212. Transforming Resistance and Fear into Power Using Behavioral Archetypes

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In this episode, Rachel interviews Joanna Lindenbaum of the Applied Depth Institute about overcoming resistance in your business and with your clients. Joanna shares her insights on the archetypes she has developed through years of coaching and personal experience. 

She explains that resistance often arises when fear is present, causing individuals to fall into different behavior patterns. Some common archetypes she’s identified are the victim, judge, flake, needy, spiritual, and jokester.

Joanna discusses the importance of normalizing fear as a natural part of growth and change. Rather than trying to eliminate or suppress fear, she encourages listeners to build a friendship with fear to understand and manage it effectively. By creating awareness around these archetypes and helping clients recognize their own patterns of resistance, business owners can support clients in navigating through their fears to achieve their goals.

Connect with Joanna:

Email: caitlin@applieddepthinstitute.com

Website: https://applieddepthinstitute.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/joanna.lindenbaum/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/womenhealingtheworldwithjoannalindenbaum

Pages: https://pages.applieddepthinstitute.com/shadow

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