Skin care & essential oils for the face

For so many years, after I ditched the toxic skin care products, I searched for skin care products that would not dry my skin out. I found so many products would dry me out or make my skin so oily. I searched and searched Whole Foods Market and would try out different product lines and some I did like but I still had those wrinkles. I love shea butter and coconut oil but found my skin would get too oily. I have skin where I am dry, so I need a great moisturizer but when I go too oily, I see blackheads on my chin. I knew I would fall in love with essential oils for my health but had no idea I would fall in love with the oils for my face as well. You can make your own DIY creams and tailor them for your skin using the following oils below.

I see how powerful the oils are for my skin type but the coolest part is they work for all skin types because of the blends in the products. I find the foaming face wash to tighten my skin and not dry it out and the anti-aging cream, well I am seeing my face look less wrinkled. I am 39 and I live in sunny, hot and humid Florida, so having good skin care is vital. I swear my mom told me a few years ago to find a good skin line to avoid wrinkles and I started my mission then. But at that time all the really good skin care lines had toxic junk in them and this body cannot handle toxic junk. Did you know it only takes 30 seconds for a lotion or oil to enter your bloodstream?

If you are putting on toxic make up or lotions, then you are forcing your liver and kidneys to flush the toxins from your body and most of these toxins lead to hormonal, metabolism issues not to mention cellulite. I love making my own scrubs as well.  Check out this one at the this blog. I made mine here and had some fun with the  lotions and added in a few more oils. Then I made my DIY face scrub and a body scrub as well with honey, brown sugar and essential oils. essential oil face scrubs

Single Oils for Skin Care


Normal Skin:                           Oily Skin:                                     Dry Skin:

German chamomile               Geranium                                    German chamomile
rose otto**                                lavender                                     Roman chamomile
rose absolute**                        cedar wood                               rose otto**
neroli**                                      palmarosa**                             rose absolute**
lavender                                   niaouli**                                      geranium
geranium                                  juniper berry                              lavender
palmarosa**                            tea tree                                        neroli**
rosewood**                              ylang ylang                                 jasmine**

cypress                                         Melissa**



Recipes & Blends for Skin Care

Wash: Use a cream based cleanser, for antibacterial properties or for oily skin add lavender or tea tree oil to your cleansing cream.

Steam: Using steam inhalation method, add oils appropriate to skin type as listed in previous section. Try blending oils, 2 drops each up to 6 drops of oil to 2 cups of water. (i.e. For dry sensitive skin, add 2 drops lavender, 2 drops German chamomile to 2 cups boiling water.) Steam face for up to 15 minutes.

Toner: Using a blend of vodka and witch hazel or flower water as a base; add up to 8 drops of oil to 9 ounces of base. Mix all ingredients in a glass spray bottle. Shake hard to mix well. Apply using a cotton pad or cotton ball. Swipe gently over face. Mix before each use.

Moisturizer: You may choose to make your own using a moisturizing base cream, or add oils to your favorite moisturizer paying particular attention to skin type guidelines above.

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