My first for health coaches

If you are a business owner, then listen up because I cannot believe this one.

I am one of those people who have built their business with free tools — I did not have thousands to pay anyone to build my business and I am sure you do not either. This was made especially for health coaches – why? Well I am one.

I just found this awesome free tool and that is Periscope. I may be late to the game on this one but all you need to do is have a Twitter account and then create a Periscope channel too.

Once you have those gems downloaded, I found this great site where you can upload your Periscope and then it can feed right into your Facebook page. Wow, right? This is when you are working your social media like a PRO. You need to download 


So go and have fun today and build your business with these awesome tool.

Rocking out your business can be fun.

Once you watch this video you will see how you can download a FREE LAUNCH YOUR BUSINESS LIKE A PRO TOO!

Catch me on this awesome webinar coming up — where I talk about 4 ways to rock out your business using FREE tools.

Sign up HERE.

Do not worry my friend. Even if you are busy or do not know the techy stuff, you can figure out this stuff too.

Just take a few minutes on the weekend to sign up for twitter, periscope and and get your business started.

Learn social media to boost your business and take charge of your success. I believe in you. I did not start out knowing this stuff but I learned it and so can YOU.

All my love to you and your success.



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