103. How To Avoid Exhaustion & Burnout In Your Business On A Cellular Level with Dr. Lulu Shimek

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Having a solid foundation in health and business can help alleviate those drained adrenals and avoid the burnout many health coaches and online business owners experience. If you want to serve your people (and the world) to the best of your abilities, you need to take care of yourself, so you can show up without the overwhelm or exhaustion that can occur when you’re trying to do all the things, including running a business.  

In today’s episode, I’m talking to Dr. Lulu Shimek, naturopathic physician, and expert in genetic health. She helps patients experiencing fatigue, digestive disorders, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, or autoimmune symptoms by diving deep into the root of their issues to find true healing in their bodies.

During our conversation, Dr. Lulu and I talk about exhaustion, burnout, and overwhelm and how we can address these issues in our lives and our business using alternative medicine, energetics, and mindset. Dr. Lulu gives tips on how to successfully switch your mindset when shifting from B&M to an online business, the importance of preventing burnout, strategies to help you avoid exhaustion on a cellular level, and how to take care of your liver so you can build a thriving business.


DNA Book by Dr. Luly Shimek

Connect with Dr. Lulu:

Website: https://doclulu.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drlulushimek/

Podcast: https://doclulu.com/genetic-genius-podcast

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Rachel: Hey guys, I am so excited to have this amazing woman, Dr. Lulu, here to speak about something that we are all dealing with. And that is adrenal burnout. Dr. Lulu, can you just give a little intro about who you are?

Dr. Lulu: Sure, I’ll keep it brief. I have a long list of the wonderful things I’ve accomplished in my lifetime so far. I’m a Naturopathic Physician, and I love working with genetics, that’s my main squeeze. I really find that that’s the foundation when we’re working on because you can take this little tiny microscope and go deep into this system, from this new place. We’re just diving into genetics and it hasn’t really been studied that much within the last 10 years. So that’s my jam. But then I really work with women, specifically, to empower them to create this energetic life, to get them out of this place of feeling like crap, not feeling like they can do what they want to do their bigger vision. Because I think as women, we not only pile so much on our plate, but also the world expects a specific thing from us. We’re changing that, for sure. 

But that’s why women, modern women, we have had so much coming at us in so many different responsibilities. No wonder burnout happens. Then take into consideration just even the environment that everyone’s been in this last year and a half. I think that we’ve seen an extended level of burnout. 

Rachel: So before we even get into this, I know that you have your own podcast, Genetic genius. So just tell everyone before so they can literally go and binge watch you.

Dr. Lulu: You can go on Apple podcasts or on my website or on YouTube, if you love to watch me in person. What my goal with that podcast is one, I felt like I really wanted to get alternative health around the world. I’m like how am I gonna do that? Well, I’ll create a podcast because then anyone can listen for free from anywhere they are at any moment in time. For me, that was a pathway to help reach more people that want to know about alternative health, want to know about ways that are different, things that we can do to help empower us in the moment and  learn about gut health, learn about adrenal fatigue, learn about spirituality, mindfulness. So that’s my goal. 

From that genetic standpoint, we talk a little bit about cellular health with every guest, but we don’t talk about genetics the whole time. But it’s really cellular health for that energy.  

How Dr. Lulu Shifted From An In-person Brick & Mortar To Online

Rachel: Can you just tell everyone a little about your business? I know that you started your online business, you had a thriving practice. So how have you done that without burnout?

Dr. Lulu: So I had a thriving clinical practice, a brick, and mortar and had 18 practitioners working in my clinic, all different modalities. It was a thriving, super busy practice. And then when COVID hit within like three weeks, I had everyone drop out of the practice, except for three people. I had a huge 3000 square foot space. I’m like okay, the business entrepreneur that I am was like, This is not gonna work. So my stress and adrenal burnout, I am going to not make it. 

