210. Healing from Within: Tools for Tapping Into Intuition and Cultivating Mindfulness

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In this episode of Healthy Hustle, Rachel interviews Lotus McClatchie, a licensed professional counselor and healer. Lotus shares her journey of healing from childhood trauma and finding her way to a life filled with love and purpose. She discusses overcoming people-pleasing tendencies and shifting her perspective from fear to love.

Lotus also opens up about her experiences of coping in difficult times, including the dissolution of her marriage, which led to deep inner healing. She highlights the importance of self-care practices like mindfulness, meditation, cognitive behavioral therapy, movement, gratitude, and connecting with nature in regulating our nervous systems.

Lotus emphasizes the power of quieting the mind and tapping into our intuition for healing and growth and offers practical advice on developing a loving relationship with ourselves.

Listeners will be inspired by Lotus’ wisdom as she encourages practitioners to approach their clients with unconditional acceptance while helping them navigate anxiety or depression. Finally, Lotus introduces her new project focused on conscious cannabis use as a tool for transformation.

Tune in to this episode for an empowering discussion on healing journeys, self-discovery, embracing authenticity, and finding meaning in life’s challenges.

Connect with Lotus McClatchie of Many Mindful Moments:

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