223. How to Make Money First, Build Your Confidence, and Grow Your Business w/ Hanna Bier

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Are you living paycheck to paycheck and ready to grow your net worth? Do you feel like there is something standing in the way of you reaching your true earning potential? In this episode of Healthy Hustle, Rachel chats with money healing and financial growth coach, author, and speaker Hanna Bier.

Your relationship with money has a direct impact on the joy, freedom, and confidence you feel in life and in your business. In today’s episode, Hanna shares the secret to releasing  your money blocks and how to actually start generating money in your business. You’ll learn the tools and strategies that she and her clients use to generate higher income and operate at a higher vibrational level. Tune in if you’re ready to build your confidence, grow your business, and make great income! 

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