Blogging and your Business

Every time I work with a coach, we always start with the basics.

// website

// message

// niche

//social media presence

//offline presence

// blogging

People have asked me how I built my business and the truth is – I started to put out great content and created a system for my clients offline and online.

I created online programs because people could not afford my 1:1 coaching and the online programs allows people to buy a do it yourself program or work with me via group coaching when they bought the detox, paleo program, or any clean eating program I was launching.

I thought people would hire me for my greta smile – nope.  People need to get a sneak peak of your business. The done for you programs were created because I used them in my own business and then a coach asked me if I woudl sell them to other health and wellness professionals.

One of the reasons I include blogs in the Rockstar, Paleo and Revitalize program is because blogging is key – this is where your potential client gets to know you.

Blogging is important because it gives your potential client or clients a sneak peak into what you do. When you blog, you want to provide great content, your personal story, and the solution.

For many people, they simply post recipes but think how much more effective that blog would be if you told a story and gave you a client or potential client the solution to a problem.

For example, ask yourself these questions before you blog.

What do you want to convey in this blog?
What problem are you solving?
Who are you serving? What age, what gender? Who typically has this problem?
Out of those people who have this problem, how can you explain in this blog how to solve it?
How does this blog post relate to your life?
Once I have written the blog, I look for pictures that I have taken or ones I have purchased, as you must use royalty free pictures to avoid getting sued.

I also edit those pictures using a free tool, or, and always add my name for branding purposes.

I share my blog on all social media venues such as Facebook, Pinterest, Google, and Twitter.

You can also share on Instagram by saving the picture to your phone and then uploading it to your Instagram account.

If you are feeling nervous about building your biz, that is ok. I still have days wheer I feel scared.

The done for you programs gives you a foundation – and from this foundation you brand yourself, you build your sales funnel and you give your clients a system.

Come and see what the programs can offer you on  August 18th. Imagine having more time to work on your message, your niche and your marketing and less time writing opt in freebies or blogs or recipes.


Join the Webinar. August 18th at 7 PM EDT.


Rachel Feldman


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