22: How Sharon Uses Her Authenticity and Story to Fill Her Coaching Practice

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Today we are chatting with Sharon Holand Gelfand.  Sharon is a health coach who used her authenticity and story to fill her coaching practice.  We will be taking a deep dive into her business and will be talking about what worked at the beginning of building her business, what works now and stumbling blocks along the way. 


About Sharon: 

Sharon Holand Gelfand is a healthcare disruptor.  As a speaker and certified functional diagnostic nutritionist, Sharon transforms lives by healing guts.  She gets to the roof of your most common health complains by testing- not guessing- and incorporates lifestyle shifts filling with more energy and less stress. 


When her son was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, instead of accepting the status quo, Sharon tackled his condition head-on.  This lead her to a breakthrough career change and send her to graduate school where she completed a Masters of Science in Applied Clinical Nutrition.  


Through function gut and hormone testing, connecting to your inner guidance system and lifestyle shifts, Sharon shows that you can reverse and manage conditions naturally, thereby reclaiming your health, improving your relationships and transforming your life. 



On Today’s Episode We Discuss: 


  • Why many people believe they need to start their business online 
  • Getting back to the basics and why the most important thing you need to be doing is educating others and sharing your story 
  • The mindset issues you must overcome when starting out 
  • The importance of not comparing your business to someone else’s 
  • Start simple and go from there- what is your audience asking you about?
  • How you can use offline relationships to build confidence 
  • Failing forward.  Accept the places where you feel like something isn’t totally right 
  • Why some of the marketing you are doing may actually be taking you away from showing up and connecting with your potential clients 
  • How to build structure in your business 
  • How Sharon added a level of lab testing to her business  and how it helps her clients
  • The importance of an individualized approach. What worked years ago is not going to work now.


Sharon started offering functional tests to look at things differently and examine things on a much deeper level.  It allowed her to look at what’s happening in the brain and the gut and connect the two. It presented a visual map of what’s going on so her clients could see how it was all correlated. 


A key important point we make in the interview is that you, as a nutritionist and/or health coach, don’t have to be the fixer of everything.  This is why I encourage my clients to go to their doctor and then come back to me OR suggest that we co-work and build a team. You will always have your client’s best interest at hand.  It’s so important to all work together. On a rare occasion, you might have doctors that don’t want to work with you or tell their clients “it’s all in your head”. In that situation, your client may have to take a step back and ask themselves “is my doctor serving me?”.  If not, it’s time for a change. 


Your clients want to be listened to.  I have to remind the health coaches that I work with, that they need to put themselves in their client’s place.  Is that client scared even though they may say they want to make a lot of changes? A one size fits all approach does not work for everyone. 


It’s hard to nail down your niche until you really get out there and starting asking questions.  Ask your clients what they are googling and searching for on Facebook. They are generally overwhelmed and confused so you can start with that.  Make sure you are LISTENING. You must show up and build trust with your audience. You must show them the benefits and what the transform will be like working with you. 


I’ve always compared my health process to the business journey. You must ask yourself if it feels good and if it’s robbing you of your energy. Is your business really fueling you?  As holistic entrepreneurs, there’s really no separation. 


I had so much fun chatting with Sharon today.  I love how she brings everything back to the basics.  You must find the blueprint that works for you and your business and learn how to pivot as your business evolves. 


Remember to head to www.rachelafeldman.com and take advantage of one of the free tools I have created for you.  I created these done-for-you content programs, workshops, websites, and more so you can spend less time stressing and more time nailing down your niche and your client avatar.  


If you are ready to build a business like Sharon, one that aligns with soul and story, this is what she does.

  1. Powerhouse freebies that teach and educate
  2. Powerhouse Signature Programs that allow her to teach, educate and transform her clients health.
  3. Programs that you can included testing, supplements and more.

Sharon’s Signature Business 

  1. Free or Low Cost Paid offers: Leaky Gut Workshop and How to be Present in Life 
  2. 4 Freebies included in here signature programs – Restore Your Gut Health and Adrenal Restart
  3. While you are there, check out one of the courses like the Profitable Business Course which will walk you through the step by step plan for building your business. 

Imagine a signature business that ACTUALLY aligns with your mission and message.

Niche is Gut. Sub Niche is Adrenal Health

Here is a simple funnel for the brand new coach:

  1. Create a Signature Work with Me Offering 

3 Month Gut Health Journey @ $333 a month = 999

Upsell to testing, network marketing products, Fullscript etc.

Niche down program is Adrenal Restart

   2. Workshop or Leaky Gut Mini Series

Free Leaky Gut Workshop leads to 1-1 offerings or your 8 week signature gut program

3. Group Program – 8 Week Gut Program online or offline @197 for two months

Goal 15 people @$197 = $2955

Upsell to 1-1 @$97 an hour

Upsell to testing, network marketing products, Fullscript etc.

4. Create a solid foundation

40 Strategy sessions a month = 10 people at $333 a month


Make it simple guys.

If you have any questions about crafting a funnel that can work for your business… reach out to us here.

Thanks for tuning in…. that’s all for today! See you next week. 




Where to connect with Sharon: 


Sharon’s Website 

Follow Sharon on Instagram

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Get Sharon’s Free Health Checklist Here >> https://sharonholand.com/health-checklist/

Additional Resources:

Free Resources to Grow Your Business 

Ready to build a business without the overwhelm? Save time creating content and MORE time finding clients >> Go Here

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