Cleaning out the Closet | Rachel Feldman, Health Coach

oprah-20106Clearly I am not Oprah but totally agree with her. I woke up this morning and just had that feeling for new, renewal and de-cluttering my life. I was on a mission. I made breakfast for the kids and juiced for myself, took a probiotic and found my way into my closet.

See I have always been so jealous of my husband’s closet until now.

I created the space I deserved for myself. I knew cleaning out my closet was so much more than getting rid of old shoes, old clothes and cleaning; it was about clearing out the old and making room for the new.

So I began and it felt so good. I felt alive and I felt like I was running a marathon.

I had a goal and that was to clean house.

I started in the closet and then ended up cleaning my office as well. I felt a sense of peace, harmony and happiness.

I felt refreshed and recharged. 

Think about life and how many times our life gets cluttered and we do not even realize it.

I cleaned my office, oragnized my papers and threw out some old stuff that need to go. My office was glowing and so was I.

Detox happens in the spring time. As I write the Spring Detox Program, I am forced to look at my own life and see where I can detox what is not serving me.

Let me say this loud and clear, “I feel amazing. I feel like a new woman.”

You can feel this way too. Detox & De-Clutter your Home.

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