The Best Post Workout Smoothie

I love working out but I also know how depleted my body can be after I have sweat out the junk. It took me the longest time to learn about the right fuel for my body post workout. My body needed fuel and minerals. I would work out and feel energized and then crash and burn later in the day until I started to add coconut water to my smoothies. If you struggle with candida, then you can make this smoothie with coconut milk kefir, coconut milk or unsweetened almond or hemp milk. For many people the sugar content, although natural feeds the candida and causes more brain fog.

If you are looking for the perfect post workout smoothie with the right minerals and the right fats, then check out this recipe. I am telling you one thing – my recovery has never been the same since I started to hydrate and replenish.  To learn more about my programs for athletes and the person who adores to be healthy and feel fricken’ awesome, then contact me at

woman detox smoothie RW


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