116. Why The 60 To 100k Blueprint Will Help You Build Your List & Your Health Business

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One of the biggest struggles I hear from health coaches is how to make money in their business. When you break it down, there are so many easy ways to make money when you have a blueprint to help you. With this strategic blueprint, you can absolutely access the 60k and even 100k lifestyle business you’ve dreamed of and open up more time and energy so you can do what you do best in your business.

In today’s episode, I give a snapshot view of my 60 to 100k Blueprint and the different streams of income you can have within your business, whether you’re working online or offline. I also provide some key questions to ask yourself before you start, explain how to apply the blueprint as an offline or online business and why having an online element to your business is necessary. Plus, I’ll give an in-depth look at why low-cost entry points are key to building your list and your business.

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I am so completely pumped to be here with you because one of the biggest struggles I hear as a coach is how to make money, which shocks me! Because there are so many ways to make money when you have a blueprint. 

Now, first off, I encourage you to download your workbook. This is a blueprint that you have to use. You have to take the action to figure out the different streams of income within your business, whether you’re working online or offline. Remember, there is no one right way to create your signature business. 

Why Strategy Helps You Create A Signature Business

So in this one in the 60 to 100k, I’m going to break this down into two parts. Because I talked to so many of you guys who say I never want to be online, I never want to be offline. So I want you to see the two different possibilities and how easy it is when you plan strategically to get to 60,000 in the lifestyle business, which is health coaches, nutritionists, fitness coaches, anyone. 

That is exactly why we also create done for you programs and content, and systems for your business to ease into this, allowing you to spend more time building authority and building trust because that is why people hire you. 

Alright, so let’s just get started. Now remember, you’re going to have a snapshot of this. So don’t freak out. If I’m going a little too fast. I want you to constantly go back to your blueprint, and revisit and think about your own business. 

Key Questions To Set Your Blueprint Up For Success

Before I even start this, I want you to ask yourself some key questions. Where are the holes in your business? Do you have presentations that you can use online and offline, such as PowerPoints? That’s the reason that we create the got workshops. It’s also the reason that we have PowerPoints infused into our programs. 

Do you have the opt in freebies? Or these free offers, so that people can get to know you and get to know what you’re about? Do you have the programs to use in your one on one? Whether you offer a one way to work with you, or two or three? I often call this a two-tier system, or a three-tier. Do you have the programs to launch in your offline or online business in a group capacity? So these are the questions I want you to ask yourself constantly, as I’m going through this so that you can prep yourself to fill the holes and the gaps. 

Applying The Blueprint As An Offline Business

Alright guys, let’s get going. So if you’re working offline, and this is your main focus, I want you to think about your one on one. What exactly are you offering? Be niche specific. 

A signature business is about staying within your niche, knowing the subgroups that you serve within your niche, and also knowing their pain points. People don’t buy a solution, they buy the pain. People don’t buy the fact that you’re a gut specialist. They buy the fact that you’re speaking about losing hair, IBS, bloated stomach fear of traveling skin issues. They buy all the pain, they’re not even here yet. 

So as you think about putting the programs together that you need in your one on one online or offline, I want you to think about the journey that you’ve taken that potential clients throughout.

So I have this at $450 a month, I’m keeping this as kind of an average. You may be lower, you may be higher. This is where you are going to need to adjust this blueprint or increase the amount of clients you are seeing per month, hence increasing the amount of Discovery sessions, which really leads from what visibility on free events free offers summit podcast. 

Always ask yourself, where are people finding me? So I have five clients a month, 12 months consistently. That is $2250 a month times 12. That’s $27k. We’re there already. Okay, so take a deep breath. If you’re at half of this, adjust this number, you need to be seeing 10 clients. 

If you are doing this on your off time because you work a nine to five, you’re gonna have to play around with the numbers. The difference between being a health coach to an entrepreneur is you’re doing this, you’re taking the time to plan strategically based on the numbers. This is a numbers game. Nobody told you that when you first started coaching or when you graduated from school. Which is why people like myself can help you to reverse engineer into the exact money you need to live the life you want hoping people and doing this as a full-time job. 

