4 Simple Steps to Writing Good Content to Sell More Programs + More Products

No matter what business you are in, you need good copy and a clear message.

So often people think you have to re-create the wheel to write good content.

I bet you have tons of magic on your computer already.

You have great content that is waiting to be shared with the world.

What happens when your message is not clear?

Nothing happens. Right?

Writing good content is the key to selling great programs and your signature product.

There are different ways you can create good content and these are proven methods.

Do not let the fear of marketing hold you back from sharing the message.

1. Tell your story. People want to get to know you and so by writing your own story people feel connected to you and your message. You can create content by telling a story about you but sure your message is clear. What are you trying to tell your tribe? What solutions can you provide your tribe members?

2. Give Valuable Information. Make sure you are giving your tribe valuable information because this valuable information is going to scream your message. Keep it simple. People want to hear the solution so make sure you are giving them a solution.

3. Ask Questions.  Simply create a question and answer blog post. Make sure the title of your blog posts or tweets are “pulling people in”. I suggest giving 5 questions and then answering those questions in your blog post or newsletter. This is what I call “Interview Yourself”.

4. Let Social Media be your friend. Tweet it. Blog it. Facebook it. Pinterest it. Instagram it. Send Newsletters. Do not be scared to share your message.

Writing Content does not have to be scary but it does need to be effective.

Actually once you step through the fear of writing + getting clear on your message, it is actually fun.

BTW, are you clear on your message?




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