I immediately closed the clinic, which for me, that was my life vision. I wanted to have a clinic where people could come, and maybe that will happen in a different way now. So I was like, Okay, well, I have to now move my whole practice, which I’ve been seeing patients in person into a virtual world. At first, I was like, Oh, crap. I don’t know what I’m doing. But then I took a step back. I was like well, I want to educate. 

So that’s my foot forward with that if I want to educate people, I want them to have a place they can come to learn about health. That’s been my main focus since last year is just creating a place on my website and how I work with patients, so they can then extend their knowledge of health into their community.

What To Focus On First When You’re Pivoting

Rachel: So when you were in that moment? Because whether it’s COVID or somebody just wants to go from brick and mortar to more of an online space where they can reach more people wherever they are in the world. What was focused on first? Okay, this is where I’m going to focus my energy. I love that you said education because that probably gave you a really clear platform for how you want to get information out. What was your first focus for the coaches listening?

Dr. Lulu: When I think back to that moment, it’s really about, what do I love? Because when I’m working with patients, I’m going to attract those patients that I would like to work with. So I want to be doing something that’s fun for me, if I’m not doing something that’s fun, I’m going to have adrenal burnout, I’m going to not want to do stuff. 

So I created the platform, or as you say the dishes? In a way that was fun for me that I could enjoy what I was teaching, but also then attract the people that really need that help. I was just thinking that today is doing some massive. Sticky notes on the wall. I’m always reframing what do I want to do? What do I want to attract? Because when I come from that place, then it’s so easy to tell my story, to have the people that I want to attract and work with.

Rachel: So was it easy for you to take step one and to find what you wanted to be known for? Because I think when we go from brick and mortar to an online space, there needs to be that polarized clarity of I’m going to be known for this. You said, genetics is your main squeeze. But you also work with women who have different issues.

Switching Your Mindset To Work Within The Online Space

Dr. Lulu: I think that was the challenging part for me, because I had had this larger practice where I saw all walks of life of chronic illness. I worked a lot with autoimmune disease, but then I wanted to fine-tune that in a way. I still work with patients with autoimmune disease, but that’s not usually something that people search for when they’re looking for something online or for help: I need help with my autoimmune disease. That’s the coaches searching for that.

I wanted to create something when someone was looking for help, what did that look like for them? That’s where I guided and I’m still guiding and fine tuning that over and over again. If I was in the sea of looking for some help, I’m still looking for help myself right now I’m tired, what do I need help with? So when I’m looking for that, I think about if the person’s at their iPad and like, okay, I need help. I am exhausted.  

That’s how I switched my practice into that frame of mind because it’s more of an online frame of mind. I had to completely make that switch. Because that’s not what people were searching for before. For me, they were searching for Naturopathic Physician, Asheville. That’s what they would look for. Now they’re sort of looking for that. But if I want to have an online audience, I need to be a focused breader. Broad, but specific. That can be a hard place to navigate. I think I was still working on what that looks like for me. 

Where To Start Building Your Online Presence 

Rachel: This is not uncommon. Maybe a coach might say, Oh, well, we have to really narrow down but any doctors that I’ve ever worked with, nurses, doctors, it’s always the same. It’s that people are coming to me, and these are the myriad of different health issues. There is still a main focus, what that specific doctor is known for. But it’s not uncommon that somebody comes to you and there’s this issue, this issue, this issue and this issue. So, for that coach who’s listening and saying, okay, Dr. Lulu, you went online. Where did you start? Did you say, I’m going to start on YouTube? I’m going to start on Instagram? Where do you start to build your online presence?

Dr. Lulu: Instagram is still my main focus because I have fun there. And that’s what I was saying. I can be myself. I can post things that are fun and it’s interactive and social, but it’s not complaint centered, which is Facebook. Love Facebook. But I do find that people bitch about their life too much.

