108. How To Push Past The Fear Of Showing Up On Video

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If you want to make it in the health coaching industry, or any industry, you have to do videos. It’s the best way to increase your visibility and have your ideal client get to know you, like you, and trust you, which is how you stand out from the competition –and video is the number one way to do that.

In today’s quick episode, I talk about the importance of getting on video for your business, even if you have a fear of public speaking like I do. I go through the three pillars to overcome common mental blocks so you can start showing up on video, the technical pieces of setting up your recordings and videos online, and how to make your video unique to you and your business. 

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Hey guys, on this week’s episode, we are going to talk about videos, but I’m going to tell you a little story first. Hopefully, this will help to ease or calm any discomfort or fears you have.

If you’ve ever seen me on a video, or even on social media, you probably think, Oh, she is such an extrovert. The truth is that I do love talking to people, even if I don’t know them. I do love going to parties. But I do get a lot of social anxiety, which is something that I need you to know because it plays into what I’m going to talk about videos. 

Because if you want to make it in this industry, you have to do videos. People need to get to know you. You need to build that know, like, and trust factor. Your videos are the number one way to do that. 

In a sea of people posting captions written by amazing social media, copywriters, or even people who have jammed and done really well on social media, the way that you’re gonna have people get to know you and stand out are those videos. 

How I Approached My Fear Of Speaking In Front Of People

So back to this story. I have had major anxiety in my whole life. I’ve had this even when I was a young kid. I had a fear of public speaking. I had a fear of doing videos, and I knew because I heard Marie Forleo say this, I heard Fabian Frederic say this, when I first started coaching, you have to do videos if you want to make it in the industry. 

So this is even me saying this. This is because I listened. I did what I was told to do by people I admired and looked up to. They weren’t my direct mentors, but they were my business mentors. I mean, I did go to the B School, I did attend a few of Fabian’s events. But I would say that they were people that I knew, knew what they were talking about. And so I better listen up. 

When I came into this industry, I still had that fear of speaking. One thing that I heard my school that Institute for Integrative Nutrition say is that you had to do speaking events. I don’t mean a room full of 1000s of people. Just even doing a workshop, my heart sunk. I was like, wait, I thought I’m gonna work with one on one clients. Why are we talking about workshops? Oh, my goodness, what the heck am I gonna do? I was freaking out. I was freakin beyond belief. So I knew that I had to get over the fear. 

I tell you this story, because every time I did a workshop, I would be shaking, even my eye would be twitching. I would always start off the workshop by saying, guys, I’m a little nervous to talk to you in this sphere in space. But my mission to change the world as far as food allergies, gut health, women struggling with an autoimmune, and then how to navigate your family’s health so you don’t have your kids go down that path. That is my purpose. So just bear with me as I take a few deep breaths. 

I tell you that because I always let everyone know. So number one is you don’t have to show up perfect and feel that anxiety and think that everyone’s gonna see you feeling nervous. You can also let them know, this is not the way that you communicate the best and just lighten up the air mostly for yourself. 

I tell you this also because number two, videos are really important because they give you practice for also speaking at large events, doing podcast, doing videos and video series, taking a challenge and making a video series doing a kickoff or wrap up call. Even doing promotional list-building videos. They give you that practice zone. 

The 3 Pillars To Help You Start Showing Up On Video

But how do you actually start? This comes totally inspired because I had a session with one of my favorite clients. And she was like, I know what I’m talking about. But I’m scared. So I told her this exact story, shortened in length. But this got me totally inspired to make this week’s Healthy Hustle episode about how do you push past that fear. 

Now it is a mindset. That’s of course pillar one. You have to believe in yourself. You most importantly have to believe in yourself. Number two, you’ve got to believe in your why and your purpose. That’s going to feed into the mindset of being able to push past the fear because the only difference between those who fail and those who succeed is were you willing to push past that fear? 

Third pillar, let go of what people think about you. It’s when you decide to come into the online space or even if you’re working with people one on one, but you’re still building your list in the online space or even locally, we have to get over our fears. I mean, we have to not care what somebody is going to think of us because the truth is, we’re not pizza. We can’t please everyone. And the truth is, I’m gluten-free and intolerant to cheese, so I don’t get to eat pizza very often. So if you’re in the same boat, hashtag I get it. So let’s get back to what you need to do. 

