115. Why Rachel’s Done For You Programs Can Reduce The Overwhelm Of Starting A Business with Ruchika Behal

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If you’re just starting your health coaching journey, Done For You Programs can help you gain momentum as you start, build, and scale your business. Not only do they help you build trust with your audience and get new clients in the door (and on your list), but when used strategically, these programs can reduce the overwhelm of creating content so you can focus on helping your clients thrive.

In today’s episode, I talk to Ruchika Behal about her experience with the Done For You Programs on YourHealthCoachBiz.com. Ruchika tells us exactly why she chose to invest in these programs, how she has made them her own, and how they’ve been beneficial to her practice. She also shares the benefits she’s received from being part of the Your Health Coach Biz community.

Connect with Ruchika:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nourishyourlife
Website: https://www.ruchikabehal.com/

Rachel: Hey guys, this is Rachel Feldman, I am so excited to be here with Ruchika. She has been so kind to give some time today to talk about her experience with the done for you programs, and to tell you how she has used them and how they’ve been beneficial to her practice. Can you tell me I know you bought I don’t even know how many seasons you bought. 

Ruchika: To be honest, I’ve been doing it since 2014. January, oh, my God. I get all seasons. In the Summer, I just don’t work. So I don’t get summer but I get all seasons. Somebody even said to me the other day, how many have you done and I’m like, what? I should keep a little board that says how many I’ve done because I don’t even know. 

Rachel: When I get to talk to coaches like you have bought so many and also get to see how they transform and how they change \season to season because I think a lot of coaches also think that it’s just the same, like maybe we change our recipes. But it’s really totally new content for the detoxes.

Ruchika: Sometimes you need the new recipes, too, because you feel fine. I mean, you need new recipes. People want to try new stuff.

Rachel: Well, even when people have asked me about writing it, I always say no, I literally forced myself not even to look at the past one. I just write because I know my clients, they wouldn’t just come –I mean, they would. A lot of people would come back just for recipes– but they want new content they want. There needs to be a new theme. 

Each season, we’re supporting different organs. So you want to educate people, you want to also teach them about it. Also, it’s never just the food on our plate. You want to teach them about different ways to de-stress and stuff like that. So tell me what you have done with the done for you programs?

Ruchika: Let me start with why I really got the first half of your program in 2013 November. That’ll really say why I got into it, or I got hooked into it. I really like to use that word. So 2013 November, I was graduating from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I was seeing a lot of coaches around me sort of stuck and not doing anything, or really at the spot where they had left after the graduation. And I just didn’t want to be one of those. 

I attended one of your webinars, probably the winter launch, which was the middle of. So I know the dates that you do. Sometimes I throw it out on Facebook before. So it was about 19th of November is when you were doing the launch.

Rachel: Yeah. I don’t think they’ve changed. I’m methodical with my dates. I’m a little witchy when it comes to like, Okay, that’s a good day. I’m almost like a football player.

Ruchika: I like that because the other day somebody asked on one of the forums. When is the spring one coming? Before you could respond, I just went and said, I think it’s usually this date. I like the predictability of it. it gives me time to plan and it ties in with the equinox and the solstice as well. 

So the reason I got it the first year was, I didn’t want to be stuck. Truly, I sold my first detoxes within a month of getting it through you. I sold four of them. That was 14th of January, I sold them at $37. I know I broke all the rules on the pricing, but I didn’t want to be stuck. And there’s been no looking back. 

I really incorporated these into my personal life with all my clients, whether they are my one on one coaching or whether they are my group coaching clients. So it’s really been if I could use the word Launchpad. It’s really been that for me.

Why Price Points Don’t Matter If They Get Clients In The Door

Rachel: It’s interesting because you say, “I break all the rules and I hear this all the time.” I see coaches who are like, I’m going for that $99. They’re like, nobody’s signing up, nobody’s signing up. 

I always think of Ryan Deiss, who is this marketing genius master, and a lot of people know him. He always talks about having that lead magnet program. Oh, you’ll have that program that get somebody in there. And for some people, it isn’t the $99 price. For other people, it’s just $37. What if a $37 or $47 brings a person into your business gets them to start trusting you? If you’re a new coach, and nobody knows you, nobody knows that you’ve been coaching that’s where you’re building trust.

I almost feel like those programs those pantry shopping net these are content so you’re building trust and visibility and so I in the forums actually say to people, Hey guys, what about this? I’ve had people who say, I’m going to give this for $27. If you can get even 20 people, but you lead them to a one on one, or you lead them to a 30-minute session or strategy session, they will come back I guarantee you. You convert them, and they will come back for the next detox when you will you raise your price.

