The 1 Day Detox aka The Baby Dox by Rachel Feldman

When it comes to detox, there is no quick fix. I am sure you hear about seasonal detoxes or the 7, 14, 21 or 28 day detox. I look at detox differently.Daily is a daily reprieve and this means you should detox your body everyday from the toxins we eat, breathe and touch.

baby dox detox smoothie   copy

I struggled for so many years with digestion issues that took away from my health and my happiness. Finally, when I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, I knew everything needed to change. I knew my body was in toxic over load. I knew I looked healthy to the rest of the world but inside my body was out of balance due to toxicity & unwanted bad bacteria.

Yes I do have my signature 7 Day Detox and this is truly a guide to finding out what foods work for your unique body. A guide to finding out whatfoods give you endless energy and make you look younger. Often we are eating foods that are inflaming our body and then we put strain on the Liver, Kidneys, Adrenals and the Digestion.

Some of my clients do not want to do the 7 Day Detox (although so simple, full of delicious paleo, raw, cooked, salads, healthy fats, smoothies, juices & even protein) and just want the simple BABY DOX aka the 1 Day Detox.

So here is my Signature 1 Day Detox to ditch bloat and get your jeans to feel loose again.

For More information about detox, digestion and overall health, contact Rachel Feldman at or visit for information on her  programs.


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