How to Make a Banana Whip – Simple Instructions (Vegan,No Sugar)

banana whipe


Too often my kids are screaming for ice cream. I have to be honest – ice cream does tastes great but it also leads to spikes in blood sugar, digestive distress and affects the mood (at least in my family).

I searched high and low for a ‘healthy ice cream” and trust me we tried them all.

Since we are allergic to eggs, we are limited to what we can eat when it comes to ice cream anyway.

So have tried coconut milk ice cream, frozen yogurt (egg-free) and even tried making some in the ice cream maker.

Until I had the ah-ha moment.

I took out my Vitamix and created the best dessert ever.

One Ingredient “healthy ice cream” – The Banana Whip

Here’s a simple step-by-step instructions

(FYI: I first had this in Philly many years ago and fell in love. My son and I used to eat this treat together; it was such a special experience).

  •  First peel your bananas.
  •  Then cut them into small cubes or chunks.
  •  Then freeze them for about 2 hours (you can put them on a plate or in a BPA FREE container)
  • Then take the bananas out of the freezer & Blend, Blend and Blend. (I suggest a high powered blender or Vitamix)
  • ENJOY & feel free to add some delish toppings such as shredded coconut, raw cacao nibs or a few slivered almonds.

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