105. The Different Ways Health Coaches Can Strategically Set Up Their Work With Me Pages with Sonja Bannon

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Is your Work With Me page working for you? Are all your services set up in a way that highlights the benefits and makes your audience want to purchase your offer? If there are zero strategies behind your Work With Me page, you’re not only leaving money on the table but also keeping your clients from getting the results they’re looking for through your amazing offers.

In today’s episode, I’m talking to Michelle Ellis, a conversion copywriter helping coaches position themselves in their industry through words that tell their story, connect with their ideal client, and, ultimately, land the sale.

During our conversation, Michelle and I talk about the best ways to connect with your ideal client through stories so you can start helping them achieve results. Michelle explains what type of stories connect on a deep level, how to connect when your client’s pain points aren’t a part of your personal story, what a hero’s journey is, and how to share your story in a way that focuses less on you and more on your ideal client. Plus, she’s giving her best tips for finding your why and creating a story from there.

In today’s episode, I’m talking to Sonja Bannon, my go-to website designer and side-kick extraordinaire. She’s back on the show to talk all about the different ways health coaches can strategically set up their Work With Me Pages. Sonja’s going through examples of various offers you can have, the pros and cons of each, choosing the right ones for your business, and how to set up your offers on your Work With Me Page.

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Rachel: Hey there, guys, it’s Rachel Feldman here at the Healthy Hustle Podcast. I’m so excited because I asked Sonja, who was on here two weeks ago, to come back. We were talking about websites and today we are going to be breaking down your work with me page, but not just your work with me page, all the different ways that you can work as a coach. 

I think when you first come out of school, I remember just thinking that I was going to be able to do sessions and groups. Now it’s expanded to so many different ways. Sonja, before we get into this, because you are the master designer, and also my partner in crime with the done for you WordPress websites, can you tell everyone a little about you?

Sonja: Sure. So I’m Sonja Bannon, I work with Rachel on a daily basis. We’ve been working together for six years. I also have my independent clients, mainly we share some clients, and we have other clients that are our own. I do specialize in health coaches, online websites, and online presence. It’s a very specific type of category of coaches. We both specialize in work with you. So now we partner up to design websites and offer you content and programs right at the box with the done for you websites.

Examples Of Coaching Services To Offer

Rachel: You and I have had so many sharp clients, where we’ve seen their different ways of working with, working their packages and their Pro. So let’s even talk about some basic ways we know it’s one-on one coaching. 

Typically what we’ll say is, let me just actually look at one of the pricing blueprints. Typically, we see between $450 to $597 a month. When you think about that for your hourly, even if you’re not doing single sessions, which I do love because they are a gateway product, you still want to think about how much you’re charging per hour. Take out your calculator, start figuring out how much you charge by hour. Then think about your monthly, but that’s our standard one on one. What would you say is another example of coaching that you’ve seen with our clients?

Sonja: Well, you can extend that one-on-one from one session to multiple sessions and book them over a period of 60 days, 90 days, 180 days for a long tail coaching one on one. But you can also develop group coaching. And Rachel, you’re the master at bat.

What A Group Coaching Program Can Look Like

Rachel: I think that’s the master. I also had all the programs, yes. But to actually be able to create the need so that people will share with their clients.

When Sonja says I’m the master of groups, the groups that I did, were actually offline and went into my community, I found people who would let me do workshops, I introduced myself to people I did networking with. They were not big networking groups. That was going into gyms, going into coffee places, even my hairdresser, nail salon, all the different places that I hung out. I started landing these opportunities to teach these large groups at gyms and then that just expanded to three different gyms. 

Now even more so with the situation going on with that current situation we’re in. Bringing all those clients and communities online is a great opportunity to move from one on one to one to many. So then you can serve more people with the same message.

What A Mastermind Program Can Look Like

One thing that’s definitely come in the last few years has been these masterminds. So the thing that I like about masterminds is if you want to have that one on one kind of personal attention, but you want to work with a group, maybe a group of 10 people, you can have a mastermind and actually charge the same way. You can do it whether it’s a month, two months, three months, you could have a six-month mastermind. Sonja, what would you say that you usually see prices for this? They can vary a lot

Sonja: It varies on the complexity of the mastermind and how far you want to push your mastermind. And realistically, the amount of calls and what’s included.

Rachel: Exactly. So what would you say the difference would be between a group program and a mastermind?

The Difference Between A Group Program & A Mastermind

Sonja: I feel like in a mastermind you are doing more of that one on one type of attention. So what I see typically in a group is, say you’re launching a 30 day program. Maybe you have a call each week, or maybe you’re doing a call each week and then a Live Q&A. So maybe there are two calls each week. That might be a higher price group compared to the group that is doing a kickoff call and a wrap-up call. 

