107. Why Having A Conversation & Asking For Help Can Jumpstart Your Success with Shannon Michelle

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Growing your wellness business doesn’t have to mean working around the clock and feeling exhausted. Sometimes, all it takes is asking for help and having a conversation to explain your vision and get the insight you were missing. 

In today’s episode, I’m talking to Shannon, a personal trainer and nutrition coach specializing in permanent weight loss and lifestyle transformations. She’s also a customer of yourhealthcoachbiz.com, and she’s here to talk about how asking for help accelerated the success of her health business. 

During our conversation, Shannon also explains how she created her client journey using one of my done-for-you products, the reason why she chose it, and how it’s helped clarify the vision behind her business.

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Rachel: Hey guys, it’s Rachel Feldman here with the Healthy Hustle. I’m here with the amazing Shannon, she was so kind to be able to come to you guys and talk about how she got started her backstory and where she is today. 

All right, lady, tell everyone a little about you before I take charge of this interview. 

Shannon: Sure. So my name is Shannon and I came into the fitness and nutrition space back in, I guess it was right after 9/11. So many years ago, I had a boutique personal training studio. I always loved the business. There was never a day where I woke up and I wasn’t excited to come to work. I knew that there was something magical there for me, I knew that I was living my essence, that I was following my passion. That never changed, which was great. 

But I got married and had my daughter and my daughter had special needs. So I stopped working and just did little jobs here and there. I did rehab Personal Training, and was able to do that which was super rewarding. I helped an old man walk again and that was amazing. This really just solidified that that was my passion. But I didn’t know how to get back into it because I didn’t think I wanted to be a trainer again. 

So when the pandemic hit it, it literally just fell in my lap. I mean, all of the clients reached out to me, they encouraged me to go virtual. And it all just kept snowballing. It was completely meant to be. 

Moving From Brick & Mortar To The Online Space

Rachel: You didn’t know anything about going virtual, because I think for you being brick and mortar working next to people, the online space tends to be kind of a learning process. How did you arrive at getting started on what to do? 

Shannon: It was night and day difference, honestly, and I think Had I known that I would have been a lot more careful, definitely. Because when I started coaching I was at one quarter of the price. So while I knew I could provide results, I was like I’m going to either need four times as many customers, who want the same amount of services, personal training, and how am I going to deliver my message? Because I was so stuck on one on one. And it couldn’t be. It had to be one too many. And that was completely out of my realm. I had no idea what I was doing. 

Rachel: When you had your existing clients reach back out to you what were they saying to you? 

Shannon: They were just saying do something do anything? At that time, I was like, well, this is all going to be over in three months. So I’ll just send them some cell phone videos of what to do. And we’ll all be back in church and in the gym. What’s funny is I just stopped saying that. I don’t think it’s going to go away. 

What She Needed To Set Up A Whole New Business Model

Rachel: So when they were reaching out, I know you’re a go getter. We were talking about that even before we recorded were you just like I’m gonna put this together. What were the things that you needed to get together? 

Shannon: Oh, gosh to be honest, it was really torture in my head, because I had not only a completely new business, but I had people coming to me without marketing and not knowing about how to execute what they needed, how to provide the results.

I was starting a whole new business. So I needed software, I needed a website, I needed a way to get what was in my head and I could provide the customer a way of delivering that and having them see it so they could execute it, which I had no idea where to go for that. 

How She Created Her Client’s Journey Using Content From YourHealthCoachBiz

Rachel: So what would you say is the biggest difference between working with somebody face to face and working with them online? Is it that you want to have those tangible assets for them to be able to download, read, go through their process? What is that exactly? Your head? What did that look like before you even started using our Dunphy programmes? 

Shannon: It was exactly what I was thinking. I was thinking, if there was a way to take the client through a journey, that’s all that’s needed. Because the clients come to me for me, and the clients come to each coach, I think for them, we just need a journey for them. I couldn’t create that journey. 

When I saw your stuff, it was like, this is the way this is the way to put something in front of my client. That’s not me. Because I can’t be in Colorado. I’m in Australia, I’m in Pennsylvania, I’m in California. I can’t be, although, how do I make myself be in all those places? And that’s where your content saved me. Literally. Not kidding, 

Rachel: Even before, did you have a website before? 

Shannon: No, I have nothing, not a newsletter. To be honest with you, I paid to have some things developed for me, but I didn’t even know how to use it. So I literally have so much stuff, newsletters and contents. But I froze up trying to figure out email marketing. I didn’t know how to do any of this stuff. 

So for me, it was like, let me just make the money and pay for other people to do this for me. And every time I did that, I either got scammed, honestly, or it failed. It was a nightmare. 

