21: Clean Cocktails: How Tara and Beth Partnered Up & Published Their First Book

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I am so blessed to be sitting down with some amazing chicks today! I have known Beth and Tara for years and they have worked their tails off to get their business to where it is today. I am excited for you to hear their individual stories of how they started their business, how they met and why they decided to partner up to create their book Clean Cocktails. They hustled to get their book on the shelves across the US (and world!) and it paid off! Make sure to tune in because these ladies are rockstars! 


A little bit about Tara and Beth:


Tara Roscioli is a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach who is currently pursuing her Masters in Nutrition & Food Science. She is the owner of Highway 2 Well Nutrition where she offers nutritional and weight loss counseling. She is also the owner of the Align Wellness Studio in Millburn, NJ.


Beth Nydick is also a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach and an On-Air TV Lifestyle Expert. She is the owner of Blue Barn Kitchen where she counsels clients on how to gain exposure in the media.


Together, Tara and Beth published “Clean Cocktails: Righteous Recipes for the Modern Mixologist” which has appeared in major publications such as O, The Oprah Magazine, Better Homes & Gardens, and FORBES.



In today’s interview we will discuss:


  • Learning how to quiet the noise
  • The assurance and realization that your offer can improve people’s lives
  • Tara and Beth’s business before the book
  • How they met and why they decided to write a book
  • How Beth and Tara have been able to work together to balance out each other’s strengths and weaknesses 
  • Beth talks about persistence and perseverance and how they use it to move their business forward no matter what the obstacles are 
  • Using your network to figure out a solution to your problem
  • Realizing that you don’t have to stay with only one niche forever 
  • Pivoting and transitioning throughout your business
  • The importance of listening to your gut and building a business that is aligned with you


So….what did you think? I loved being able to sit down with Tara and Beth. They both come from different backgrounds and have different stories, yet they share the same commonality- their desire to share something valuable with the world. 


You don’t have to want to write a book to get value from this episode. Beth and Tara prove that showing up authentically and running a business that makes you happy is most important. Ask yourself if you are running your business for YOU or if you are running a business using someone else’s blueprint because you think that’s what is perfect. 


I want you to run a business that you get excited to show up for! 


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Thanks for tuning in…. that’s all for today! See you next week. 





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Beth’s Website 

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Check out Beth and Tara’s Book on Amazon → Clean Cocktails: Righteous Recipes for the Modern Mixologist 

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