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#1 winter DFY SqueezePageHeaderAre you a health coach and business owner? I hope so because today…I am breaking it down old school.

I built my business with my own two hands, a crap load of mistakes and not knowing what to do – to be honest. I was hella scared plus confused about mail chimp, dropbox, and I did not have a system.

I had a lot of passion for health and wellness but I did not know where to start.

I knew I needed a system for myself and my clients:

I needed:

1. Ads, blogs and a marketing strategy that continuously drives traffic to your website and new customers to your door
2. An irresistible opt-in that’s offered to website visitors so they not only sign up to your website, but sign up to you
3. An email autoresponder series that’s sent to your subscribers that creates a connection so intense that they’re picking up the phone to you and asking when you can start working together
4. A solid plan for creating a health history for your clients so you can effortlessly create a rock-solid health plan for them
5. Recipes, detox guides and health plans that are tailor-made for your clients (and don’t need days of research to create)

What you do need (is what I needed), is a system.

This system puts the business side of your business on autopilot, so you stop worrying about where clients are coming from, and start working on how to best serve them.

It takes the thinking out of what to create for an opt-In product, how to create the right health plan for your client, and what to update on social media.

This system is a result of all the work you do up front to put parts of your business on autopilot.

But before you put the system in place, you have to reduce overwhelm.

You have to know where you’re at with your coaching business, and where you want to go.

Here’s what to do:

Take out a pen and paper (that’s right – we’re going old school today) and split the page into 3 vertical columns
In column 1, write everything you’re doing in your business right now. I’m talking blogging, social media, emailing, creating health plans, client calls, ads … and write it in detail (so rather than ‘I update my Facebook page’, write how many times a week you update it)
In column 2, list the platforms you’re currently using (WordPress, MailChimp, Aweber, what social media sites, Google docs, Asana)
In column 3, write, out of everything in column 1 + 2, what’s working in your business (by working, I mean it brings in clients, is essential for admin tasks, or helps you serve your clients)

So that means everything in column 3 is what you focus on.

You can wave bye-bye to the rest – you don’t need it.

And that’s not all.

On November 19th at 7PM EST, I’m hosting a free, live webinar that’s eloquently called:


When I first started my business, I was the expert on losing my shit.

I was panicked, nervous, and pissed that I only made $13,000 in my first year.

And then I turned it around.

It wasn’t through intense business coaching, buying programs, or waving some magic wand.

I hustled. I worked. And I figured it out.

And on this webinar, I’ll be showing you the exact system I use in my business that brings in paying clients on autopilot, nail my marketing and grows my list month on month.

It’s the very best of what I’ve learned (and use) on a daily basis and I’m100% confident it’ll help you take your business to the next level.

Click here to reserve your seat now.


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