Self Care – 3 Tips to improve the health of your body!

Caring for yourself & making your body feel beautiful is absolutely necessary. It’s a way to connect. To fallback in love with yourself. To cultivate the health & joy within and spread it to everyone you touch! Thereare three quick & easy ways that you can show your body some love – and improve your health at thesame time! Do them in the morning, and start the day off right.

Oil Pulling. This ancient Ayurvedic technique works wonders for your overall oral health. Oil pulling is theact of swishing oil (usually sesame or coconut) between your teeth for 5 – 20 minutes. It’s best to do it onan empty stomach in the morning, before brushing your teeth. The oil works to pull the toxins from yourmouth – so not only will you notice cleaner, whiter teeth, but also healthier gums, fresh breath, and evenreduced sinus inflammation. I like to oil pull every day, but even if you sneak it in once a week, it workswonders!

Dry Brushing. The largest organ in our body is our skin! Why not help it to detoxify, release dead cells,and increase circulation by dry brushing? When you get out of the shower each morning, use an Ayurvedicdry brush to gently rejuvenate and awaken your skin! It will leave you feeling refreshed & cleansed. Plus, itwill help to build muscle tone, fight cellulite, and improve blood flow!

Tongue Scraping. This is my all time favorite. We accumulate a lot of yucky toxins on our tongue. Don’t believe me? Go into the bathroom right now, and stick that bad boy out. See all the white gunk on theback? That’s not nourishing you one bit. Using a tongue scraper will help to clean up your mouth, get rid ofbad breath, and even prevent illness & infection.

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