Ruchika: Absolutely. And that’s how it’s been for me. All the year, I’ve heard this word sales funnel. It didn’t make sense to me. I heard the list building, it didn’t make sense to me. So after graduating, it was a good thing that I invested in the program, I got the rock star. It gave me a list. It gave me an idea of what to do with it, what it meant to be in business. As a new coach, you’re just overwhelmed with the website creating this fantastic loving opt in. I did make changes around what resonated with me, who I was and stuff but it gave me a good chance to start without getting overwhelmed. But the other things that really hold people back?

Reducing The Overwhlem Of Gaining Momentum In Your Business

Rachel: Well, it’s interesting, because I remember sitting in school listening, and all I heard was build your list, build your list, build your list. I was like, what does that mean? I really remember sitting there doing my modules. I was panicking. What am I building my list with? When I got out of school, it wasn’t like the internet is today where there wasn’t really FloDesk at that time, Fiverr wasn’t really around. And if it was, nobody really knew about it. You didn’t have online forums of people saying I’m a virtual assistant. 

So I remember coming out and I was like, I don’t know how to make Word look pretty. I don’t know how to make anything look pretty. So I didn’t know how to do this. I didn’t even know that there were graphic designers that made things pretty. So all I knew was build a list. I saw other coaches with these really pretty things and so that’s why when I created Rockstar, or even Paleo and Revitalize. I was like, you need these list builders. It isn’t just about getting a site and say nine to 15 minute sessions. If you don’t have a list to build, or even if you just get 20 people on that list. If you can speak to 20 people and really develop that trust, they will become your followers and people that buy from you.

Ruchika: Right? That’s what it’s been for me. So the last two years 2014 January to almost February 2016, exactly two years ago, but that’s what it’s been for me using those lists, getting my own ideas. Because sometimes when you’re straight out of school, you don’t know what best way to begin. The whole logistics of setting it down, it gets overwhelming. So I got myself in motion, started seeing clients. I think that’s what starts when you have one time, it gives you the confidence that I can do this. When people see results without me having to get bogged down about creating this perfect looking piece of paper or document that was fit for me.

Why I Created Done For You Programs

Rachel: Well, it’s interesting that you say that because somebody asked me a long time ago,  why did you create this? Did you become just a business coach and create programs? I was like, No, I actually was fumbling myself with handouts with clients, pulling recipes off of sites, trying to make them look nice to send to my clients and from place of just saying like, Oh, here’s a great recipe, this looks wonderful. Or go buy this book this looks great for you. No. 

They were great books. They were from Mark Hyman, they were from our teachers so I respected them. I would say, Great, let’s read this book, or let’s read Donna Gates, and let’s do this. But what I realized is, wow, it was so much nicer if I could give my client a starting place. And that’s what it became for me: a starting place to say okay, here are some lifestyle changes that we’re going to do. Here’s a handout. Things were laid out and step by step and pretty easy. 

I didn’t have to give a whole program. I think that’s what I try to say to coaches all the time. The programs don’t mean that you have to give a whole program. If you just want to give somebody a guide, give them a diet. If you just want to give them a food diary. If you just want to give them pieces half of the time. When I blog, I blog from a program and I’ll just take a snippet of the program on like phytic acid, how to soak, how to soak brown rice or something, and that becomes a blog.

Ruchika: Now I’ve learned a lot just hanging around into forums. It’s been really a good learning experience for me.

Rachel: Well, what I love about it is that it isn’t just me in the forums. There are other coaches that are in there, I think truly dedicated to helping each other, not competition, which is, I believe, so hard to find. I don’t see that narcissists hey, look, I got this. It’s really like, Hey, this is what I did. If anyone wants to check this out, this is what really worked for me. So it’s this. 

It’s this support and this love that is really hard to find in this day and age in this world. I think we all have realized that there’s a space for each one of us. If we can support each other, it just makes the journey just enjoyable and you just have that bigger Magic community.

How To Make A Done For You Program Your Own

Now have you bought other programs than Rockstar? Do you always stay with Rockstar?

Ruchika: So I’ve done the Rockstar, I’ve done the Base Date. That’s what I usually get season. I’ve also done the Revitalize, the Paleo Vegan version. 

Rachel: And what have you done with Revitalize?

Ruchika: So with the Revitalize have definitely used the weight loss program for there. That’s one of my favorites. 

Rachel: Yeah, a great way to get people in because sometimes people understand the word weight loss, a lot of that digestive block or energy or something else like that. 

Ruchika: With the Revitalize, I haven’t done it like a complete 20 Day program. But I use the ebooks. I use them all the time. I don’t have to create a new document each time for everybody.