Her Experience Using The Done-For-You Website Template

Rachel: So then you bought the Done-For-You website from us, tell me the experience of that. 

Shannon: Oh, my gosh, I was so scared. I remember that you and I met. I had already been to so many places. It was like I was looking for the perfect pair of jeans. Then I met you and I pulled them on. And I was like Jesus. Rachel, in all honesty, after looking at your content, the way it resonated with me was seamless.

Rachel: Well, I think our content, there are a lot of people who put out content, but we have coaches actually write that content. I used to write programs, now I have amazing writers. I feel like the writers that I have are so similar to the way that I would write a program and the way that I would want my client to be welcomed, whether you’re doing it self paced or whether you’re doing it in a group. 

Shannon: That’s 100% true. I think there was one of the skill sets that I had from being in the industry for so long. Because I would look at other websites and say, this doesn’t catch my eye. I knew the kind of experience my customer needed and wanted. I knew the questions they would ask, but I just needed a way to provide those things where it was. 

Because people would ask the same questions, they would have it with weight loss. They have the same questions, the muscle building, they have the same questions. I thought, if I could just give them something that explains this. Then I’m just the cherry on top. 

Rachel: Then you can actually coach. So you got a website from us. What has that experience been like? 

Shannon: Again, seamless. It’s because there’s so many good things about it. The communication is phenomenal. She has videos that teach you this. So it’s not like the last one I had. I had no idea how to use it. I had no idea what it was. I had no idea the inner workings of it and I spent so much money on it. Within two weeks Rachel, it was gone. It was black screen. 

An End Result Worth Double Than The Investment

Rachel: I’ve heard so many bad experiences. I know for myself, I was fortunate that I didn’t have too many. But I’ve heard people that were like, I invested $3,000 if that’s the $5,000 like tonnes of money to get something back that didn’t even align with a health and wellness vision. 

Shannon: Not even close. I’m no dummy. I’ve been in business for 20 something years, and I know how to prequalify somebody, so it is so easy to be misled. So to have the products from you, and the experience from you, it was obvious to me that not only did you know what you were doing, but you had integrity and that is pretty much impossible to find online because it’s very easy to just go make a buck. 

I mean it’s worth more than double what I paid. I’ve shown that to people that are in the business of websites, and they all say the same. My website is better than anybody’s that I’ve seen, which it just is. I can see that because I didn’t do it. This is not bragging, this is because I went to the right person and got the right stuff. 

How To Choose The Right Product For You

Rachel: So tell me with your plan now. What is your plan to use the program? How did you actually go to the site? I always hear people say, I’m so overwhelmed, there’s so much to pick from. How did you decide to pick the program that really was gonna appeal to your niche, what you needed and this vision? 

Shannon: For me, I mean, it was talking to you that made a big difference. I did see your site, and I was like, goodness, what should I use? Because for me, it was like a kid in a candy store. I was like, Oh, I want to buy that. And that, and that, and that, and it’s still like that. 

So I tried to keep myself off and work with what I’ve got. But I think just reaching out, your content and literally, how long did it take us 5-10 minutes before you were like, Okay, I see your vision, this would be great for you. And it has been perfectly aligned with the journey I want for my customer. 

How To Narrow Down Her Vision

Rachel: So what helped you when you decided to take your business online, to kind of formulate this, as you were saying, this client journey, this vision that you had, what were some of the things that from being in business, and from you being a go getter, what kind of helped you to narrow in on that vision. 

Shannon: I think everybody has a soulmate client, and a couple of niches that they need to focus on. I think for me, it was a journey I had on my own. But what I told one of my friends is you have the right client, when you feel energised after helping them. And the incorrect client is someone where you feel drained after you help them. 

Rachel: One of my greatest discoveries is that I want to help everybody, right? I want to save the world, right? But if I’m not the right fit for somebody, I’m taking away their opportunity to work with the right fit person. So that made it easier for me to say, and maybe that person just needs a done for you program. 

Why There Is A Program Or Product For Everyone

I have now gotten to the point where I’m like, it doesn’t need to be me. Everybody needs what you sell, and the programs that you offer, every single person on earth needs those things. But they have to be ready. They need some people who don’t want to come out and say I have adrenal problems, and I’m exhausted and ill. I have weight to lose, and I’m ready to face it. But I don’t want to do it openly. 

So there is a program for everybody. But it can be delivered in so many different ways. And that just encompasses everything that you can do as a coach, a self paced freebie, everybody needs to get a freebie so that they get to know you. So at the low cost offer I knew that that was the model for me because I wanted to not work with people that were just very wealthy clients like I did in personal training. I liked working with the teacher, the stay at home Mom. What did I have for them, right? 

