The Best Raw Protein Balls by Rachel Feldman

I am always shocked when I go to Whole Foods and see the amount of protein bars on the market. I am even more shocked when I look at the price for raw protein balls….yeah, I know about $5 for three. Why pay this much when you can make then yourself?

I am always on the go and I am sure you can relate. I have two kids under the age of 7, a business and I like easy and quick. I also like not eating junk that makes me feel bloated, irritated, moody or have digestive upset. I used to buy bars and then realized I could make them at home and save some money. I also realized so many “healthy bars” were loaded with sugar and ingredients that were not good for my unique body. 

Finally, I started making them at home for myself and my family. Trust me, once you see how easy it is to make them, you will never buy another bar again. I love making these and then putting them in the freezer for about an hour. They last in the fridge for about 3 days but I doubt they will last that long if you have people around you – in my house they last about a day.

Here is the Recipe (PALEO/GF/LOW SUGAR)

protein balls RW





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