I wanted it to be more where it was high five, yeah, this is what we can do and have fun and  how can I help you? So I was not really doing anything on Instagram, I was doing more Facebook and groups. So I switched over to Instagram and I like that platform for me. It’s really key. It really helps me. I can look for other people that have a connection for me in the industry, which we know for my podcast is key. I can be tagged in different ways. So for me, I find it’s just a really key aspect of the business that I enjoy. 

What A Good Opt-In Freebie Can Look Like

Rachel: I went to go stalk your Instagram. I love her information. I really do to geek out on What are these deep root reasons that we stay stuck? I think that’s the thing that I love, when you were like, this is my best buddy. My bestie is genetics. Tell me, how did you decide to set up your opt-in freebies on your Instagram? What have you found to make the easiest to really lessen that burnout for you to not have 80,000 freebies? What has really worked?

Dr. Lulu: Yes, so I have four main pillars or niches. That’s how I’ve been guiding that freebie. I have the brain where I just want to do everything. But I know from that health perspective, that patient or client get overwhelmed easily when they see too much information. So I always have to take myself a step back. So I’m like Okay, back up. This is way too much overload. 

When I think I’m being simple, and like oh, they’re never going to want to do this, it’s actually exactly what’s needed. Because this simplicity allows that person to soak in the information. So from a freebie, it’s really niche centered, and what can guide them into that next step of working with me. Okay, I am just fatigued, great. Here’s a little quiz and a little handout to help you get some energy back. You’re having some hormonal imbalance, great, here’s a way to get forward. So for me, having the freebies and I get freebies with my webinars, I do a weekly webinar as part of education. AWith that, I’m guiding that education but in more in a niche manner. Does that make sense? 

Rachel: Yeah. So you’re using your freebies when you’re doing your weekly webinars? And you’re also having those quizzes for that person who is your ideal client so that you can take them to that next step of working with you? And how have you set up your business now in the online world?

How She Set Up Her Business In The Online Space

Dr. Lulu: So with that online presence, what I’m doing is creating a lot of programs. From  what we said from the education standpoint, I created this platform of education, which I’m still working on. That was my goal for 2021, platform education. So on my website, you can go and you can watch webinars from everything I’ve done for this year. 

I wanted to create a catalog so that people can go back and learn over and over again for new patients and clients. So from that, then I wanted to create that next step for someone. It’s a program one, they can work with me in an individual, one on one format that’s much more in-depth. Or they can take a more easy route with my genetic detox program, where they’re like, Okay, great, I can have a quick and easy detox and get back on track. Then I can choose something where I want to dive deeper. I’m still creating it in a way that is from that step-to-step format, and the simplicity of education, moving to that next level of basic detox, and then boom, into a larger program.

Strategies To Help You Avoid Exhaustion On A Cellular Level

Rachel: I love it. So tell me in your life now, with building your business and being the queen that doesn’t want to get into adrenal fatigue, what are the strategies that you have implemented? Or what are the strategies that you implement in your life to make sure that you don’t get into that exhaustion on a cellular level?

Dr. Lulu: Yeah, super key for me. Because like I said, I overdo it. I guess I have a little bit of the squirrel personality and I want to do something new all the time, and I get a bit bored with what I’m doing. So for me, because I know that’s the typical MO, I have to have a lot of self-care. Whether that’s not overloading my plate, I actually have to schedule in my self-care and restoration. If I feel overwhelmed, I have got to tune out.  

I had a vacation last week where I was totally off the grid, which for me is hard. Where it says how much screen time you had the production, I had 75% reduction of screen time. So I was like, okay, it worked. But I am hacking. So definitely do that with being out in nature. 

Then also having a lot of herbal support because I’m massively into plants and herbal medicine. So having those plant allies is a way to support my system. When I started to get overloaded, because you’re gonna have those ebbs and flows of overload. Then also asking for help.  I think that’s really a big one for me because I’m on this new online platform, which I just dove into. Boom, I’m here. So getting help from you, having a virtual assistant, learning things I didn’t know how to do, making me do a podcast. I took a podcast class. Just those things, asking for help, being open for help, and not feeling like I have to do everything because that creates total burnout for me.