So those two sessions, when you’re thinking of a mastermind, you’re really thinking of having it set up where you are doing those calls for the group. But you’re also meeting individually with each of those members. That could be whether you are meeting them, face to face, I would say most we meet in the online space on zoom. But you can also do some kind of voxer support or audio support. 

I would say that when you’re looking at a mastermind, you’re also looking to build this community, not that you’re not doing that group, but this tribe of people who are going to also be close to each other. Would you say that?

Rachel: Yeah. And you would want to have a limited number of participants in a mastermind? Because there’s no way that you can serve 100 people at the same level every day. 

Sonja: So that the mastermind is limited access, I would say and it is usually higher on the price, like $997 and up and up. I have seen people do masterminds. I know a coach who has bought from us. She does a mastermind where she charges $450 a month. But that is where she does one session that month, and then they get group access. 

So I think there are different ways to do that kind of one on one expansion if you don’t want to just be in the one-on-one space.

Rachel: So what would we say is the big favorite that everyone loves these days? Memberships?

The Pros & Cons Of A Membership Program

Sonja: Membership is a big word. Membership is always very sweet on the ear. But you also have to know that it’s a lot of work. It’s not just you’re going to put something out there. People are going to come, they’re going to pay you every month, and they’re going to just enjoy the time. 

You got to think about a mastermind like a garden that you have to attend to. You have to keep your subscribers engaged, you have to bring in new content. Typically, memberships are low price, because you bank on the amount of money that will be part of your membership. So membership typically will have some pre-recorded content. You don’t necessarily have access to your time, but on a limited basis. 

Rachel: So basically, the number will make or break the bank?

Sonja: I think it’s also what’s included. The same as our writing packages, because everyone has a different type of membership. I would say the biggest tip that I see for anybody starting membership is to really go through that. What is this membership for? What problems are you solving? Really to have your content mapped out, because I think, in my own situation, that’s when I’ve gotten overwhelmed is trying to get content out. It just becomes too much to hold space for the group, to do the calls and get the content out. 

Rachel: Share your biggest tips that you’ve seen on your end as being a website designer.

Her Biggest Tips For Running A Membership

Sonja: On the membership, I think to have at least two or three months of content pre-done. Because then you’re ahead of the game. Ideally, six months, that would be awesome. But I would have your whole year mapped out. So know each month what you’re going to talk about. It doesn’t have to be all prepped in advance but have a structure already in place. So from month to month, what you’re going to talk about, and then have at least three months prepped up already uploaded ready.

It makes it easy when you have that prepped. Even small pre-recorded three, four or five-minute videos on how to’s, it becomes much easier to do weekly support when you’re sending out emails, whether it be a replay or a pre-recorded class for the month. It’s much easier to handle all the moving parts. 

What Is A Self-Paced Program 

Rachel: Let’s talk about another which we always hear. I would say everyone loves this one: passive income. We don’t mean network marketing. We’re talking about self-paced programs. 

For anyone who doesn’t know what a self-paced program, let’s take, for example, that 30 day program that you have in your one on one that I gave as an example. Or that 30-day program that you’re doing in your group, that same 30-day program can be self-paced. So if you are finding that maybe somebody who’s not ready to commit, or that you work with a niche where it could be easy for someone to go through that self-paced program, I would say on average, I usually see self-paced programs anywhere from five days to maybe a maximum of 30. 

The coaches who do longer self-paced programs, which we have a lot of coaches who do that, they actually have done it where they have them all evergreen, which means that once you put that program together, that program will be around forever, or you can always make updates, but they have it as a self-paced, but they include sessions. 

So I wanted to just get that example because I know some of our coaches have three-month programs, six-month programs, but they do include two sessions a month. So there’s still a way to do that self-paced program. 

Back in Rachel’s Wellness, How To Go Grain-Free In 60 days program, I included it with two sessions a month. So you might be saying, oh, but wait, isn’t that your one on one? This person was that self-paced kind of person, they just needed to get clear on what food they were going to eat, how they do swabs, how they go out to dinner, how they’re able to do this, and go over the program, and just have some of that accountability. But most self-paced programs don’t have any of your active time.

The Difference Between An Evergreen Program & A Regular Program

Sonja: Correct. Also, I wanted to clarify that concept that we already hear everywhere: evergreen or start time. So an evergreen program will be a program that, once somebody buys, they start and they do it either on time. So that means it’s always available. So I could start tomorrow and start day one. Maybe Rachel can start in five days and start on day one in five days. So we can all go there and enroll and start the program right away. 

