112. Shifting Your Money Mindset, Stepping Into Abundance & Charging Your Worth

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If you’re running a health coaching business, it’s essential to build a strong money mindset. Am I saying it’s easy? No. But it’s 100% worth it. I struggled a lot with money mindset when I first started my business. But when I let go of that perfection and started having compassion for myself, I was finally able to step into that money mindset of abundance and charge my worth. And if I can do it, you certainly can, too.

In today’s episode, I am talking about why money mindset is a significant factor in your success, how to take charge of your money mindset, ten steps to help you open your mindset to more abundance, and what you can do today to start charging your worth. 

This episode is jammed-packed with everything you need to help you bust through any money blocks you have and start attracting abundance (and clients) in your health coaching business.

Hey guys, this week on Healthy Hustle, I want to talk about money mindset. Because in the beginning of coaching, this was something that I struggled with terribly. Trust me. 

Let me just break down the numbers. I was charging $197 a month and I made about $12,500 that year, so do the math on how many people I was seeing. I wish that I could go back in time, and would have charged my worth. 

But one thing that got in the way a lot for me was that empathy. Because I had an autoimmune and ulcerative colitis, I’d been on life support. Every time that I would think about charging my worth, not only would that self-confidence come up, and that self-worth, but also that empathy. 

So I want to talk about why money mindset is a big factor in your success, how to take charge of your money, mindset, steps to open your mindset to more abundance and charge your worth. 

An Inside Look At Your Money Mindset

So how is your money mindset? I know for me, I struggled with this. I think it’s also some of the family ties that I have to money. My family, my mom came from money. I think when there are times where you’ve come from money, and you feel like you’ve gotten everything that you got in life, not because well, because that money was passed down, there can sometimes be these weird karmic ties. 

There sometimes can be poor money habits, poor money relationship that’s passed down. So before we even go into this class, think of how you’ve been taught your money mindset. Think of how your parents have affected that money mindset, and what you need to change to get away from that and to really move to the next place. 

So do you ever feel like the money just doesn’t flow as easily as it should? Does it seem like everyone else is getting rich, while you’re struggling with debt and barely making ends meet, or everyone else is coaching, but you’re not? 

Excuses We Make Around Charging Our Worth

We can change our perspective on what money is and how to use it. Now we’re going to find much greater success in life. So we first have to stop this kind of talk, my client doesn’t have the money they do. They’re just spending the money elsewhere. 

That’s why it’s really important when you’re talking about your packages and your offerings, to remind that potential client, when you’re on a discovery call, this is only going to be an investment of $597 a month. Think about how much that is per day, think about how this will change your life because we just discussed the following issues, 12345. Really get used to doing sales, soulful sales. The only way that we can do soulful sales is to have the right money mindset. 

Another talk that I hear is, I don’t know enough, therefore, I can’t charge this much. You know more than enough. You are worthy, and you set your value. So it’s not about empathy. Empathy for others shouldn’t cost you a living, and that’s what it was doing for me. So is it doing that for you, too? Can give without taking away from yourself? Do you have empathy for yourself, your stress, your health, your own finances? 

Letting Go Of Perfection & Having Compassion For Yourself 

Something that I realized is I didn’t have compassion for myself in those areas. That’s something that I’ve had to learn, I would say in the last few years. Because I was always so tough on myself. I’m a recovering perfectionist. If you’ve ever seen me do a video on my office, I have a Fuck Perfect pillow from society6.com Because I have to be reminded to let go about perfection. 

When we let go of that perfection, we can have compassion. We can also step into a money mindset of abundance. Because we know that that energy of charging, we’re going to change someone’s life, the energy of charging and getting paid for what you do is going to change somebody’s life is empathy or self-sabotage showing up. Again, these were things that just kept hitting me. 

The truth is there are people that don’t struggle with this, but me with being an autoimmune and somebody who felt that they needed to be perfect and some self-confidence issues. I always talk about this. So if you are in this situation, know that you’re not alone. Know that if somebody like me who struggles with the same things can overcome that, you can too.

Where Money Mindset Issues Show Up

So how does money mindset issues show up when you are sick or you do have an autoimmune or there is mystery diagnosis? There’s usually a lack of self-belief. So we get into that lack lack lack attitude, something like why can’t I eat the same foods when people go out so I’m not going to go out or we have projection or we have avoidance or we have self-sabotage. See if any of these belief systems are running the show for you. 

Why is it important to build a strong money mindset? You will attract abundance, you will charge your worth, you will easily get clients, you will avoid self-sabotage, and you’ll have more success because of your own belief. So how do we actually do that? 

I know for me, Tony Robbins listening and doing some of his programs has been very instrumental. I know for some people, they go to a retreat. For me, being in trauma therapy has been extremely helpful because I do a type of therapy that redefines old memories and allows me to push past the stored beliefs that I have about myself. 

So what I’m trying to say to you is, if you’re struggling, look inward. What’s going on inward? Whether you’re an introvert an extrovert, we have to look at what is stopping us from having that money mindset and charging our worth. 