Top 3 Plants To Aid In The Prevention Of Burnout. 

Rachel: You’re speaking to your sister from another mister. That feeling that you’ve got to do everything yourself. When you’re building your business in the beginning, there’s too much to do. There’s too much unknown. I love that part that you’re saying about your plants. So what are your favorite plant allies? We’re not diagnosing here. We’re just we’re just chatting up the plants. 

Dr. Lulu: Yeah, so when it comes to fatigue, I think my favorite plant is ashwagandha. It’s really key for me because I can use it throughout the day and also in the evening. I don’t feel too wired. So it’s perfect. I call it the mothering hug of adrenal fatigue. It supports you. But you don’t feel like you just had a shot of caffeine straight with an IV.

Some plants will do that, and you need that. But I love ashwagandha because I can take it regularly. And then also I really like Rhodiola, too, because Rhodiola has that sweetness and Schisandra because of the liver support. So I always need liver support because it’s helping my hormones, my thyroid, my adrenal system function better. Those are my top three allies right now.

Why Liver Support Is Important Physically & Energetically

Rachel: I love that. So for the people who don’t think they have adrenal fatigue. Would you say that if you’re feeling fatigued on a cellular level to definitely love up your liver a little? Tell me energetically. I know you do a lot of energetics. Tell me exactly what is the liver all about when it comes to needing to build your business and something new, what you’re saying?

Dr. Lulu: The liver is all about anger. Particularly building my business, I felt angry that I didn’t have the tools at that moment in time. I’m like, why can’t I just do this right now? Because I’m a little impatient. I want everything. Oh, everything would be done like yesterday, because I work really fast. 

So when it comes to the liver, the liver is about that feeling of regret and anger. That’s also all about our hormones, right? It’s about our love connection, our sex hormones. It’s all about the thyroid, how our body is metabolizing, and how we have the energy. It’s communicating with the adrenal system. 

The liver is super important, not only from that energetic perspective of releasing anger, of not being at a place where we want to be in the moment, but also the past regret of what we have left behind. But also in that place of helping us to circulate things, energy through the body and our actual physical circulation of blood and hormones and cholesterol.

DNA: Detox, Nourish, and Activate

Rachel: Oh my god. So what are your favorite liver helpers that you can’t have your life without? Have your detox and go into it? You have a book as well? Can you tell everyone what your book is? We’re diving right into this nitty-gritty of stuff that you do in your business.

Dr. Lulu: Here, my book is beautiful. I love it. So it’s Detox, Nourish and Activate. So that stands for DNA, the first three letters, so it’s all about DNA. It’s plant and vibrational medicine for energy. It’s amazing. I can say that because I wrote it. 

So energy is the adrenal system. It’s three systems, the adrenal system, mood is the brain. So we all need focus. It’s all about your nervous system, pain and inflammation, focus, energy, memory, and then love. It’s all about the cardiovascular system. So those are the three main organs and chakra centers that we’re always working with for alignment. So that’s the book. 

Rachel: Oh my goodness, even just you sharing that. I love that you’ve been able to take that energetic perspective and really attach it to what typically wouldn’t be attached. So as far as liver, because now we’re talking energy. We’re talking about how to take care of it building your business. I love the transparency that you really share. I think that so often as coaches, our ego can get in the way to say, Oh, no, I’m not angry during this process. I’m really happy. And it’s like, no, you’re angry. I know you’re so just so open to sharing that. So beautiful. Tell those who are listening what they can do. What are some of your favorite liver health books? 

How To Take Care Of Your Liver So You Can Build Your Business

Dr. Lulu: One of my main herbs, so I’ll talk a little bit about herbs, is milk thistle or Silybum. And I really note this, because it helps the body to detox. With the liver, think of it like it’s a sponge. It even almost has the shape of a sponge. It’s soaking up everything in the system, things that we might not want. That comes from an emotional perspective, too. 

