked about today is there from the opt-in freebies, to our different systems for niche specific businesses as well as all the programs that you need to not stress and market more and brand your business. All right Amber, thank you so much. 

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