Free Webinar for Coaches – Preview the Business Bootcamp


Only 3 days ‘til our LIVE training: How to Make a Profitable Business in 4 Weeks.
I am more ready for this webinar than ever before.
WHY? Because I am talking about how I started my business with no money and how I used free tools to build my SEO.

BUT, Let’s talk about you for a HOT minute, okay?

Maybe you just started your business and you’re feeling freaked out, overwhelmed, and alone. (Totally normal.)

Or you just built an oh-so-pretty website and you’re waiting for clients to show up and you know, buy stuff. You keep waiting and waiting and WAITING. Ummm where is everybody?

You can’t help but notice other superstar health coaches in your Facebook feed – you know who they are! – launching online programs, speaking at summits, and rollin’ in the dough.
They make it look SO easy. Were they given the secret sauce to success or something?

Reality check: There is no rulebook for business success.

You don’t have to take my word for it. My girl Nisha Moodley will tell you the same thing.

Nisha went from BROKE to BOSS by facing her fears and forcing herself to live, breathe, and work outta her comfort zone.

“If I always did what was comfortable, I wasn’t going to get anywhere.”

–Nisha Moodley

So what about you? Are you ready to write your own rules?

I thought so. Go ahead and follow the next two steps to get started.

1. Sign up here for our bullsh*t-free LIVE training Wednesday, September 30th at 7pm EDT. I’ll EXPOSE my top 3 strategies for transforming your coaching practice into the business you deserve.

2. Take a moment to breath. You are not alone. I am here to tell you there is a solution for you. Nisha was my second coach and she and I had similar stories (stories I am sure you have too).

I am going to share a few truth’s she shared with me on this LIVE training. Do not miss the #truthbombs.

“Sign me up!”

Did I mention the BONUS?

When you hop on this webinar, you’ll also receive a behind-the-scenes look at the Business Bootcamp 2015, which includes:

  • A mini-detox opt-in freebie with delicious recipes to help you build your list.
  • A PowerPoint focusing on detox, digestion, and the elimination diet.
  • Two beautifully designed suggested meal plans for both vegan and omnivore that supports gut health, and can be delivered right to your client
  • All my private files that I give you in the forum (get access to what is really under the hood in my biz)
  • A Business Resource Guide, loaded with every tool a coach needs
  • A Business Bootcamp Workbook, a guide to help you get clear on your mission, your why and your goals
  • A Launch Workbook with fill-in-the-blank templates and step-by-step guidance for a smooth and successful launch
  • Plus, the bonus round.. you get access to interviews and tutorials on:

Top 5 Health Coach Sales Page Mistakes by Hillary Weiss

Master your Brand by Michelle Ghilotti

Understanding the Elimination Diet by Liz Lipski

and oh, so much more!

So tell me – what will it be?

I used to run from my fears but this year has been a year of stepping into my truth and my power. I created this bootcamp because I want to share everything I have learned with you.

My heart and my soul went into every document, every word written, and your homework – because I want you to thrive.

You ready to embrace the awkward, the painful, the uncomfortable AND grow your business like a PRO BOSS BABE?

HELL YEAH!! Let’s do it.




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