So we have to get the system to let go. So we have to wring out the sponge and soak it back up with the new stuff so that we can move forward. When it comes to herbs, milk thistle really helps. If you can picture the plant, it’s this spiky plant. So it almost creates this barrier for us, a protection. It helps us to really protect our body from the elements around us that we have from the epigenetic perspective. All the pollutants, everything around us that is affecting us with emotional, physical and spiritual level every moment of time. So we have to have a little bit of a surrounding that’s always telling us not to put our guard up, but to be. So milk thistle helps with that with the liver to help us to soak in the nutrients we need for daily support.

Rachel: That is so beautifully said I love how you just stepped into the plant and really just talked about the magic of how it’s created. So tell me a little about your business and where it is right now for that coach who maybe is starting and is saying, Oh my, Dr. Lulu how did you even do this? 

Steps For Starting An Online Business

Dr. Lulu: Well, one thing I am so grateful for is my web designer. I think that is really key when you’re moving into the online presence and mobile world. You’ve got to have it. It doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s just gonna be very simple. But you have to have something that resonates with you and is appealing to people looking for you.  

People compliment on my website all the time because it’s so easy to navigate. I want that simplicity for the person. I talked about that patient that’s overwhelmed. It has to be like, I can go here and find this immediately. So make your website, even if it’s three things at the top, what you’re about, what your services are, how they can book it, and then what you’re giving to them to help them. Just basics. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Then you can move complicated.

Rachel: So you were really overwhelmed and you had felt at that one time. What were the things that you did instead of stepping into that overwhelm? Because I think, for you being that genetic genius and this person, we’re talking cellular energy, and we’re talking about really getting our work out into the world to help people and make a change. What would you suggest to that coach who just feels paralyzed? Which you were? 

How To Avoid The Overwhelm So You Can Serve The World

Dr. Lulu: Totally. I think one being transparent in your fear, I think that is a huge one. I do a daily vision. It doesn’t have to be an hour of vision planning, but a daily five-minute ritual for what do you really want for your business? That can be super easy. Today, I just want to have a great conversation with Rachel. I want to be able to manifest my truest voice, whatever it is. Just spending five minutes because that will really help you deeper to be in touch with the trueness of your business. I think that really was important for me in the beginning stages of what do I want from my business?

Rachel: I love that you’ve even shared even me doing well today. I love that you even shared that. No, it’s not always clear. It’s still transforming. They’re still these doors. We keep opening our business, just when you were well, these are the areas that I’m focusing on. This is what my client wants. And there’s probably going to be more as you continue to grow. Right? For that coach who’s listening and saying oh, I’m really feeling awful. I feel like I might be your right client. Hormones are hot mess, energy fatigue. When we talk adrenal fatigue, notation, exhaustion, or just can’t figure out anything can you? Can you talk a little about what it would be like to work with you? 

What Working With Dr. Lulu Involves

Dr. Lulu: Yeah, totally. So, first, I’m always diving deep into the root of the problem. That’s number one. Because it went from that naturopathic perspective or not looking at symptoms, even though fatigue is a symptom. Right? But what is that deep root cause? So that’s number one. I’m putting on my detective hat. I’m going to find out why did that fatigue start? So that’s number one. 

We’re looking together. It’s really a partner health partnership relationship. That’s how working with me is: a partnership. I’m not telling you to do XYZ. Because if you’re not going to want to do XYZ, you’re not going to be compliant, and you’re never going to get better. You’ll always say, well, that sucks. Why did I work with Dr. Lulu? So you want to have it be something that you want to do? 

