118. My Step By Step Process To Turn Your Workshop Into A Teaching Series

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Your content is a mirror into what it would be like to work with you. If you want to sign clients and change lives, you need to start showing up with valuable content to build that know, like, and trust factor. One of the best ways to do this is by offering your audience a teaching series. Not only is a teaching series free and valuable content for your audience to digest, but it shows off your teaching style and what it would be like to work with you.

In today’s episode, I take you step by step through how to create a teaching series from pre-made content that you already have handy, specifically content used from a workshop. I walk you through the basics of a teaching series, how to use your core pillars to create free content, different ways to package up your workshop content into a teaching series, and why teaching videos are so effective. 

I know this topic is niche, but I promise, learning how to repurpose your content will save you time, money, and frustration if you’re struggling to build that know, like, and trust factor with your audience.

Hey guys, it is Rachel Feldman. I’m a health coach turned content creator, serial content creator, which is why we have website copy, we have done for you websites, we have done for you workshops like this, that can also be training series. 

All of the stuff that you see on yourhealthcoachbiz.com is so much of what I needed to build my business when I was a brand new coach. And even more, when I was starting to really get hired, left and right, I needed content to be able to teach more, because remember, our content is a mirror into what it would be like to work with us. 

In my membership, we go over who is my niche, and what are my four teaching pillars. This is the way that you coach, this is the way that you see these missing pieces of the puzzle. If you want to have great energy or ultimate weight loss in your 40s and 50s, one of the aspects of my business is hormone health. Or testing if Paramount GPA should be something that you go all in with versus a healthy period, versus libido. 

Why Showing Up On Video Is Powerful For Your Brand

What’s so great about our teaching series, or even videos, that really showcase our teaching style, and how we also show up in this world, which is what I call the love language. And what’s so great about the power of video is that your ideal client can really get to know you and your brand. Because your brand is your morals, and your views on life and your and your view on what’s missing in the world. As far as health to what you teach, and how you just how you went through your own hero’s journey or how you’ve helped other people. 

So even if you have a PDF, add a video. I always did with Rachel’s wellness. If I was giving 10 ways to repair the gut or I was giving a juice cleanse, or it was giving something that I knew my ideal client wanted to know about, but he or she didn’t know how to get there. I always use content to dominate and to be the expert. I was known for gut. One of my teaching pillars was detoxification, natural solutions like CBD oil, essential oils, all these different chakras, all these different things that you see are more esoteric. And then weight loss, and kids health were these other two pillars. 

People always knew that these core pillars of my teaching I would continue to talk about in webinars and workshops. They also helped me to create my whole business funnel, and helped me to create the core offers that I knew my ideal client was looking for. 

How To Turn Your Core Pillars Into Free Content 

So without me talking anymore, blah, blah, blah. If any of you know me, you know that I can talk, what you’re looking at is the perimenopause workshop that we sell at your health coach pits. Now we have a lot of different niche-specific workshops like this. And you might say, well, Rachel, this is a lot of information to give for free. Some of you are going to be like the hormone diva. 

I’m gonna just show you examples first. Sometimes it’s hard to hear in theory. So we have to look at other people’s freebies and options and see. So we see that she’s got all these amazing programs that fit her ideal client’s pain points. We also see if I sign up here, friendly supplement a bonus one day low. 

Why not make this a teaching series? You have a checklist or you have the perimenopause checklist. Then you take this one idea, wow, an ultimate checklist. And we go right to our handouts. You could actually give a perimenopause cheat sheet or a quiz as the opt in or even as an opt in the three day detox or the three day hormone detox or even one of the freebies from the 21 day hormone detox.

Then my teaching is really on the core fundamentals that you want people to know 123. Or you might even say maybe you have your ideal client who doesn’t even know the signs of perimenopause. How long does perimenopause last? When you start to pull from the workshops, your content, then all of a sudden.

I would go to loom.com. You will see right here at Loom you’re able to use very easily and for free. Let me put this on a private and loom does only work on Chrome. So let me just show you really easy. Go here. If you want to do screen and camera, you can. If you want to even shoot videos or an individual video, I always think that it’s a great way to build that trust factor. And that is it’s me awareness. And building that trust factor is how we get hired. 

Some of you are spending so much time creating webinars and challenges and workshops, but you don’t know if that topic even resonates or maybe you don’t have enough pre-marketing leading up to the workshop. 

