Going from Flat Broke to a Thriving Business.

Hey, coach!
Today, I want to talk to you about my overnight success story.
Many of you think that I stepped into gold with my business, that it went from zero to success in a few short months.
The truth is very different.
I stepped out into the coaching world with my IIN certificate in hand, and had absolutely no idea how I was going to make it all work. I only knew that I needed it to work. I needed to make an income doing what I loved.

It wasn’t easy.
I would sit at my computer admiring coaches who had already tasted success, and I desperately wanted to be up on the ladder too. I was still stuck at the ground trying to figure it all out.

And I was frustrated.

I had an IIN website that worked, but let’s be real here – it wasn’t your designer professional looking website.

All of the opt-in offers were from IIN. Nothing on my website said, “Hi, THIS is Rachel Feldman!”. My copy was even pre-written from my school.

I was at square one with a dream to rock the ripple secretly hidden in my briefcase.

I don’t know if you’re a mom like I am, but if you are then I’m sure you’ll understand my heart to a “T”.

My kids are my fuel. And when you not only want something to work but you NEED something to work – this is when the magic happens. This is where you give it everything you’ve got because there is no alternative.

As a momma, I needed to bring in the money especially after my husband and I endured a tremendous loss during the stock market crash.

I decided that this business dream of mine wasn’t going to be just a dream.

My passion was starving for the finish line, and I vowed to do whatever it took to get there.

I worked online, and I worked offline in the streets of Boca Raton handing out business cards and flyers with my Philly accent. I stopped people I didn’t even know, people who looked like they could use support down the aisles of Whole Foods, and I stepped into places like Gyms and Spas with nothing but a business card.

I hustled to get clients.

And what’s more, I didn’t have a program.

I had the 6 month IIN coaching model, and that was it. My competition was stiff, and I knew I had to step up my game. I had to let people know that they were waiting for me to help them, but they had no idea yet.

It wasn’t about sleek websites and a huge social media following at that point – it was about hunger.

I was hungry to make my business work. My family were depending on me. My passion was driving me.

You’ve gotta be hungry to make your business work, too. You can’t starve for success on a full stomach.

After a long day of handing out cards with not too much success, I went home and told my husband – I need to create a plan. I had a handful of clients who would come to me for coaching, and they all had one major thing in common: INFLAMMATION.

The first program I created for my business was an 11 day whole foods version of the elimination diet. I now had something tangible to offer my clients – a plan. A plan to help them discover what was causing their symptoms, and a plan to help them understand their body so they could make better choices.

I hit the nail on the head.

My client list went from 4 per month to 8 per month, and only went up from there.

I went from 13k my first year to 6 figures within two years of my business.

I’m not telling you this as yet another rags to riches story. That’s not what this is about.

I’m telling you this because if you are starving for success like I was, and if you cannot afford to let your dream fail – I’ve created a place for you to make it happen.

Back when I was building my business, I didn’t have thousands of dollars to spend on coaching and courses.

I couldn’t afford B-School for $2,000, or an assistant @$35/hr+, or a designer website for $5,000-$10,000. I wanted it all.

If you are anything like me, then you want it all too.

And more than this? You have the hunger, drive and spirit to make it happen.

This is why I created the program I’m introducing you to today.

It isn’t about spending thousands of dollars to study training videos alone. It isn’t about working on a million different things in isolation. And it definitely isn’t about ‘student support’ being a crowded Facebook group that’s full of stories of other people’s success.
Meet the Biz Bootcamp for the coach who desires to learn more about detox and the elimination diet.
If you want to check the details before you hop on this RAD program, It’s a bootcamp and mastermind program designed to take you from qualified coach to the owner of a profitable coaching practice in just 4 weeks.

Click here to join me

This 4-week program covers every nook and cranny of the foundation of your business. From defining your specific niche, creating an irresistible opt-in, creating and selling a product and getting paying clients. This program has it all.

As well as solid course material, we have a community of coaches that are ready to support you, both during weekly calls and in an online forum.

Over 6,000 coaches have had success using these programs with their clients – are you next?

Are you ready for a plan that will actually work?

Are you craving a supportive community of coaches who will empower you in your business?

Your time is now. End the hunger for success.

Feast on this mastermind and biz bootcamp right here>>

See ya on the inside!

P.S. – In life you only get a few opportunities, if you’re ready for massive change, if you’re ready for huge success, you’ve just met your opportunity. Embrace this opportunity now!
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