How can I build a mindset profitable business?

Hey there coaches it is Rachel Feldman. I am extremely excited today to talk about a question that everyone has been asking when they contact us through

This question I see just as a common question that a lot of people are asking, because we do serve a lot of different kind of coaches, mindset coaches, I am coaches, functional medicine, coaches, and weight loss.

And so I wanted to make this training about how we help this coach, Mary, Mary came to us she dropped her question in our customer support chat!

She said, “Hey, I’m a mindset coach, I’m all about habits. I work with corporate professional CEOs, really, really busy women. And I’m looking for a program that can be used for my high ticket 5k mastermind program, while she’s doing a high touch kind of one on one and she’s also of course doing this as a group. “

She said, and I agree with you!

I know not everyone is going to go all in for my 5K mastermind, and it would be smart to have a low cost offer.

So she said, You know, I really want something on, you know, mindset and everything that I teach. But I know that a lot of people I also work with for habits are completely addicted to sugar.

So I asked her as I asked anyone ever looking and they feel like they don’t know what to choose? What is your ideal clients biggest problem?

Well, you know, I’m going to teach about mindset and habits.

But we always have to do our market research.

  1. Make sure to interview people open ended questions
  2. Make sure to have surveys or polls in Facebook groups
  3. Create polls or surveys with multiple choice questions

You can use google forms, jot or survey monkey.

Then ASK yourself: What are these glaring problems that are the obstacles for my ideal client?

She said, ” I have talked to so many people in doing her market research and asking friends and asking family in peer groups, what are your biggest, you know, problems right now, and everyone came back with sugar.”

So that was a no brainer. We talked about the ability to use this evergreen, which means that that freebie could be on the front of her website all the time. And somebody could opt in to that five day challenge, allowing, of course, like five follow up emails, which allows you to build really that trust, you’re giving high value content.

And she’s leading them, of course, to her mindset programs. And so that was one, the second twice, she looked at the positive life bundle.

She said, ” A lot of people feel really depressed right now. And they feel often kind of sad and low energy. And I know that’s how I felt in you know, two years ago before I joined this transformation program.

Right away I said, Oh, my God, Mary, you’re so super clear about the pain that you felt, and that you’ve also done, you know, some research to say to other people feel this way? And the answer is yes. And so we know that’s profitable.”

And then I’m going to talk about what Coach amber said to me today on the phone, who she’s part of my membership. So I just know kind of her business really well and who she serves.

Mary said, You know, I understand what’s really important about the client journey, I really do understand that I need to develop this signature process. what’s beautiful about the programs, and we looked at the 30 day refresh as a simple starter program.

This program is all about habits. She works with a lot of people who travel, she works with a lot of people that constantly feel like they know what to do, but they just can’t figure out how to implement their life.

This is no different from niche for busy moms. So it’s no different from niche for corporate wellness. This is really a current problem that we all say. So that’s her first her low cost offer that can be used on our work with me page, it could be used as a group, it could be used as a self paced, do it yourself, otherwise known as a DIY. And so that’s her starting place.

That’s step one, we’ve got to get the habits, you know, in place. And of course, what makes a program or content or anything you buy from us really work. She knows what that signature method that she’s teaching. And so taking that program, she’s Of course going to add these other aspects of, you know, her uniqueness, because if we don’t do that, if we don’t know what separates us apart, or we’re not clear on the steps that we take with our client, it’s really hard to do a powerhouse discovery session.

It’s really hard to then handle objections, because we don’t even know what that transformation is offering.

You can tell I’m offering a 30 day, you know, mindset program on habits and we are going to achieve X transformation [define this transformation and visualize your potential client having success.

You’re not doing the self care and the exercise, all the things that actually So that was step one. Then the second step.

She’s said, the three month mindset makeover is a no brainer for me that really showcases everything I believe.

So when you are speaking about your offers on a discovery call on a webinar at the end of a challenge, you’re leading them to a pay to offer. You’re nourishing, you know, people to become not just consumers and customers, but actually clients and she was like, okay, and question, Rachel, how can I personalize this without like recreating the wheel? I said, Mary, that is an unbelievable question.


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