Done-For-You Marketing Kit to Launch the Perfect Detox or Cleanse without a Tech Migraine!

Wow I remember graduating from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and feeling so excited but also felt some overwhelm.

My school and what I learned was priceless. I knew I loved health and wellness. But was that enough?

I knew I could help people in the sames ways I struggled with my own health issues.

I knew I was ready to begin my adventure as a health coach.

But, I had no idea health coaching was also going to be about marketing, techy stuff and social media.

I had to learn how to master the techy tech.

I experienced some fear, overwhelm and I have to say “the TECHY MIGRAINE”.

I almost laugh when I say this but it was true.

When you think about TECHY stuff, let’s make tech your new BFF. I swear this can happen because it happened for me.

I went from mastering the site my amazing school provided for me, to creating WIX sites and fast forward to today….

I have multiple worpdress sites and I can even create a landing page on my own.

I had to learn what what a landing page was. I laugh as I am writing this.

A landing page is a sales page or a page where you are offering something for people to view, buy or learn about a program you are offering.

Wiki says, “In online marketing a landing page, sometimes known as a lead capture page, is the page that appears when a potential customer clicks on…”

For example, this is an example of landing page:

When you look at your business, I want to you think about your Signature Brand.

I want you to think about your Signature Program.

The way I successfully, as well as many others, built a successful health coaching business, is to build my business like a would a home.

WHY BE STRESSED? You are building your signature business and that requires you to be the best CEO you can be. {HINT; stress takes away from our ability to build our business with ease.)

woman at computerYou must lay the foundation.

When you think about defining your business, it is important to think about your foundation. Here are some simple suggestions to lay the foundation.

1. Offer your potential clients a Opt in or a Freebie to get to know you.

2. Write fabulous content for your Signature Program or e-stalk my program for health coaches.

3. Get clear on your offerings as this is how you will Build Your Home aka Business.

4. Get your Program out there so you can attract the ideal client.

Image if you felt no stress, no headaches and TECH became your friend.

woman working at computer


If you get stuck with the techy stuff and marketing gives YOU a migraine, then check out my Signature Done-For-you Done-Marketing Kit for Health Coaches.

You can Launch a Detox, Cleanse or Weight Loss Program in 7 simple days with my proven kit.

For more information on how YOU can get a DONE-FOR-YOU sales page and marketing kit, contact WE can launch your detox or cleanse in less than 7 DAYS!

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