113. How To Define Your Purpose So You Can Show Up With Confidence & Scale Your Business

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What do you want to be known for? When you really dig deep and define the purpose of your business, everything else tends to fall into place. Confidence and high-quality content are just some of the benefits that come from determining what you want to be known for. Remember that the why behind your health business is so much bigger than the fear and overwhelm you experience along the way.

In today’s episode, I talk about why you need to define your purpose and how it will help you grow your health coaching business. Learn why creating content that reflects your purpose will help you confidently show up for your audience, how to come up with high-quality content, and the importance of adjusting your offers based on buyer psychology, plus so much more.

It is Rachel Feldman. I wanted to first say hi, and to tell you to take a deep breath. Today, I’m gonna direct you through a few very simple steps. 

One is you may be sitting there saying, Great, I don’t know why I don’t get clients. I don’t know my niche. I feel like I serve everyone. Deep breath. 

Declaring What You Want To Be Known For

I want you to think of your dream client, I want you to think of either the trials and tribulations that you went through, the steps that you got to get yourself better, or that you help somebody else. All these experiences in your life, I want you to solo focus and niche down. The reason that we do that is you can have all these other elements, elements of God, or elements of mindset or elements of no blood sugar, but I want you to declare what you want to be known for. 

It feels scary, but guess what? You have to start otherwise, you really don’t know if it’s going to work for you. I guarantee starting is going to be better than feeling like a failure and sitting on the sidelines. 

One of the coaches that I talked to this morning, Samantha Hall, who I literally talked to three years ago, and she had the same vision. She said this morning, I’m buying the holistic health course because this is everything I believe in and I know I have to do this. 

Why Confidence Follows Eliminating Overwhelm

What is that inner calling? Your purpose, it’s not even, Oh, is my person going to love this? I want you first to step out of the overwhelm of, are people gonna sign up or somebody couldn’t not hire me. That’s all imposter syndrome fears. It’s also fears of not being as confident in our conviction. And that’s what we help with is to giving you that content so you are confident to do the workshop, confident to go live. Because you’re teaching that live off a PowerPoint. You’re comfortable to go live or do a pre-recorded video off a PowerPoint, or talking about the benefits of the freebie because you have it in front of you and you’re not wasting time creating it. 

We want you to do what you’ve seen from above where I shared the different screenshots of just a few coaches. We all start out with no list. We all start out with no website. We all start out with no programs, no idea where to start. But we have to start. 

Establishing Your Baseline & What You Want To Be Known For

I really want you to one, number one, sit quietly and say, What do I want to be known for? What in all of these topics of health and wellness, what makes the most sense for me? For me, it was the gut. I firmly believe that all disease begins in the gut. The reason that I also focused and taught in these teaching pillars for my business about detox is that I 1,000,000% believe that it’s the toxins that truly stop us from getting healthy and keep us in this vicious cycle. This vicious autoimmune cycle, this vicious cycle of chronic fatigue, all the things that I dealt with all the things that I experienced. 

So I focused on gut. I focused on detox. I started talking about weight loss done differently because I had a detox. I also had a paleo program knowing that these were great base lines for me. When I say baselines, they were great starting places for me to teach. Teach on the reasons why you’re not getting better and bring you to the core offer that makes the most sense. 

If somebody downloaded a gut offer from me in my 1:1 discovery call going to either talk about working with me and doing a personalized month based on food allergies and gut and detoxification. Or you are going to take that higher touch, higher ticket option, which was my eight week gut restore. I added an extra month because if somebody was going to do that three-month opportunity, I wanted them to know the steps. 

So I put a detox first. That was our baseline. Once we got our baseline, we then transition to the next program. Not only did it help me in my sales calls, but it also helped me to start understanding the signature offers that I needed for my ideal client. Ones that I knew would really showcase my core beliefs. 

Make Your Freebies Reflect Your Core Offer

Then my freebies and my workshops were much easier to choose from. I declared this is what I do. I’m going to be known for and I picked three freebies: one for the front of my site., one that I would know could be LinkedIn to blogs or on the sidebar on my website, and then another one that focused more on the element of essential oils, because I was strongly building my company, my doTERRA business back then. 

Those three freebies directly led to the offer that made the most sense. Like I said, the gut one lead to that core offer, my detox one. I talked about detox and food allergies and garden, all the stuff that I know now you get to say, what is the freebie that makes the most sense? This freebie is going to solve the problem of my ideal client. So you can then choose and say, well, what workshops would help me to create this visibility? 

Creating Content That Your Audience Easily Digests

Furthermore, this also helps you to create the content that you’re actually going to show up whenever a business coach or somebody who’s helping you create a business plan says, What are you going to be doing the next three months? We, especially heart-based entrepreneurs, have a little panic, because when you have three workshops, guess what? That’s how you create a high engaging Facebook group. Come in and do that class a month. Or do that as pre recorded videos that you can upload to YouTube. Have that as a library, little masterclasses so that people find you, people hire you because they’ve digested solution-based content. They’re digesting. 

When they become a buyer, an actual conversion happens because they have seen what they need to then take that next step. So I want you to really think about the expansiveness of your business. I know it can feel overwhelming. 

