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Got 4th of July plans?

Barbecues can be a real killer when it comes to maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle. I used to think what the heck am I going to eat since I do not eat gluten and have to be careful with the hidden gluten in BBQ sauces. I have always felt lucky that I had allergies and some intolerances because it made it easier to avoid unhealthy treats, but I would leave BBQs or any holiday party feeling a tad deprived until I mastered the art of never feeling deprived at any party. So here is the real scoop on what I do to thrive and not just survive. I know many of my clients also struggle with gaining weight during the holidays, because, let’s be honest, food is everywhere. Don’t let your holiday get ruined with guilt over what you’re eating. Instead, check out these strategies for enjoying a guilt-free 4th of July party. BBQ summer RW

  1. Make sure you pack some dark chocolate in your purse or keep it with you in a travel bag with a freezer bag to avoid a hot chocolate mess. I have found that having chocolate keeps me from heading to the dessert table.
  2. Look for the fresh fruit. There is always tons of watermelon, berries, and usually a bowl of fresh fruit at parties, or you can pack your own just in case. I love packing berries or an apple in a bag with a freezer pack.
  3. Check out the salad bowl. Often, you will find a huge salad loaded with veggies or a veggie platter. Hit that up and skip the dressing. I typically see Ranch at most BBQs, and that is loaded with sugars and dairy that leads to belly bloat and weight gain for most. Plus, a few tablespoons of dressing can add 200 calories to your salad. Say what?!
  4. Make sure you are checking out the protein. Keeping your blood sugar stable with a portion of protein will help you say no to the sugary stuff that looks delish but will have you saying later, “I cannot believe I had that chocolate cake. UGH!”
  5. Skip the chips and pretzels as they are wasted calories, plus pretzels are made with yeast, and yeast will bloat you up.
  6. Stay hydrated. Prepare a large water with lemon and mint and add a tablespoon of honey for a sweet lemonade to keep you satisfied.
  7. Say no to the cheesy dips loaded with calories and lots of bloat (yep, it tastes great, but man oh man, does it bloat me up).
  8. Say no to the bun, ’cause the bun goes right to the bun. Enjoy the turkey burger, veggie burger, or beef burger without the bun and add extra tomato and onion, then wrap it in lettuce. Easy as 1-2-3.
  9. Get support. I have found it essential to ask the hubby for support when we hit those parties, where they have food that is not good for my autoimmune problems or digestion.
  10. De-stress. If you feel anxious about a party, make sure you are doing deep breathing. Parties can bring anxiety for many, so take this time to check in with your body and mind. I do 5 deep breaths to calm down and it works like magic for this on-the-go chica, so I am sure it will work for you.

And, take this time to just chill out with your loved ones, and, if you are not going to any parties, just take this time to chill!

xoxo, Rachel

rachel circle jpeg copy I’m Rachel Feldman — Mamma, Florida girl, and double whammy wellness coach. In my 1-1 wellness sessions and programs, I help clients ditch dieting and info overload, and learn exactly how to nourish their unique bodies, beautifully. I’m also a business mentor, teaching health coaches across the world the major-league tools and strategies they need to build their small practices into powerhouse empires. Visit my online home.             Come and play with me this summer and lose weight. The Summer Detox & Cleanse is happening.  Ditch the diet & deprivation and learn to which foods work for YOUR unique body with my Summer Detox & Cleanse program. Click here to learn more & join! Check out local event happening in Florida. All South Florida people: Join me on July 10th at 6:30pm at Schrier Family Chiropractic for a free talk on how to ditch the diet, embrace health and essential oils! flyer


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