69. Where To Start As A Brand New Health Coach Online

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How and Why I Started My Business

I started looking at the online space as a traffic source that would lead my ideal audience to whatever my call to action was. This included paid resources like working with me one on one, paid groups, membership, retreats, and high intensive masterminds. This also includes free traffic resources. 

Making The Online Space Work For You

This digital space has allowed me to push past my fear of public speaking and actually work with groups and reach more people through practice. This is essential for any of you that are taking your business from brick and mortar to online. Because people need to see you, and you need to build that visibility factor. So even if you’re an introvert or, like me – an extrovert that gets nervous –  the beauty of the digital space is that you can do pre-recorded videos for your content!

The Anatomy of a Sales Funnel

If you are starting off as a new coach, or if you’re taking your brick and mortar business online – you need to have a sales funnel. We are learning about the power of a sales funnel and how they allow you to reach more people to change more lives and make more money.

Step One: You have to have free content.

At the top of this funnel is your free content. This is where your potential clients first see you. This includes blog posts, newsletters, and social media content (like videos). This is your opportunity to share all these things in a solution-based way.

Note for introverts (and some extroverts): Even if you are scared of doing video – just remember that you don’t have to actually show your face, and you don’t have to do a live. You can use loom to pre-record videos or any other kind of platform like ScreenFlow or Camtasia that makes it super easy.

Your free content is your traffic resource. You can push your free content through LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Tick tock. There are so many different traffic resources that we have access to these days. It’s actually really exciting as long as it doesn’t overwhelm you. You can direct your audience to your free content and save yourself time. 

What’s nice about DIYing your content is that you can make your content pieces simply from a blog, or you can use the done for you templates that we provide in our workshops, list builders, and even our programs.

Secondly, it’s in that free funnel that people really get to understand what that potential transformation would look like. This second part is when somebody says, “Wow, this person constantly shows up and shares value that is completely relatable to me, to the pain points that I have, to the problems I’m struggling with, emotionally and physically. Even some of those subconscious thoughts that I would never tell anybody.”

This is what your ideal client is looking for – you to give a voice in that free content. So when you’re thinking about your free content, it is these problem-solvers infused with some of either your own personal experiences, experiences of people that witnessed with their problems. And that free content is stage one. 

Step Two: opting into that offer

This opt in could be for a challenge, a workshop, a freebie, a masterclass, a video series webinar, or a Facebook Group.

Because they’ve consumed great information in step one, they’ve decided to opt in, consume this information, learn or access more, and trust you with their email.

If you have really great content that speaks to this person’s problem and you don’t have a list yet – ask them to DM you. I feel that those conversations are powerhouse conversations and use these conversations as market research or even to develop more content that uses the answers to those questions. This can help you really solve the problem for the person who’s asking – in their language. This can increase the potential conversion because you are literally giving your ideal client or potential client everything they need.

Step Three: your low-cost offer

Having a lost cost offer is the perfect option for somebody who can’t work with you, or they can’t afford you. A lower-cost option can be a self-paced program, a low-cost membership, or a group program.

If you’re a brand new coach, and you’re really nervous about making money, or you are taking your business online and have a high-cost 1:1 practice – this low cost option is your saving grace. Because once they’ve gone through that low cost option, they see how much of a transformation it really is. They’re now more inclined to say, “Yeah I am ready to work with you.”

These low cost offers, these next tier of offers, are going to help you both in the online space, and will help you expand your offers in your brick and mortar. If you did a lot of very high-touch intensives with people one on one, you might want to bring in some other offers for people that you are working with. Low cost offers help you bring that to an online setting and increase your revenue. And also, of course, work with people in a larger fashion.

Setting Up Step Three 

Plan each month and create a your sales funnel on a platform. 

Get an email list. Whether it’s MailChimp, Mailer light, or an all in one like Kartra or Kajabi. I would say if you’re a brand new coach, keep it simple. Mailer light is one of my favorites. MailChimp and ConvertKit are good too. They have great opt in pages that you can use. And you can even get started even before you have a website. 

Get a website. I really believe people need websites. But I also believe that in the beginning, you want to keep it really simple. I highly encourage you to look at free websites. 

Get three freebies, that really showcase what your ideal client can expect to learn from you. But most importantly, learn from you that is a direct relation to your signature offers.

Where to put your three freebies: one on the front of your website, and then two others that you infuse between blogs and on different social media channels.

These freebies will set up your evergreen list builder. Evergreen just means that you have this list builder that they can opt into it anytime. 

Create an email sequence. Set up five high value, emails that are going to support them and take them through to your program. These are your Thank you emails where you introduce yourself and then leading them to a low cost offer.

Get a signature freebie. This could be a masterclass or workshop that shares some of your experience. Answer questions like: What happened to you? What was life like? Why did you become a coach? What do you teach? What do you specialize in? 

Set it up on your website: you can have a free tool page on your blog, a free tool page on your site, there’s so many places that you can put this workshop for someone to be able to get a really keen understanding of what it would look like to work with you. And that can even be one where somebody opts in.

Get Specific & Niche Down. Most importantly, define your niche. Then define how the areas of these pillars of your business are going to separate you from somebody else. Keep it simple Ask yourself: What do I want to be known for? What what is my signature process like? Because the process is really the secret magic to what separates you from everyone else.

But you need to actually get really specific. Not only will it help you not feel overwhelmed, but it will help you not to speak to everyone. Getting specific on what you’re going to talk about helps you to theme your content, your newsletter or your blogs, so that you can get out of this overwhelm of feeling like, how do I even get started.

Step Four: signature offer

This is your signature baby or signature offer. I really want to think about what these offers are in your business. Really solidify and define who these offers would be really good for and why you want to serve them. 

Because these people may need more of a jump start on their objections. They don’t have the money or they don’t feel that they’re ready for that next step. I recommend having a first step or baby step, a  middle offer, and then your signature offer.

So in my ‘Work With Me’, I had these different tears. If somebody didn’t feel that the money that they would spend would equate to that transformation, I had a step for them. And truth is, some people didn’t need a lot of intensive coaching. It was easier to get their issues rectified in like 30

days, or even a single session. Those three different types of offers low, mid, and high. You can even look at those and say, in these three offers, can I have this also as a self paced program, a course and end or a membership?

Now you can start solidifying the building blocks of your signature offer. What is your operation and what does it look like? What’s that dream business for you? Do you want to have a membership? What are your work with me offers? And what if somebody can’t work with you at your higher ticket? What opportunity do you have? That’s a sales funnel – really simple

Have your offers planned out so that you could take a breath, so that you could actually invest more time into really nailing down this message that you need to save your ideal client.

Feel the confidence that you need and the conviction with your irresistible packages and step into your shine.

What I’ve Learned

Create a business that I know my ideal client needs, and also to have these different opportunities to work with me. If somebody doesn’t understand how that transformation will truly change their life – give them options. That’s why I always believe in having 2-3 options on your work with me page: a lower, mid, and high custom option. I also believe in low cost opportunities, whether you do that as a membership or a paid workshop. 

Just define who you want to serve. 


Press play to learn more about the client we coached through this scenario of building out her signature offer suite!

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