Money Saved on the Done for You Programs


It is time to save some money. School is here for the kiddies and bills need to get PAID.

Do you think that if I gave you $1,000 to put into your business today, you could double it?
How long would it take you? A week? A month? Longer?
And what would you spend the money on? A new website? Facebook ads? A training program?
I work with a lot of health coaches who do exactly this, all to realize it’s been a total waste.

They leave coach school with their head full of dreams.
They’re told that as soon as they qualify as a coach, the heavens will burst open with clients begging to work with them.
They think that all they have to do is slap up a website and call requests will start flooding in.

The tragic truth is … they’ve been lied to.
And once they realize this, their mind goes into panic mode.
In an effort to build their business, they decide they need more training.
So they hop online and buy the next hot program that’ll fix the problem …

Whether it’s learning to write Facebook ads, creating webinars or sales funnels … they spend money to try it all.

And none of it works.
To make it worse, they look at other health coaches who are making double what they are with half the effort and are left wondering: Where am I going wrong? How did she get so successful so quickly? What’s her secret?

The myth of overnight success …

Nobody knew Mastin Kipp a few years ago and then BOOM, he was big and on the scene, hangin’ out with Marie Forleo and Oprah.

How did he get there?
I’ll tell you how he didn’t get there – by buying program after program hoping one of them would contain the magic bullet to success.
He got there through hustling hard and staying true to his message.

And my story’s the same.
When I first started out, I’d just moved to a new city with my husband and two young babies.
I knew nobody and had zero connections.
But what I did know was that I could make my business work.

So I started to hustle.

I launched my first teleclass, and a grand total of 4 people joined.
I’d post something on my Facebook page and would be lucky to get even two likes.
I’d go to the health store and nervously wait in the aisle before approaching someone to advise them, hoping we’d connect, and they’d become a client.
And though it took time, slowly but surely, my business started to flourish.
New clients started flowing into my business.
I went from 2 likes on Facebook to over 200.
It wasn’t because I tried different programs and found one that generated new clients daily.
It’s because I stayed true to my message and true to myself.
I remained consistent with what I was offering – diet, weight loss, cleansing.

And because I had solid programs in place that clients wanted to use.

When I talk to health coaches today, one thing’s abundantly clear to me:
It’s not that they don’t know how to sell, how to market, or how to put themselves out there.
It’s that they have so much to do in their business; they just don’t know where to start.

And this is where I come in.
My done-for-you programs are what will take you from being a health coach with a dream, to a health coach living the dream.

The programs contain everything you need to grow your business and thrive in success:

//Fully customizable email auto-responder sequences
//Gorgeous banner and marketing images
//Business resource guides (so you can stop searching Google for answers and have them all in one place)
//Ebook covers to look like the pro you are
//Detox guides that are yours to edit as you please
//Opt-in freebies and follow up email sequences

… and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.
Click here and access full details of the programs right now.
And since you’re a part of my private email list, I have 2 bonuses for you:

The first bonus …

Buy a program September 7th and get 10% off the full price.

To buy at the discounted price, just enter —> USE CODE: ROCKVIP10
when prompted at checkout.
(This excludes discounted bundles and payment plans. EXP. 9/7 at MIDNIGHT)
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The second bonus …

A bonus from all of these amazing EXPERTS and the goodies they are DISHING:

The third bonus

A 60 minutes class with me and my trusted virtual assistant on “How to Launch in 24 hours”

Mastery-ClassesI’ll see ya in the forum!


Rachel Feldman


Here are two coaches who just bought and posted in the 24/7 support forum:

“Awwww Rachel you are a sweetie pie 🙂 Thank you so much!! I am so excited about offering your cleanse. I only got 11 people the last time but after being on your webinar I can see the possibilities for how I can leverage the materials. I got Rockstar last time this time I’m getting Revitalize and I’m going all out in my business I want to quit my job next year. Thank you for being a shining light and showing us all the possibilities”. – Coach Gail

“I’ve spent all morning reading through materials and I am brought to happy tears. The package is so much more than I thought. I am so proud as a new health coach launching my business that this will be people’s first impression of me. I know that I can sell this with full confidence that my clients will receive a ridiculous amount of value. It aligns with my own beliefs, and feels authentic to my own voice. Thank you Rachel for over delivering in every way!”
Love, Health Coach Caroline

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