So this was the way for giving people all kinds of journeys, where it wasn’t just high end coaching for me. That was all I had before. I had freebies and they were expensive. So I lost so many people. 

Tell everyone what do you specialize in? What would you say is your ideal client?

Ideal Clients & The Vision Behind Your Business

Shannon: My ideal client, it’s interesting, I have the emotional eater because I’m in recovery and I’ve been in recovery for years and I helped people in recovery. That was something I did when I wasn’t working and so helping people recover from emotional eating is a profound journey. 

I think when someone’s ready there’s huge gifts for me and for the client in that journey. And then women who are looking to recover gain muscle lose fat that was my bread and butter. I’ve been doing that my whole life. So working with athletes, macro counters, crossfitters, athletic women of all ages, but I do specialise mostly in people over 40. So people going through menopause, still gaining muscle, know how to do all those things.

Rachel: What would you say is your vision for where you see your business? 

Shannon: Oh, that’s a great question. That’s a scary answer. I try not to fit. I was joking. I’m a very visual learner. I say, I have to look at my business as the Panama Canal. I go in the one lock and I have to wait till the water comes up. I can’t think too far ahead because then I start to get too excited. Right? So I think for me personally, the honest answer is there’s a plan for me and this otherwise it would not have been dumped in my lap. I think that God has a plan for my business. That’s the honest truth. 

So my vision is, I think my business can be as big as I want it to be. I think it can be fantastic because now I finally have a vehicle. Your content gave me the vehicle and the reason I wanted to come on here and share my story, I’m the one who reached out to you, right? I said, I want to do this, I want to do this because people need to not be afraid to come to you and get help. You can’t do this on your own. 

I’m a go getter. I am relentless in business and I couldn’t do it. Once I got the help, it was like, everything came together. It was amazing, because I always say, it really is a conversation. When there’s so many ideas in the head, but there is still a vision, just explaining and talking to another person who is in this same field, and really going over, what did I take from your vision? And what programs could really fit into that? It then became the perfect marriage. 

Rachel: It did. And as you were saying that I now remember our conversation and I said that. 

What I did was bodybuilding exercise, Personal Training, etc. I call it biological manipulation. That’s what I do. I take clay and I make it into something pretty, but there’s nothing fantastic anymore when you’ve been there 1000 times. It’s very easy to do. 

But what I learned along the way, as I’m older, because I’ll be 50 in just over a week, I’ve learned that people come to me for fitness, but they need stuff that’s so different. I learned that in personal training, two people always came to me for personal training, but they always stayed for another reason. The same was true in coaching. I thought, well, now I have an opportunity to offer them what they really need. 

So it’s not just to pay the bills and give somebody an awesome personal training experience. Now I have an opportunity to explore my passion, truly help someone and make a difference. Because that’s all I want. I just want to make a difference. I want to leave a legacy, that’s a big word, the big L, but I want to make a difference. That’s what I want. I want someone to be and I don’t care if it’s from a free product, a $50 challenge. I want someone to walk away saying that I gave them something that affected them positively. 

Before we wrap this up, what does work for you as far as list building? What do you find to be effective? Live videos, giving away stuff? 

Shannon: I think one of the scariest things for me, my genius friend in internet business, said, Shannon, all that great stuff that you have given away. I thought, Oh, I can’t, that’s all I have. If I give it away, they’ll all go away, and then they’ll never buy anything from it. 

If I could give two bits of advice, it’s, don’t be afraid of going on camera and telling your story. Be vulnerable. Because that’s how you attract your soulmate customer and the ideal client and also get help. Get something going. It doesn’t need to be a huge investment. But get a few free things, get an email. My email server is not that expensive. Get product out and have faith that that will be your planting of your tree for your business. That’s how you do it.

Rachel: So can you tell everyone before we wrap up where they can find you? 

Shannon: Oh, sure. It’s GetInTheLeague.com. Ivy League Fitness and Nutrition. We’re also on Facebook with the same name Ivy League Fitness and Nutrition. We have a great community, we have daily checking posts. So you could have a group. I do have a Facebook group. I have a Facebook coaching group and now I have a gorgeous website. I mean, really, you transformed my business Rachel, you finally got me to the place where I’m able to be successful and I now see that my vision can happen. 

Rachel: Oh, that is so beautiful. Well, guys, if you haven’t gotten inspired by this woman, then something is terribly wrong. So get out of your way. Don’t overthink the process. And just like Shannon said, If you need help, reach out and talk that process out with somebody and see which are the right programs for you. Get your business off the ground and make that dream a reality. Amen. All right, guys. We will see you later. Bye, guys. All right, guys.


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