How to Fall in Love With the Real You – A Journey of Self Love | Rachel Feldman

Hello my Beautiful Friends! 

When I decided to be a Health Coach, I had no idea my life would continue to change every single day. It changes because I am blessed to work with people who are taking massive action in their life to grow, evolve and rid themselves of old habits.

Letting go of old habits can be tough when we try to go it alone. I have learned there is one essential step you must take when you want to implement long-lasting change – get support.

When I have support, I can take small steps toward my goals every day.

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I had a major break-though – an ah-ha moment! 

The other day I spent an hour on the phone talking about myself – well actually it was about branding for my business.

But branding really is all about my own story. Who I am within defines the message I have to share with all of you.

I sat and talked about skateboarding as a kid, my love for green juice and chocolate, healing my own ulcerative colitis, feeling empowered when the stock market crashed in ’09 and deciding whether I should follow my dream { BE A HEALTH COACH } or go to back to being a successful commercial real estate broker.

I took the plunge and I followed my dream to be a coach.

So when I think about my branding and my talk with this amazing woman – I realized I OWN myself TODAY.

rachel pic new

I own my slang.
I own my sassiness.
I own my love for kickin’ it in old skool Adidas.
I own my love for tight jeans – my favorite is J brand and, while these are expensive, I choose not to shop at Whole Foods (I shop at a farm instead) so I can buy my FAVE Jeans. (JEANS MAKE ME HAPPY.)
I own my love for killer probiotics.
I own my love for being tough and gentle.
I own my love for the city and the beach.
I own my love for empowering my children, my clients and the world to take massive action every second – to not quit before the miracle happens.

If I would have quit when it got hard or if I would have let the tears, frustrations or fears take me down,  I would not be here today feeling  empowered.

But, remember I am human – I have to do the daily work to own MYSELF minute to minute.


I realized how to fall in love with myself in the healthiest way  – SELF LOVE!

For more information on how I learned these tools, click here:

I have been working hard on a program that embodies everything I needed to detox my life, body and mind of what does not serve me.

When I detoxed my life, I learned to feel free. I learned how to feel empowered and renewed.

I feel alive and invigorated. I learned how to love myself and OWN my power.

If you are ready to feel less tired and more excited about your life, please sign up so you can get all the juicy details on this beautiful program launching SOON!



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