So from that perspective, when somebody is working with me, they feel like we’re shaking hands in the beginning. It’s that partnership. And every step of the way, I’m checking in to see how my friend is quote unquote, friend, because you still have the boundary. But how my friend is doing in that partnership? Do you feel supported? Are your organs working? Are the cells working? Are you detoxing? So that’s step number one. 

Then step number two is getting into a program that’s going to support that system at a root level to get you feeling optimal, ASAP. Because if you’re coming to see me, you’re not feeling good. So I don’t want to see people going round and round and round, which is usually when people find me of the circle of never feeling better. They always say, I’ve tried everything, and I can’t get better. S when they come to see me, I figured out why they have. It hasn’t worked. And what can get them to feel better?

Rachel: Oh, I love that. So tell any coach who is looking to go find you where they can find you.

Dr. Lulu: Where you can go to my website, which is super easy. It’s doc, like what’s up doc, Lulu, l u l u.com? Dr. Lulu with the DR was taken. But I like doc Lulu better anyway. But then on Instagram, I’m all over it all the time having fun. That is just Dr. Lulu Shimek sH II m ek. If you just put in Dr. Lulu Lulu on Instagram, it’ll come up easily. 

Rachel: What would be your biggest advice? If you could go back in time to yourself when you were first starting this business? Would there be anything that you would say? Hey, girl, listen, you got it? 

Why Having A Plan Can Help Prevent Overwhelm & Burnout

Dr. Lulu: I was just thinking about that today. If I would have gone back to when I was in school. So I think that’s the time that you want to start planning, even if the vision changes a million times. But you need to start planning when you’re in school or running your program, what do I want to do? And start formulating it so that when get out, you already have the step forward. You’ve already created something, whether it’s a basic logo, a basic template, on the web, on your a website, so you can jump right into it. You can have those pieces, you can do that when you’re in school. 

Medical school was super intense. I didn’t have a lot of time for that. But I did have some and I took some business classes. Take some things that are going to help nurture that side of you in the beginning, that business side, because as a solo entrepreneur, you have got to have those foundations to move forward. It’s not just about education, it’s well, education and a business warm.

Rachel: I love that you said that. Because that is really I think the key element to not having that burnout. Really have that plan and to say, What do I need if these areas don’t have as much muscle? How can I build the muscle in these areas?

Because if you’ve never been a business owner, and say you were in nutrition school or you’re a health coach and maybe you’re not working solo, but now on that solo path. I think when you’re on that solo path you might not have had the tools or ever been ever taught. I wasn’t. That was me. I was like okay, I’m going to jump in. I have got to learn all the aspects. How do I do QuickBooks? It’s so overwhelming. How do I take that? How do I create a logo? How do I have a website? I mean, an entrepreneur, I know somebody would love to know this. How did you actually find your virtual system?

Dr. Lulu: Oh, well, so I reached out to I took this spiritual training last year. And I reached out to that group of women and I said, Hey, I need a virtual assistant, who do  and so they made a referral. For help, yeah, reaching out for help. And they knew me and they could tune in to someone that was in alignment. And that’s really key when you have a virtual assistant is someone that’s in 100% alignment to your values and your vision? Because if not, then they’re not going to be helping you in a way to help you move forward.

Rachel: I think we should literally close with that because you just nailed it. So many coaches spend so much time so much overwhelm imposter syndrome can paracin syndrome, all that robbing their adrenals, dry and really leading to exhaustion, but most importantly, not getting their business out there when the opposite which is to take the action steps that you really have done, be focused and to continue to build your business. Lulu for being here. Tell everyone before we leave the name of your podcast.

Dr. Lulu: It’s called The Genetic Genius and you can find it straight on Apple or you can go to my website to the podcast and you can see all the beautiful pictures of all of the 63 people that I’ve had as my guests.

Rachel: Awesome. Well guys, clearly this is the energy woman. If you want to follow Dr. Lulu which I know you will, please do because she is just such an amazing spirit. Alright guys, keep it healthy. And we will see you on the next one. Bye, guys.

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