The Technical Side Of Setting Up Your Videos

My big suggestion is, number one, start doing unlisted videos. The easiest way to do this is you can shoot it with your camera, you can shoot it with the camera on your screen. I use a Logitech camera, it makes it much clearer and they’re not expensive guys, let me just tell you exactly what I use. A Logitech 1080 P. So Hd 1080 paid. So worth it. I got it on Amazon. And it’s made a huge difference from my videos. So keep it unlisted. 

What are you going to talk about? Go into the arsenal of content that you have, whether you have it from us, our done for you blogs, done for you newsletters, done for you programs that has blogs, freebies, maybe you have workshops from us as a challenge. You’re gonna decide what you’re going to talk about. 

If you’re extremely nervous to start riffing and start talking, then I highly suggest a PowerPoint, or something that you can screen share. The best places to do screen share, I think per zoom, and I also love loom on Chrome. That would work off your built-in camera. It would be good if I could talk today Pete’s building camera or something like your Logitech. 

You also can get really fancy and use a camera that is on a video setting. But I don’t do that. So I can’t speak to that. So you can do it, but you can’t do screen sharing with that. So I wouldn’t do that anyway. So you’re going to screen share the PowerPoint. 

Introductions and Editing Your Video In A Way That Makes Sense For Your Business

Make sure that you do a nice intro. This is where I love that hot hope that we thought developed. My name is X and I specialize in X. I help people who are struggling with 123 so they can achieve ABC and in today’s video I am talking about XX. That is how you have to kick off that video. Really simple intro, you can get into more specific strategic ways that you do videos. 

But look, I will tell you from this, I don’t do editing, I never have. It’s not that I never will. But it’s not something that I put on the top priority list. I do videos that I know are going to educate, they’re going to inspire. They’re going to teach my ideal client something that I wish I would have known. I did this in my health business when I had Rachel’s Wellness for a solid five years, and I’ve done this with Your Health Coach Biz.com are done for you programs. 

I always think about what I wish I would have known and how can I make this easier for my client? Go through the PowerPoint slide. If you’re making many videos off a challenge, the best way is to go through screen share each day talk about that day or bring somebody into your kitchen. You’re not screen sharing. Then the easiest way is to do it through zoom. Or you can use your camera on your phone, make it easy, shoot that video, upload your video to Vimeo vi m e o.com. Leave it unlisted, especially if you are doing this in a mini-course. 

But I really want you to be on YouTube. The reason the difference between Vimeo and YouTube is Vimeo doesn’t suggest a next video, which is really nice when you’re wanting people to go through a course. Or maybe you’re doing this as a masterclass, and you want to keep it unlisted. But if you’re looking to list build, then I would highly suggest going on YouTube. 

Still to this day I do Facebook ads. I didn’t start out doing Facebook ads. People always tell me, I found you because of your videos on YouTube. And this is the same for when I had Rachel’s Wellness to now. 

So please, not don’t just look at those videos as another social media platform. Look at it as a way to build that know like and trust factor with your ideal client. Look at it as a way for your ideal client to get to know your personality, which is what separates you from every other coach in the same niche. Maybe even talking the same game. You’re going to be different but nobody’s really going to know that unless they hear you on video.

How To use Videos To Build Your List

 So do these unlisted videos again, to recap, take the video, upload that to Vimeo if you’re doing it in a masterclass series, unlisted. For example, a masterclass series, you sign up for the challenge, you get video number one. Say the challenge is five days. You have a video for each day. I would put that on Vimeo. If you want to have that on YouTube and your list building maybe it’s a masterclass that you sign up for, you can. 

You want the sign up to maybe be a quiz leading to that master class. But you can also do a little snippet of that video on YouTube showcasing and talking about the master class that this person wants to sign up or even the quiz. There are so many different ways to build your list. 

Whenever you’ve bought something that has actually solidified that, that reason that you buy, most often –yes, it is the product, but we often buy because of who is behind the product. Those visuals and those videos and have us fall in love with that person. I know that every person that I have bought from it was their personality and their product that combined. So remember, the best way to increase your visibility and have your ideal client get to know you is video. I hope this was easy, easy to follow. Quick Tip. 

I hope that you have a kick ass day. Keep it real, don’t overwhelm yourself and make sure that you definitely nail this. Practice makes perfect, but do it with imperfect action. Alright guys, do it scared. You’ve got this. It’s your purpose. It’s your why

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