Now a course or a program that is not evergreen, you would have a kickoff date and a closed date. That means you have an open cart period before that time, before the program start date where the program starts. Then the day the program starts, you would typically have a kickoff webinar to make everybody happy. Then you may have an in-between insight session maybe once a week or in the middle of the program. Then you would have a wrap-up webinar where you close down the program. Then that program is no longer available outside those set dates. But you can open and close those programs whenever you want. Versus evergreen.

Rachel: You can also work with that program and then make it evergreen.

Sonja: Absolutely. And that’s what most people do. Because then they can test drive, they can adjust, they can already have some pre-recorded Q&A’s. They can have some pre-recorded content that they’ve already done with a first Live course. Yep, so anybody can turn a first live course into an evergreen. 

Some courses might be just perfect for not being evergreen, such as seasonal detoxes. Those are perfect courses with a start up date close down dates and will not be available for the next season.

Rachel: Good point, we’ve talked about so many different ways. I wish when I first started I didn’t have to stumble to try to figure out all these different ways because I do love groups. But I also love that one on one attention. Looking back, I would have definitely done that. 

How To Make Your Work With Me Page Less Messy When You Have Multiple Offers

Let’s jump into the next part, which I think every coach wants to hear. How do we actually have multiple offers, but not make it messy on our home website? So if you want to start, let’s start even with the work with me page the most. Let’s say this person is doing one-on-one coaching but they also have a group. How, on a page, where do you like to position that on the website?

Sonja: Alright, so a work with me page would be or services or you may want to call it however you want. Between Rachel and I, we call it the work with me page. So on this page, you would have some introduction, you would have pinpoint why you would want to work with a certain niche. And throughout that page, someone can see and get used to getting recognized in your page. Oh, this is for me. This is my calling. They’re addressing my issues, but also presenting who you are as a coach and how you can help them. 

On that particular page, you can have an array of offers. So you could showcase your one on one, you can also not show any offers and invite people to set an appointment with you. Some coaches don’t like to showcase their pricing, especially with one on one. 

Rachel: I never said and I never known. But what I will say a tip, guys, make sure that if you do have a scheduler that you actually put on a question like, how much are you able to commit to your coaching? Or are you able to invest $500 plus? I know it feels scary to do that. But you want to make sure that you’re pre qualifying people. But again, some people don’t even put that question, but definitely say, would you start coaching today? You don’t have to put a price. That was just my brain. 

Sonja: Oh, that’s cool. You can also invite them to book a 15 or 30-minute discovery call where you would sell to them one of your programs on the call. So it really depends on your style and the level of comfort that you want to get to. Now if you decide to offer your pricing on this site, then for me, I like to see the price right there. 

Okay, it’s $97, it’s $250, whatever I’m prepared but for some other people, they’d rather not. So it’s really a personal choice. So if you want to have pricing, just put them on and then you can have people just check out right there on your website and book an appointment with you. 

Why You Might Separate Your Programs On Your Website

Then you could also have a programs page, even though it is part of your offerings, you would have a special page for those programs that are self-paced, or that are not self-paced. So let’s say you have a program coming up in October, it’s now time to promote. So let’s say your doors open on the first of October, you’re in full marketing mode now. You want to have that prominence on your website.

So just to clarify, we have home, about page, work with me. Another option is putting programs first, maybe just a shop page, because it’s really there. Here are programs, blog, and contact me, right? You can also include that program link within the work with me page and not necessarily have a dedicated page for your programs. 

Now the cool thing about websites is you can add content and remove content wherever you want. So another way to promote a program that is evergreen, that is a membership that is has a kickoff date, you can create imagery, like banners, like pop ups, like content imagery that promotes that program, and people that want to learn more would click that image, and they would land on the sales page dedicated to that program. 

How To Strategically Set Up Your Program’s Sales Page 

Rachel: So say if somebody is doing this mastermind, I would just love to hear your opinion, because I’m sure this is a great talking point. I hear a lot of coaches who think they have to put everything on their work with me page. So are you saying that if if you have even a program, and maybe it’s not visible anywhere on the program page, or you have a mastermind, you can really have a back sales page for that as a mastermind fee on another sales page? What would you suggest?

Sonja: It all depends on your strategy. So you have some coaches that only reserved certain levels of programs already or people that are already enrolled in some either programs or one on one. So in that case, that sales page would be hidden to the general public, the group of people. 

