Health Coach Business tips: How to Speak to Your Ideal Client and Get Clients

I am creating a 4 part series for Health Coaches using a strategy that has worked for me and my clients.

I sat there thinking about my early days as a coach, I remember those feelings of wanting to quit. I would say to Scott, ” That is it…I am going back to commercial real estate!”

Thank goodness for this ah-ha moment I had when I realized people did not trust me yet. They did not know me. They needed to see V A L U E.

  • I changed my business approach overnight.
    I let go of the 6 month model.
    I studied other wellness professionals to see what they offered.

🔥I created a low cost offer system for myself.

I also wrote down every pain point my niche had PLUS studied the psychology of the buyer.

What do I mean?

I had to drill down on my message.
I could not say the same message to every person.
I needed to write down the pain and solutions for a woman in her 30’s-40’s., 30-40’s a CEO woman stressed with gut issues, a 30-40’s woman with autoimmune.

  • Each had a different problem because life is different in 30’s vs. 40’s.
  • I then created my free offers to speak to these women.
  • My talks, my workshops, my social media all spoke to a different pain points.

⚡️ Then I started to listen to the people I spoke to instead of assuming what I believed they knew.

Truth is many are struggling and they cannot identify what is going on. I heard, ” I just feel off..I feel tired…I can’t sleep..I am bloated and constipated.”

  • Their pain became my product.
  • Knowing your niche is vital.
  • Knowing how to speak to them is even more important.



Perhaps the biggest mistake new health coaches make is in thinking that their product or program or service is “for everyone.” That’s simply not the case. Your ideal client is as unique as you are.

In fact, as counterintuitive as it might seem, the more narrowly you can define your audience, the more you can charge, and the higher your profits will be. Here’s why: When you and your products perfectly resonate with an ideal client, you become recognized as the go-to expert in your niche. Your experience is focused, your education is laser targeted, and your products and coaching programs are exactly what is needed by your ideal client, making for a perfect no-brainer sale nearly every time.

The only question is: “Who is your ideal client?” You’ve probably heard the often-repeated advice about gender, age, socio-economic status, family relationships, business models, and more. And those things are certainly important. After all, if your coaching programs are designed with “Women in their 30’s and 40’s struggling with sugar cravings, gut issues and food intolerances” in mind, clearly, you’re excluding men from your ideal client base.

But demographics aren’t enough.

You need to dig deeper, and really get to know your perfect customer.

How would your ideal client answer those same questions? What makes her heart sing? What drives her crazy? What does she struggle with? What comes easily to her? When you can confidently identify your ideal client, everything you do—from being totally confused about health to the woman who knows exactly her problems because she has been through the health system and knows words like estrogen dominance or SIBO.

And that includes building your product funnels. 

How many times have you thought you nailed down your niche and the pain points but nobody is converting?

Solution: Interview people and find out what they feel inside. What are the concern? The fears? The pain? And what do they desire the most.

Quick example: I worked with a woman who has an autoimmune. She was not concerned about the autoimmune. She was concerned about weight loss and her energy. Guess what I did?

We worked on gut but we focussed on her daily energy schedule and not bing eating and stress.

Guess what? She felt heard and listened to because what she hated sand she told me was this >>> ” she felt that nobody listened to her and only focussed on her autoimmune.

She was a client or 7 months and I did not even offer 3 or 6 month packages.

Never forget people need support. They need listened to and they need to be heard.

When somebody sees you for who you are >>  how empowering is that?

Crazy how that can lessen the autoimmune because our autoimmune is triggered by stress, resentment, fear and past trauma.

I created a step by step plan. She felt less stressed. The autoimmune stopped kicking her ass and depleting her energy. 💫 #happyclient

Where are you struggling in your wellness biz?
Drop it below YO!

FACT: In 2018, an estimated 1,735,350 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in the United States and 609,640 people will die from the disease.


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Love, Rachel Feldman


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