51: Our Cycle The Superhero with Dr. Alex Golden, Functional Medicine Doctor

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On today’s episode, I am talking with Dr. Alex Golden. Dr. Alex is a Functional Medicine Doctor known for her integrative MD approach to health through both functional and conventional medicine and for teaching women the tools they need to be their own health advocates. We are talking about brain health and balancing your hormones. 

Enjoy the show!

In Today’s Episode:

[02:51] Dr. Alex and her business partner Megan started working with Rachel six years ago.  

[04:56] In college Alex was having constant pelvic pain. She had undiagnosed endometriosis.  

[06:01] Her journey from being dismissed and through her struggles prompted her to go to medical school to serve women with chronic pain.

[08:51] All of us have to feel good in order for us to rise.  

[10:35] What makes up our experience as women? All those things have to be considered in order for us to be healthy, happy, and passionate about what we do.   

[12:10] We need the energy to stand up. 

[15:18] There is a disconnect between understanding our bodies.

[15:33] You as the owner of your body are the authority on it. You need to be taught all the surrounding aspects of your body.

[16:32] If your body doesn’t respond well to one thing then we make a lateral move to something else until we find what does work.  

[20:46] Over time we have created all these barriers in our health. 

[22:15] When we get our period, that is a time when there is extra information flowing in the two-parts of the brain. 

[23:14] When we get our period is an epic time to get information from our subconscious and really get clear on our goals. Instead of having new year’s goals set priorities every single month. 

[24:11] Life becomes a lot easier when we really focus on flowing with this instead of reeling against it to be more like the men in our lives.  

[25:34] It is important to give our bodies the tools to thrive in life instead of simply surviving in life.     

[26:51] Awareness is an important first step.  

[28:57] Women have to be empowered to know that our period is actually a superhero.

[32:25] Knowledge isn’t power. The application of knowledge is actually power.  

[32:37] If you don’t live it and step into that female empowerment you’re missing the most magical part of being a powerful female that is doing your passion in the world.  

[35:11] Our thoughts and our emotions have to be mediated by chemicals in our brain. 

[36:21] When you realize that it is always you showing up for you and that you are the only one that is going to let yourself down or think mean thoughts about you then it becomes about the relationship between you and yourself.

[37:06] If we don’t change the signal that’s being generated between our two ears, there is no amount of supplements in the world that will out signal your own brain. 

[37:54] As a natural extension of giving ourselves love and attention we start to eat a little better and move our bodies.

[40:11] We are looking for people to show up for us, but even when they do it is not the same.  If it is not coming from your own internal heart it won’t feel the same.  

[42:47] Social media can be very useful for finding your tribe. Find your people and love them.

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