Another way is to promote that sales page and directly from your social media or marketing or even your Facebook advertisement and not have it on your website. Have done it has an individual link it’s technically on your website. But you are going to have even a URL specific to that page direct to that page because remember those sales pages do not have any website menus. They don’t have any footer, there is no way to go back to the website from those sales pages. And that’s for a specific reason. 

We don’t want people to be to go somewhere else. It is too tempting to go check out somebody’s Instagram handle. So for that purpose, anything that you sell or that you use for this building is completely devoid of links towards the website.

Where To Put Your Work With Me Page

Rachel: What are some of the best places? We have the work with me page. What are some other great places on a website that you can strategically put your work with me and you can have links from your homepage? 

Sonja: I would really advise to have a section on your homepage where you can link to other places on your website. This is also very strategic. In the point of view of SEO, we want to interlink our pages so that people stay longer on our site. That signal to Google, Oh, this site is interesting. People are staying longer, so we’re going to rank it higher. 

Rachel: On their homepage, that’s a very good spot to have links to your either program individually or your work with me page. On your About Me page at the bottom, you could have a discovery session or a link to your work with me page where somebody could sign up for a discovery session.

Why Your Thank You Page Is Prime Real Estate

Sonja: Absolutely. You can also have it in your sidebar if you’re using a sidebar of your blog. That would be a great spot to promote your either work with me or the special program that you have going on. You can use the very valuable real estate of your thank you pages. So whenever you have a funnel starting at an opt in page to build your list, then you would usually have people land on a success or thank you page after they sign up. That thank you page is amazing. Because you can have a tripwire offer, you can have a promo of something that’s going to end very soon, you can upsell to something that you are have going on right now.

Rachel: I love that on the thank you page. I think that too many of us overlook that thank you page. So in our done for you websites, we have it. So it’s put in Elementor. One of the things that I have always done on my thank you page is added in a block for a video. So that person really gets to know me, and then making that low-cost offer there doesn’t feel as let’s just say douchey.

Sonja: Yeah. But when you take the perspective of, I can really help those people and I’ve created this program to help them –if it’s a perfect match between somebody that’s looking around that does have those pain points, and you have the solution, it doesn’t become salesy or douchey, it becomes here center opportunity to, address those pain points.

Rachel: Yeah, I love on the thank you page, I think it’s such a great opportunity for so many different programs. Whether it’s free, or it’s selling, I think it’s just a great place that you have to spend a little more time just like you’re saying, with even putting the work with me block or promoting something like learn more, click here. 

Where To Promote The Link For Your Program

Now another great idea to promote is your link to your account or your link page on your website. Some people prefer the link tree or something similar from Instagram, or any other social media buyer where you would link to that specific page with a bunch of links to go somewhere else. And some people choose to have that sitting on their website. So regardless where you use that, you can use that platform to really promote either in the form of an image or link to your program or your one on one.

Rachel: I think the most important thing for any coach listening is you really can’t listen to every guru who says you have to do this type of coaching to be successful. You really have to sit here and look at all those different examples that we talked about. See which one also fits your personality, so that you have the best type of connection with the person that you’re coaching. Because if it’s not the right type, if somebody is scared beyond belief to do groups, and they’re shaking thinking about it, and maybe it’s a better idea to look at that mastermind option, a smaller, more intensive. I know that I felt fearful with groups, but I did get over that fear. I did get over that fear and do it. Before we add Do you want to add anything else, Sonja?

Sonja: I just want to follow on what Rachel just mentioned. There’s a lot of people going to tell you Oh, follow this blueprint follow that. You kind of test for yourself. Everybody has their own path. Rachel’s path is not going to be mine. It’s not going to be yours, it’s not going to be somebody else. You get a test. You got to try and you gotta be fearless. Even though I’m sure you’re you have a lot of fear. Everybody does, but you get to be fearless in the sense I’m willing to fail, I’m willing to try and fail. Because the more I failed, the more I’m going to be closer to what will work for me. The golden ticket. I cannot tell you what your Golden Ticket will be and nobody can tell what mine is. We got to figure it out for ourselves.

And I am really just honing in on that because I can’t tell you how many times fear could have stopped me from doing something or stopped me from testing. I think testing is the keyword. And just like you said, test and navigate that path so that you actually find the way that you really want to coach and really serve people and then get and then that excitement starts to come in even if it does feel scary, right? 

Rachel: I agree. All right, guys. It’s been amazing to be with you if you have any questions about our done for you websites, you can head over to yourhealthcoachbiz.com. It’s done for you. What’s the website? 

Sonja: Yes, dash website.

Rachel: If you have any questions, drop them below. I hope you have a kick-ass day. See you later. Bye Bye, guys.

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