How Free Content Can Give You Confidence

I would say, at the most fundamental level, the reason that I love these freebies and workshops is it gave me the confidence to pitch to podcasts, because I had a freebie to give. It gave me the confidence to pitch to brick and mortar that already had existing lists and say, can I take over your newsletter for this month? Or can I contribute? I have a free guide. It gave me the confidence to call, walk-in email, and to pitch my potential workshops that could truly be of help for this person, like a chiropractor, Women’s Wellness Center, health food store, Doctors. I mean, the list is endless. Yoga studios, your gym. 

I built so many relationships because I always showed up and I said, this is the content I can teach on. I want to show you what this workshop would be like. People were blown away. They were blown away by how nicely it was formatted the higher-level information. It really allowed me to then expand that visibility as I got really comfortable with doing videos. 

Still to this day. Hint, hint, hint hint, is that you may be really scared to do videos, but you have to get over yourself. This business is not about you. It is packed with all your experiences, your trials and tribulations, your hero journey, weaving through these problems. But this is all about, helping you to create this visibility so that you get more comfortable speaking to your ideal client, in a solution based way. 

These classes still today that I did on YouTube, they are still the number one reason where people find me. I have done Facebook ads, I only started doing Facebook ads in year five of my business. So that means all the visibility that I had created was work on YouTube. I did that with two young kids. I did it because I made sure that I held true to my goals and my commitment. 

Your Why Is Bigger Than Your Fear

My commitment was to give it my all and throughout my fear because my why is so much bigger than my fear. If you don’t know anything about me, I have a massive fear of speaking in public. I always have and it was a great medium for me to use the digital space as a way to bring people to my one on one. Still to this day coaches will say that they have found me by googling it was the videos. Google is related to YouTube, YouTube is a search engine machine.

As you choose the programs, I want you to think, what is my dream client, ideal client struggling with? Number one. Number two. How does this make a cohesive story with my business? What am I going to offer and why? Who does it best serve? 

So when we think of that, I want you to also abandon whatever was telling you, I want you to go back into that state of intention and intuition. Say to yourself, are you more comfortable teaching in groups or one on one? Make a clear distinction today, make a clear decision on where you’re going to focus. Because if we’re focusing everywhere, we’re going to get diluted. 

Adjusting Your Offers Based On Your Buyers

So I want you to really be honest with yourself and where you thrive in your coaching business. For me, I wanted to build a one on one. It was only later that I added a do it yourself and group, in which I use the same programs. Unless I was teaching something else like adrenals and stress and mindset. But I only created those opportunities, because not everyone was right for my one on one. That’s the psychology of your buyer. 

What I also realized is not everyone needed one on one. Some of you may be building platform, your entire business platform around a membership model, around groups. You can do everything with our content, you can brand it, you can edit it, you can chop it up, you can create your signature online course, you can create your signature offer, you can teach masterclasses intensives there are so many different things. You can teach masterclasses, share your 90 minutes, and you will see that there’s usually a price of like $97, because that’s a great entry offer. 

For many of you that you envision yourself in your one on one, think about these entry offers, think about these little low-cost incentives for somebody to truly get a taste. They naturally upsell to your one on one. The same goes for if you’re doing workshops, and your goal is to launch your program in January, or you have a launch that you’re planning for February, April, June, September, October, November, early parts of December. This applies to really everything. 

Why Your Content Still Has To Solve Your Client’s Problems

When you think about creating visability, I don’t want to hear you’re frustrated. Many other coaches who tell me, I’m doing everything right, I created my Instagram, I created all my social media avenues, and people aren’t finding me. Remember, we have to put ourselves out there, we have to put high value content that solves our ideal client’s problems. 

Take a deep breath. I’ve said that, but abandon all your fear, abandon all your negative thoughts. Think, in my dream business, I envision working with people that have these issues. I know that these are definitely issues that my ideal client has because people always come to me with those issues. People have always, asked me about these relevant issues because they see me as being the expert. People already see you as an expert. So abandon this fear that you don’t know enough, you do. 

So you’re going to sit there and say, what is going to be on my one on one offers? Or if my goal is to launch a group in January, what is the goal and the intention of that program? Where am I leading them? Some of you are going to circle back to your one on one. Some of you are going to lead them to a membership, a learning course. 

Lessening The Overwhelm With Structure

There are so many different kinds of ways to coach that the possibilities are really endless. That’s the exciting part. Where we get overwhelmed is often when we feel like we don’t know where to start. So I would say start with your three freebies. Start with your workshops. Make a commitment and say for December, January, February, or for January, February, March or whenever you’re seeing that, what am I going to talk about each month so you have structure. In that structure, you’re going to lessen the overwhelm. You’re not going to lessen the fear here that to be really the coaches that we need to be in this world.

It’s going to be scary. But when you have content that works, that it’s high-value teaching content, it’s much easier to show up. Take that chance. I promise you, you’re not going to fall. So what I want you to do is in the videos below. I’m going to take you through a few different options on what you can do. For those of you who are like, I need a little more. It’s all good. We’ve got your back. 

Big Love to you guys. Coming into your purpose, believe that you’re meant to do this. I do.

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