Done for you programs replay (hello health coaches)

Hey, there health coaches!

Wow. The Done for you programs webinar was off the hook.
Were you on the line along with 700+ health coaches?
As a “thank you so much” for being on this epic journey with me, here’s the full video recording: Click here.
(If you didn’t get a chance to be live on the line, you can catch the full webinar on the vid’ above!)
But now, coach, you’re staring at an opportunity that has the potential to transform your entire business, online and offline.

The Fall Done-For-You programs are HERE, and they’re ready when you are.

CLICK to check out all the goodies I’ve got cookin’ for you this season.
Fall Detox Basic™ or Rockstar™

Essential Oil Upgrade™ – Non Branded & Branded (oops, can’t say the name)

Paleo Supercharged™

I am going to get real with you. Some of you may think that I became a successful coach instantly, and that is far from the truth. I made 13K in my first year of business. Obviously, making something is better than nothing – but 13K couldn’t afford my bills. 13K also didn’t cover the amount of time I was actually investing into getting my business off the ground.

I spent hours upon hours, day by day, week by week, and month by month trying to market my new business.
By the end of the year, if I divided 13K by the actual hours I put into my business I was making less than minimum wage.
During the first three years in my business, I didn’t have an online presence. I was in the “real world”, offline. If you were in Boca with me, you would have seen me passing out my business cards to random people in the aisles of my local Whole Foods Market.

I posted flyers with my business information, I created classes and taught them locally for free, and I knocked on every Spa, Gym, and Chiropractor’s door to hand them my brochure.
Building my business was far from easy, and it wasn’t until year three that I began to build an online reputation.
When you think of Done For You Programs, I want you to really know what they are all about. They can be used in many ways, you aren’t stuck only online.
Take a look at how I have used these programs:

  1. I have used the detox program as a weight loss program at my local gym {when one person sees results, they spread the word, this built my local reputation}
  2. I have used Revitalize as a branded program to help moms at my local gym {the joy of seeing dozens of moms get their body back is amazing!}
  3. I have used ALL the programs as individual programs online so I could make money while I sleep {hello passive income}
  4. I have used ALL the programs and packaged it into an Online Retreat which honestly made me more than enough income that if I still owed my school, I could have paid it off.
  5. I have used the PowerPoints and scripts to hold local workshops and online classes to gateway my potential clients to work with me
  6. I have used the Opt-In Freebies as online list builders, free handout guides when I teach in person if they hop on my list with their email {building, building, and building!}

So, let me tell you, don’t get stuck with one way thinking. Don’t think for a minute that you have to be an online health coach – only. You can coach in the real world too while you build your online presence, just like I did.
Remember you didn’t go to school to have a bunch of materials sitting on your desktop. You went to school to teach health and wellness, and you went to school to do exactly what you love.
These programs are the doors opening to your dream come true business.
I’m giving you the start you need to save you time so that you can coach more and stress less.
This Fall, on top of receiving these signature clean eating programs, you’ll also get the support you need to make moves in your BUSINESS.

comparision chartTM-1024x576
A sneak peek at what we’re getting into during this Done-For-You season:
How to take ONE program, and use it in multiple ways both online and in the “real world”.

Strategies for leveraging your signature program to gain big-time exposure and build your reputation.

Three words: generate. passive. income. Making money while you sleep is the future of your powerhouse business.

Tactics for becoming a launch master and hitting the mark on all of your upcoming new offers.

Daily Tips for receiving and giving support in our Community’ Facebook forums.

The systems you can put in place to get AWAY from your desk and spend more time doing what you love.

How to pin down your niche market using these very same programs that myself and over 6,000+ health coaches have had success with.

And so much more.

So don’t wait another day. The world is waiting for what you’ve got to give, coach.
Get out there. And go get ‘em!

Catch you on the other side,
simple rock-it-border
P.S. We take payment plans right on the page!

” Rachel Feldman’s detox programs have surpassed my expectations. When I first purchased her detox I had zero clients and was just starting out in my career – 6 months later I have had over 20 clients and I attribute to Rachel and her programs. Her support and education has given me confidence and her detoxes have been a phenomenal tool to both attract clients and see results with each of them. I don’t know where I would be without her.”
Michelle Yandle HHC

“I just ran my 2nd cleanse using Rachel’s templates and my clients have LOVED it! My very favorite parts – that alone is worth the price of the cleanse template – are the seasonal recipes and the beautiful photos for marketing! My clients (busy moms) love the recipes and absolutely love the results! In fact, I tripled the number of participants and plan to continue to grow it. The support makes it really easy for me to launch multiple cleanses throughout the year while running a business and raising my daughters.”
Emily Geizer

“I have purchased Rachel’s Detox’s for the last year. Every time I purchase it, I feel like it’s my birthday. I always buy Rockstar (which isn’t necessary – but I love it) and the extra marketing, the interviews, and the sales pages help cut down on any stress I might have felt. I had 22 people do my detox, and I used this detox to grow my list by using the freebies. Such an organized program”.
LisaRenee Fogarty
“I love detoxing 4 times a year and really wanted to create a great detox program for my clients, however, there was so much I needed to make sure I was providing for my clients to detox effectively. I was very frustrated at the process of putting a detox together. Then I found Rachel and her program and all my questions were answered! I have a detox that helped me with all the info I needed and learn how to execute it in a professional way. For my first detox, I have 54 participants and I have all the tools I need, it’s so amazing and I am so fortunate that I found Rachel and her team. I believe this is the start of a bigger and better business for me.”
Eris Norman


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