Rachel: Well, and what I love about those ebooks is they really focus on taking somebody step by step just really chunks like, hey, on this day, let’s really focus on putting yourself first. Think about five things, or five ways that you can put yourself first today. So it’s really taking somebody when I wrote that program, and I thought about what I wanted to do, or what I wanted my client to go through, I thought about a very busy person. And taking somebody step by step through transforming their life.

Rachel: And daily email as well, sometimes. Even with the weight loss when I wrote that, I thought weight loss is not just about the food on your plate. It’s about giving somebody a guide to step back and nourish yourself. When we look at programs, we think that it’s just food. So past food, it’s about self-care, self love, everything. And that’s why the programs are different. I think that’s why so many coaches come back because there’s that content in there that can go into spirit, body and mind and those different components as well.

Ruchika: I’ll tell you why your programs work. It’s not the content. I’m serious. That’s not bad that I missed the interview on Tuesday, I wanted to tell you, there’s a campaign in touch with you for two years, but we’ve never spoken to you, but you’ve been a part of my life. And it’s just the willingness to share stuff with on the forum, you don’t hold back anything with the fear that I could be almost raising capacitors here, you do not have that.

Rachel: Ah, that is for me, honestly, and I’ve said this always that I feel like my job. Because I hear so many times coaches saying I spent five grand at this school, I spend another five grand at this school, I bought every program. Now I know there are great programs out there. And there are great opt in freebies that I see. And they’re great tests. 

But what I’ve found is I bought one program once and I was really disappointed. Because there was not only could I not apply it and I couldn’t do anything with it. But there was no support. I was like, how am I supposed to have success with this? So when I see coaches and talk to them, and I talked to a lot of them, when you don’t have that support, then you stay stuck. 

So you have to get into a place. But I always say you have to be gentle with yourself because some people get it real quick. Yes, you get 50 right away. But what I love that you spoke about is that yes, you broke all the rules in the beginning but do have a sustainable business. I think that’s so important for coaches to hear is,  don’t quit keep working at it. Keep learning But stay consistent. Because what you learn and what you apply is, then you have this profitable business that, that feels good. And you also make it to what is significant for you.

Ruchika: Absolutely, absolutely. You said Friday, and I’ve recommended this program to a lot of new coaches, a lot of people were asking around, and some have been very local to me. And they’ve always had that questioning look, that, why would you want to share this with us? And I say, because I truly have, if I’ve learned one thing from Rachel, is that there is a time and place for everybody. Everybody can survive in the same place. We all attract different people. So I think I really have learned that one thing from you. 

Rachel: Thank you so much. It’s interesting because as I said to you before we interviewed, I said, I don’t have questions. This is whatever you want to say, whatever comes out of your heart is what this interview was meant to be. 

Ruchika: I just really from my heart, truly, nobody said that if I didn’t say your life wouldn’t be any different. But I wouldn’t be. No, my life is different. If you hadn’t had this would still continue the way you word, it would probably be different if I hadn’t said it. But that I had to say it too. 

Rachel: Thank you so much. Can you share with everyone where they can find you? If they want to find out and see. I always say to coaches, check other coaches out. Don’t steal what they’re doing. Admire what they’re doing and look. Can you tell people where they can find you? Your site, Facebook.

Ruchika: So my website is RuchikaBehal.com, which is my first name, last name, and I’ll spell that R U C H I K A behal.com. And you can find me on Facebook and Instagram at Nourish Your Life. That’s my motto. That’s what I believe in. That is really not to food. It’s everything that we do that nourishes our lives.

Rachel: Thank you, my good friend, it’s been just a true blessing to be with you you so much. It’s been a pleasure that I could finally connect with you. 

Ruchika: Yes. Very, very well. I feel like I know you. I mean, I was saying I feel like everyone in the forum. I feel like I know them. I feel like I know their life. The connection we have through the many, many years and even those who come in No, it’s instant sisterhood and some brothers are in there. But it’s instant family instinct community.

Rachel: You’re right about that. 

Ruchika: I think that that’s what really, I tell everybody, whoever recommend this program to a lot of people get it as that not only the content, not only Rachel’s expertise, but you’re really going to get a forum that really works like a mastermind group. So you’re not paying only for the content, you’re paying very little for this mastermind group. People pay hundreds of dollars to be part of it as groups that this is really a mastermind group, you can almost say, throw out a title and say does this sound right? Somebody will be online and respond to that. So that’s what I really love about these forums. And that’s why some people ask me why do you buy season after season? I say I think I just want to be hanging around.

Rachel: Well, thank you so much for being with me today. I appreciate this and enjoy the rest of your day and I will see you this spring. Take care. Bye my friends. Thank you

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