You have VIP days. VIP days are amazing. I ended up doing VIP days and loved it. And so did my clients because they needed those Intensive days. Shopping, tour pantries, helping them cook, it’s when you really are getting into the nitty gritty with your clients. 

So you’re converting one person a month, that’s six hours, and I have you at $100 an hour. Please note, it’s imperative for you to know your price per hour so you can figure out are shopping tours, VIP days workshops, and reverse engineer into any of those extra special offers you create. Or even if you’re pitching to a gym or a spa, and they want you to do talks, or maybe you’re doing a corporate bonus, knowing your per hour is pivotal. That is how we figured this out. 

Sometimes if you want to can give an hour free, maybe even a seven-hour day, maybe it’s a five, and you adjust the price of cooking classes or workshops at $50. Your goal is 10 per class. You will see at 10 per class 500 times 12 is $6000. 

Creating & Repurposing Content For Your Events

Now many people say, what am I going to offer in a class? I always say to people, what wouldn’t you offer in the class? So this is where our programs come into play. Any of the opt-in freebies can turn into a workshop, any of the workshops clearly can be a workshop, this could be done live, this could be done offline, online, anything. 

So when you’re charging $50 this could even be a cooking class. Buy a program from us and do a cooking series. You could even triple this right now. Upgrade to higher than $60 or offset the number if you are at a different price. And you’re one on one, a series of cooking classes. People love community and they love when you are teaching and they’re learning. So again, this price could even be different. It could be $97 if you included a whole program such as easy weight loss, or some of our seven-day or 14-day programs like our paleo program, or detox. We call these gateway programs. These are noncommittal simple programs to do workshops, a two hour live event where you have people coming over. 

Why Low Cost Entry Points Matter

So again, this is flexible, but it takes you just sitting down and thinking about how you strategically can use the programs that we offer. Then you have shopping towards $97 with a program and I have you at your goal is $10 per tour and you’re doing this once a month 11,640. 

The reason that I say to include a program is instead of just handing out a pantry list –up level, be different, over-deliver, you will then build that trust and that like factor that will have people wanting to always refer you, wanting to suggest your name to a potential gym, or a doctor’s office and for you to build credibility. 

These are easy access, low-cost entry points for you to have in your business, which is imperative. Even if you did high ticket, if you have the person who has to build that trust factor with you. First, they’re more inclined to come in at a low cost offer. And again, playing around with price is relative, what’s most important is that you get to your end goal. 

I really want you to think about that. How are you getting to your end goal of $60,000? Then I have you upselling or products or network marketing, or a do it yourself on your site, do it yourself could be a $35 program, you could have three of these, I like them to be anywhere from four days at max to 14. And these could be your do it yourself, learn what I’m about or even masterclasses. 

So even if your goal is to completely work offline, you’re still building low cost entry points for people who don’t really know you yet, and have to see if you’re really walking the walk and talking to talk. That’s what our low cost entry points do. So when you are thinking about how am I going to get here, this is for some of you who do either network marketing, you have products that you have, maybe you have them in a retail offering, or you’re adding some of these do it yourself. Again, this is a numbers game. 

Why Having An Online Presence Is Important For Meeting Clients Where They’re At

Now you can also come over here and see that you can come by some of these. So if you’re looking at completely offline, which my goal and my intention when I first started coaching was to be completely offline. But I realized some people could not afford me. Some people also wanted to work with me in an online capacity. That was the sole and only reason I started to create my first done-for-you detox, which is what I created for my business, Rachel’s Wellness. 

So you can bring aspects of what you see over here online to your offline. Still, your main goal is your one on one. But you see that not everyone is the personality or the archetype that fits one on one. And so you may be losing a ton of money or leaving a ton of money on the table for potential people, who I call marathon runners, they’re the CrossFitters, they like to do things in a group. One on one may never be the right fit for them. So you can do a little of a combination, which is why I did it this way.

How Your Business Can Look Online

For online, I have a program launch four times a year, and at $97, your goal is 20 people. You’re doing this four times a year, so $7760. Your upsell is to your one on one. Your goal may never be one on one, but some of those people are going to need some direction from you. Why leave money on the table? When you can upsell them to your one on one for $150 an hour. You’ve made $2400. You can upsell them to the next program. 