10 Ways To Manifest More Money

So 10 ways to manifest more money. Number one, give up control. Number two, let go of everything without a purpose. Number three, declutter your emotions. Number four, take action. Number five, be grateful for the smallest sign. Number six, adopt a success mindset. Number seven, give when you’re lacking. Number eight, my Biggie one, watch your words, watch that playlist that you have going on in your head, which leads us to, Number nine, create a success playlist, motivational talks, inspirational music. Number 10. acknowledge, the fear. 

So what does it mean to give up control? You have a specific intent to the universe to deliver what you need, it’s in its own way. So you’re actually getting it in your own way, and find it’s much often better and much more generous than the rigid outcome you’re expecting. So let go. Let go of what no longer holds a purpose. If you want change to happen, make room for it. Get rid of old clothes, furniture, knickknacks, even an old car that maybe you’ve been sitting on and saying, it’s time for a new one. 

What you are doing when you declutter is letting the universe know that you are ready for better things. Even better, you’re literally making room for abundance. Declutter your emotion. It’s all well and good decluttering your closet in your office, but make sure you spring clean, you fall clean those other areas of your life. 

Do a seasonal cleanse. Cleanse emotions each season. What habits and thoughts have you been clinging on to that no longer serve you? Let go of them, fire them, give them permission, do a write and burn. If you don’t know what a writing burn is, you’re going to write down all of these negative emotions. You’re going to go outside, please don’t do this inside. You’re going to burn that paper and release that energy. 

Take action. A journey begins with one step, small steps to massive action. But you only take that step. If you’re sitting still, what does that actually mean? You’re going to get into your thoughts sit still be in that meditation and then say what do I need to take action? By signaling your intent to the universe by taking action this can be the most powerful manifestation technique possible. So sit in meditation, sit and visualization. 

Make sure that you’re doing your affirmations and your I am statements. Be grateful. Remember that when it comes to manifesting, sometimes the smallest action can cause the biggest paradigm shift. For example, picking up a time and thanking the universe for beginning of money being attracted to you is the start of more flowing in. Don’t overlook that time adopted success mindset. 

Someone still clinging to the old negative self messages like I’m doomed to be poor. And remember, this can also be passed down to you. This thinking will end up blocking abundance at every turn. There’s no magic to overcoming us. It’s a shift in the mindset. 

Simply make the resolution that from the moment forth will focus on successes in life. And that is it. Seeing all the ways in which you do move towards a better life can be the most powerful manifest station involved. Think of it if you actually write down all of these things that you have success in and start adopting that abundance mindset. 

This is going to trickle not just into the money mindset but this is going to bring your confidencein. You’re gonna have better sex, you’re gonna lose weight with ease, you’re gonna have a better autoimmune. Trust me. Trust me, trust me. Gauge when you’re lacking. Pay it forward and things are really tight. 

There’s a natural tendency to go into fear mode. We all have this and we focus on the big hole in the boat. This leads towards vibrations as we let fear paralyze us. Next time you are facing tough financial times, look outward. Donate your time to a cause. It doesn’t have to be money. Give when giving it hurts is a powerful way to raise vibration and signal your trust to the universe. 

Watch your words. Words can be extremely powerful and they can create your reality. Eliminate words that just disempower. Take them away, like someday or one day or in the future. Get into, I deserve this abundance now. My ideal client deserves to pay me the money that I’m worth. I am worth charging my worth. 

Create a success playlist. It’s a well-known fact that scientifically that music can energize or depress. Create a playlist for yourself that fills you with beauty, hope and energy. Play while you’re working ,play while you’re taking a break, play whenever you need a soul boost. 

The last one is to acknowledge that fear. Being positive is not about denial. It’s about yelling from the mountaintops, I opened myself to abundance around me. When you’ve just lost your biggest client, because your gut will tell you really thoroughly that that is crazy. Think of it. I lost this client because this wasn’t a right alignment. Start looking at the lessons and not just what’s happening. 

What can you do right now to set your work, set your value, your sessions, and your offerings really know what you offer? I don’t just mean, I’m a coach and I offer this program. Think about how that program is going to change this person’s life. It’s not how many sessions are included your group coaching program, it’s what’s going to bring value to that program so you can charge your worth? How can you really position and set it up so you believe in that program? Push that comfort zone. Own your worth. 

Remember, abundance is waiting for you be open. Stop telling old money mindset stories, you deserve the money and most importantly, there are clients who deserve you. 

So remember, guys, if you’re struggling with money mindset, I hope this week’s podcast of the Healthy Hustle made you understand that you’re not alone. We all go through this. I went from charging $197 a month to $297 to $350 to $397 to $450 to $497. And then my prices of course for my single sessions increased exponentially to the point that I got to $550 an hour. And then for $2500 a month or $5500 a month for VIP client. It is possible. I’m telling you, it took me a little time. I’m one of those people that dealt with a lot of money mindset issues like self-worth and self-confidence. So you’re not alone. If I can do it, you can do it too. Take it easy, guys.

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