IIN Health Coach Interview that changed my life.

I never thought I would create done for you programs. I came out of school and dove right into building my business.

I was confused where to start.

I was not confused about my passion, drive or my story.

I was not confused about my WHY but I was confused about what to give my clients.

My clients were advanced, due to the Internet, awesome books on the market and they were way beyond handouts.

They needed a system to re-learn lifestyle changes. They needed a plan. Bottom line.

I find many coaches were not as fortunate as me. Seriously – without you, it wouldn’t have been the same. I’m glad you were there, and as a little token of my gratefulness, I want to give you the full video recording: click here.

I did not start out working on my website or building my brand. Seriously – without you, it wouldn’t have been the same. I’m glad you were there, and as a little token of my gratefulness, I want to give you the full video recording: click here.

I began working on list building and mastering my story. I did not have the money for a fancy website – so I knew I needed to nail down my message.

I worked my ass off to do this day in and day out. I was consistent, even when I thought nobody was reading my newsletters or my blogs.

I shot Youtube videos a few times a week.

I put my business card everywhere – seriously everywhere.

I was launching my business without even knowing it.

I did not have the money for a coach but wanted one. I felt alone.

Here is a webinar I did yesterday on How to Sell Programs without a list – even a (0) list.

I do free webinars because I help coaches to get unstuck – bottom line.

Here are the notes from the webinar. Please use them to launch your business.

It’s time to be honest.

You need three essential components to build your business.

#1. You need a list to market to and, more importantly, to share your mission with.

Sure. Lists are one thing, but there just a tiny portion of your biz – if you even rely on one. Think beyond that little box because if you only think “inside the box” – that’s where you’ll stay.

I know you’ve had it drummed into you many times before: “Build your list. Build your list. Build your list.”

But HOW? How can you stand out in a sea of health coaches doing the exact same thing you are? Offering the same exact 6 month program?

I’ll get to that in #3. Don’t scroll down to that part or you’ll miss all the good stuff in the middle. Caught you!

It’s a different coaching world out there – your potential clients aren’t waiting to be educated. They’re reading Dr. Hyman’s books and writing a list of VERY specific questions they want to be answered. Do you have the answers?

You need to strut your stuff. You’ve got it, Babes. This is what you got certified for. Now it’s time to flaunt it. And, I can help you.

#2. You need a community to inspire you. You need to be around positive people who BELIEVE in you.

I joined B-School and Selena Soo’s Impacting Millions this year, and do you want to know why? Because I wanted to be around like-minded business owners and coaches who wish to impact the world.

The truth is… I didn’t want to uplevel my business alone. You don’t need to grow your business alone anymore, either.

I created my communities for health coaches with YOU in mind.

Does this sound familiar?…

“I feel alone in my business. I never thought running my business would be this hard. I have to show FACE. I can’t tell my friends or my family because they won’t believe in me. I’ll probably hear a few “I told you so’s”… after all, they are still eating fast food and don’t even understand what I do. Why would they believe in my health coaching…?”

That’s a HEAVY burden to carry by yourself, isn’t it?

Our community is safe, nonjudgmental, – and guess what… you can be yourself with us.

We will push you further than you ever imagined you could go.

I will coach you daily in the group along with my team.

We’ve got your back.

Are you ready to uplevel your business and join our growing community of the top health and wellness coaches? Or are you sitting this round out – stuck in fear?

Don’t hold yourself back.

Here’s a little love note I received the other day from a health coach…

diane hardyHi Rachel-

So, I purchased the 2016 Spring Detox today and just opened the materials. I’ve only spent about 10 minutes browsing a very small portion of the goods.

Well, I’m speechless… you and your team put out such an incredible product. Not only are you a wealth of knowledge but, you have surrounded yourself with others (women!) who are equally informed, helpful and responsive. I tip my hat to you and everyone who supports you. I also tip my hat to the women who have influenced you (I’m sure you have a few…) You’re a shining of example of a supportive, holistic, aware, engaged and involved portion of the population that, I too, am proud to be a part of. Even better is that you choose to pay it forward with immense generosity! Go girl!!

Keep doin’ what you’re doin’ sister so that I may keep doin’ what I’m doin’.


Love and respect,



Diane M. Hardy, RYT200
Find Your Balance Yoga

Wouldn’t you love to experience more unity, more support, and more inspiration for your mission?

#3. You need done for you content that allows you to put your personal brand on it.

Back to this question…

How are you going to STAND OUT in a sea of health coaches?

Answer: With copyright FREE, done for you content, so that you can personalize the time-saving content for your unique niche.

Today is the day, babes. I’ve launched the new Spring 2016 Done-For-You Program Collection, and they are waiting for YOU to add your brand.

These solutions have changed lives, grown businesses from “wannabe” coaching practices into 6-Figure Empires, and catapulted health coaches into transformational new categories of their own. Are you ready to be a Rockstar?

Imagine eight smokin’ HOT new programs for health coaches – perfect for the Paleo crowd, moms who need to lose a few pounds, that client who’s been BEGGING you for essential oils….and of course, your detox and clean eating peeps.

Yes, that means a sick ass sales funnel for your business and that builds the TRUST factor with your client.

What’s new this season?

That’s the secret I didn’t share – every year, I write these babies from SCRATCH.

You know I like to keep things super fresh. I’ve added some new business tools to The Spring Collection to help you maximize your impact. We’re talking HUNDREDS of hours of writing, editing, revising, researching…all to make sure YOUR business kicks ass when you are a health coach.

You rock, Coach. Now slap your own mojo on these copyright free, totally customizable programs and watch your client list EXPLODE…even if you don’t HAVE a list.

The best part?
You’ll receive the support you need to make major booty-shakin’ moves in your business. In fact, it will be the MOST support you’ve EVER received in a program. I guarantee it.

No more sitting, staring at your computer screen, overwhelmed. That to do list is gonna’ shrink fast – giving you time to focus on what really matters. Taking care of your clients. And when it gets rough, just duck into the forum for your program and chat with rockin’ health coaches who’ve been there AND my team and me, Babes. We’ve got your back.

Feeling butterflies in your tummy? Great! Now hop on over to my virtual health hub to find the perfect program for your business.

*cannot be combined with more than one program, does not work with discounted bundles, and does not apply to payment plans.

Listen to Crystal Gordon, an IIN health coach, from colormekale.com as she shares her experience inside our community…

“I feel like I’m part of this family now….”

Click here to hear her whole story.










Are you ready to join our family and make a difference in the world without fumbling to make it all happen – alone?

Get out there and ROCK it, Babes!


Creator of the Done for you Programs for Health Coaches and Rockin’ Business  Coach.



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