This is why when we say the next program, we give examples like buy the five-day clean eating challenge, run the 21 day Clean Eating program. Take them to the next is that ketogenic is that sugar repair. Is that gut adrenal thyroid mindset makeover? 

Again, this is why I talk about a signature business. What do you want to be known for? Who is your niche? And within your niche, what are the problems that they have? Is it clean eating? Is it sugar? Is it weight? 

One of the things, when you buy programs from us, is I make myself available and our team does so that we can help you also pick the right program. So you save time and money. So you have a business that truly fits not only what is your soul niche, but what is the marketable niche. Think about that. Do you have a niche that is not marketable? Do you have a niche that is not covering the masses, it’s important to niche down and to polarize. 

Remember, not everyone knows that they have adrenal issues. Not everyone knows that they have thyroid issues. Most people just know something does not feel right. So think about that. I have you doing masterclasses and workshops. 

I always said with my clients, $97 with a program or even myself this and again, interchangeable, it can be done online or offline can be off during these masterclasses. You could do master classes, two hours with a program, and even bring people into a forum for two weeks. You could even not bring them into a forum and do a two-hour masterclass. And then make that evergreen on your site. 

So the live components to be able to ask you questions, and then make that evergreen and sell that on your site on your page. Again, these could be three different offerings just like the do-it-yourself. Some of you want to have a membership or even group coaching. Tell them why this is for the person who is not ready to maybe go to one of your full programs, they want to find out what you’re about. You’re offering a low-cost entry of $37. I have anywhere to go of only 30 people. 

Why Low Cost Offers & Upsells Can Work For Your Health Business

So these are all really tangible goals, tangible numbers, doable and realistic, not some of the things that we see sometimes fed to us charge $5000 a month. I’m not saying that you can’t. That is all a money mindset. But I would say on average, these are the numbers I say. And again, your membership numbers are relative based on what you’re offering. You have then made $13,320. 

You will see I took you right through each of the numbers, the upsell, how many people did you need to convert (10) to this upsell, this program four times a year group coaching for three months. You might say well, what is the difference between this, because you might have a mastermind a mastery and that is a three month intensive for hormones or thyroid or gut or ketogenic one that is very niche specific. 

Maybe you decide to run this once a year, so that people then graduate from this next program to what your mastery, and that your goal is 10 people at $187 a month, that means per month $5610. Again, these numbers can be changed. And they can be exchanged in between here. So you get to your 68, then you have passive income products or do it yourself 37 times five a month equals 185 times 12. That means that you have a low-cost product. 

Again, this is right there. We also call this a tripwire to low cost program. That could be a seven-day sugar cleanse. That could even be a 14-day program that you have right on your site. Maybe you’re selling it for $35. Or maybe you’re signing a five-day or a four-day for $35 or combining it with a month of recipes. 

If you’ve joined our content in a box membership that I have, your packaging bundles to make it what so exciting that somebody trips in, because the price is so great. Your goal is that you’re selling five a month, and passive income or product upsells at $9570. Now that number can be lessened if you decide to do some cooking classes, or you’re partnering with a gym, or your prices are different on each one of these, or your goal is more than 20. 

If you look at some of the case studies and testimonials that we have, real coaches who didn’t have huge lists, didn’t use Facebook ads like Jessica, JJ, and Christina, you will see that not only did they launch once, but they relaunched. So for example, why not make it twice? You will be able to make this twice, and then reduce this number at the bottom. 

Again, in planning your business, many of you do network marketing, or you have products that you sell that you really love and you send them to your clients. This is all doable as long as you the health coach, make the plan and use the blueprint that we have lined up. So with that being said, again, my name is Rachel Feldman. 

Everything that you need is at www.yourhealthcoachbiz.com and I encourage you to drop a message right there. Because the one thing that I know at the beginning of my business, I felt overwhelmed and that overwhelm leads to chaos. You have FOMO Fear Of Missing Out to spend tons of money on the next course thinking that is the miracle. You go for the next certification thinking that it’s going to get you more clients. 

This gets you more clients. Strategically planning and using your time not to create tons of content but to do what to get out there, get seen get known build the authority. So you get hired.

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