The Basics Of A Teaching Series

So let’s say first we’re doing a teaching series. I’m going to just show you the basics of a teaching series. Here we have our workshop right here. In my teaching series, I’m going to put this into vo so I can show a slideshow. In my teaching series, video one is perimenopause. I’m gonna have additional side notes that I pulled from the content. You may want to go into the signs of perimenopause. And then you could even talk about heavy periods. Periods come closer together, increase cramping, sleepwalking, night sweats. 

Share parts of your story, hey, when I was having perimenopause, I thrived because I had a body free of toxins, which means that I make sure I detox my body with a hormone detox at least four times a year. What I also do is make sure I’m eating the following foods. 123451 of the things I know many of my clients struggle with is migraines, or headaches. Maybe you go with noticeable weight gain. 

You start to develop what you need to share for your ideal client to say, Wow, that person really has amazing content, I’m going to go hire that person. You might decide on video three, that you’re going to talk about estrogen dominance. So then you come and you can show a visual, and then dive in. 

Those are three videos that you take from one webinar from one workshop. Those are your training videos. You can give a handout. Those training videos are what builds the like, know, and trust factor. 

Why Teaching Video Are So Effective

I’ve talked to six coaches in the last few days, who have told me that they thought that people find you because you blog. People find you because you have amazing teaching videos like this, that you can use on many different platforms. That same teaching video could be on your website as a signature teaching series. You’re probably going to go a little more in-depth than what I just showed. 

Those can also be used in pre-marketing, because if you are pre-marketing a webinar, it’s very easy to go through and talk about these talking points because they really want to come to the webinar or the paid masterclass. To go deeper. 

You might talk on a teaching video about great exercise for when you’re in perimenopause, how to know the signs when you’re going into menopause. This is why if you’re specializing not having a signature workshop on estrogen dominant perimenopause and menopause would make sense because your ideal client is intentionally searching on SEO machines like YouTube and Pinterest. 

You might find that you want to look at different recipes that you have either developed or that you have bought from one of our programs that you know work for your ideal client. You might find that in an investment in Six Months Your hormones, the 12-month hormone content, or the gut program, or adrenal, or sugar repair serve you best because in your teaching philosophy. 

Gut and the hormone, and the gut microbiome is a very central part, maybe one of your pillars you find from showing up and building this like, know, and trust factor that your ideal client is dying with adrenal fatigue. This is how we get super clear on what are our proven, high converting list builders are. Because we take the opportunity to show up and teach these low ticket, mini teachings versus a teaching series where I would take this workshop and say, This is my teaching series on perimenopause. 

Different Ways To Package Up Your Content Into A Teaching Series

I would teach on this course the whole way through. I would break this down into three videos, using loom.com. All you have to do is go, here’s a new video, I’m gonna shoot a new video, I’m going to do screen only. And then you’re going to teach on this and those are going to be the three core videos. 

You might find that you do that you use zoom.com. That you’re able to create your three videos, the topics, use all the content in here, you can make your freebies either be the PDF of this, save as, or that you’re giving those that quiz and the handout. You might find that you pair this with a low-cost program, or that you’re doing a masterclass which is most often two hours long, an hour of teaching, maybe even some pre-teaching qualifying videos. So that you aren’t losing your breath trying to explain and providing a recipe plan. 

Any of our content can be used in this way. It can be used in so many different ways because the key is that you’re dominating search engine optimization, you’re showing up on that YouTube video. You have Pinterest images on signs of perimenopause. You’re building out the story based on what you know, because you’ve either been in the shoes of somebody with perimenopause, or you thrived, or you work with people that have X problems. 

To recap, you could have this as paid teaching series. You can have this as a list builder, the same videos you’re doing. Maybe your teaching videos are the ones that are on Instagram, stories, YouTube. They’re the ones that you do in your group because you’re repurposing that with the goal to build the like know and trust factor and bring them to your paid offers. 

We talked about a lot of examples. And I know it may sound overwhelming. So go back and listen to this video. And make sure to go to RachelAFeldman.com on the Start Here page and look at some of the training videos that we have. 

I would say this is an extremely specific one and one that will save you time and money and frustration struggling to figure out how to build the like, know, and trust factor. When using the trust factor method, people will organically fall into your funnel and that, my friend, is my goal. My why has never changed. It’s to change this world. I know that if we get clear and polarized down in our content and our teachings and speak to our ideal client, we will always make money and more importantly, change lives. 

Alright guys, my name is Rachel Feldman. I will see you later.

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