134. Behind the Scenes of Crafting A Signature Offer for the Hormone Niche

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Are you wondering how to create a signature offer that you’re known for and helps your clients improve their health? There’s a method to the madness and I’m giving you all the details! Tune in to learn what a signature offer is, how to choose yours, and how to build a funnel inside your health coaching business!

Heads up! In this episode, I’m doing something a little different. I’m giving a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into building a funnel with my coaching client, Jill. Not only am I going over how to create offers that appeal to your ideal client, but I’m giving tips to help you understand why a client makes a purchase, what problems they are facing, and what they truly desire – plus so much more!

Jill: I have so many thoughts. Oh, I should do this. Oh, I should do that. So much information. 

Rachel: Let me show you how I like to build from top down doesn’t mean that it needs to be right away. So if we know that the problem is, if it’s unexplained weight gain, it’s doing everything that you’ve been doing in your fitness career, as even a woman who’s eating healthy. The woman who is doing everything. That’s what I hear is the ideal client avatar that you’re really talking about. 

Knowing Where Your Ideal Client Is In Their Journey & What They Are Saying

Now, when we’re talking about really understanding her and messaging to her, we can think about, is she an A-type personality? Like you and me? Is she very disciplined? Or is she that one that always comes in before? Or she that one that always comes into the gym and goes, Oh, my God, Jill. It’s my husband’s fault. On Friday he ordered all this pizza and I had to eat it. I was going to follow the plan. But my husband’s like, Are you always gonna feel deprived? She’s like, but I’m doing this class. And then she’s like, Jill, I just had to. 

Or the other one that’s like, Oh, my God, it was so much fun. We went out, we got blasted this weekend. It was super bowl. I had like, 20 beers that weekend, but I’m gonna now burn it off this week. I would say this for about three people because it’s all the same problem. But they’re a little different. 

So just when you’re losing the content, always keep that in mind on where your ideal client is. And watch what she’s saying in her own brain. I’m gonna actually show you right on the download what I love about this workshop. 

Any content that we have, you can sit there and say, Yeah, this is going at that time or Yeah, I’m going to pre teach on this. Because I want to set the stage for somebody coming to my community, or where or if you’re doing this and leading them to one on one or group. Well, if I wanted to insert, or duplicate, if you wanted to then drop down because you wanted to then add a new slide. This would then be whatever the foods I eat or my aha moment. Whatever you want to do. 

The neat thing is, if I think about building, I always look okay, one is perimenopause. So not only do I have this workshop, but you can also use this quiz as a freebie. So on the front, you can start getting women to take this quiz. Because I’m going to be doing this workshop and really go over these things. Instead of needing to be like, let me write down every question. This is right at your fingertips, easy to personal message somebody and then lead them to the signup. 

The other thing, when I did talk about estrogen dominance, I talked about the weight factor. I talked about how this was the missing piece for women who were having heart palpitations. They were told, Oh, no, your hormones are fine, but everything’s off. So I would say if you felt that this needed to be a second, and educate this missing piece to stand out from everyone else. The key is just knowing how to constantly explain this, because just like you said, I went to the doctor and was told oh, no, you’re only 41. It’s too early for you to be impairing your dismantling myths, your dismantling how your woman is fed in the same way that we are. So you can even use this and save it as a has a PDF and that could even be a freebie.

Look At What Is Missing In The Industry & Teach On That

And so as you’re building it out later I would say perimenopause makes complete sense. But start looking at what is missing in the industry that I need to teach. That’s how we create our signature system, because it’s really raging against the machine. 

This is what you’ve been told. But now I’m going to tell you the truth, I wish I would have known now I’m going to teach you on estrogen dominance, I was having hot flashes or clients came to me in my fitness, and really helping that person to identify, but lead them to the water. That’s what your freebies are for. Whether you’re doing this as a live on your personal page, or you’re building a community right away. You could bring women into a community teach and then bring them to the core program.

So that’s what I think I would like to do. Here’s my one hour talk, or here’s my presentation, and then move into the athlete and the program. What’s really neat is, even if you’re not doing them evergreen or on demand, once you have that, you can be like, hey grab this, take this quiz. They’re in. Even if you’re manually doing it in Messenger or DM. People will keep seeing you talk about this problem. Then you can have those videos pre-recorded. You could do it live if you want, either way. 

But you have the signature system on your freebie or your workshops because they’re bringing your people to step one. Step one is the hormone detox. Also it’s really easy to do a 21-day program as a course, or self-paced.

If you’re doing it as a program, even if you’re running it in the Facebook unit section. Or you’re just like, Hey, ladies $197 Jump on, we’re having four calls this month. send people a payment and say, Let’s get 10 women. You’re doing this free and testing that. Just get testimonials in exchange. This is really talking through what is what. 

I really do believe phase one for this woman who needs to get her body right to actually be able to then bring in the perimenopause module, and actually get down and dirty with all of the suggestions in there. So they actually work. 

Where To Funnel Your Clients In Based On Where They’re At In Their Journey

Jill: So would you then maybe recommend so like a one-hour talk about estrogen dominance, leading to the hormone detox as the first program and then the perimenopause program?

Rachel: When we really believe this is the process, like for me, I do believe that we have to get our bodies clean. I do think that we need to remove all this junk, but it doesn’t mean we need to be perfect. It means that we need to get the damn foods out so we can get our body actually prepped to go into that next step. I wouldn’t say if you were like, You know what? I feel that. my woman is already eating clean and I want to take her right to the perimenopause. I’ll show you exactly how. 

For me, perimenopause is really a longer step. It’s more like a three-month step and there are even six months of recipes. If that person is working with you, even in a group capacity, say ten women in a group at $297 a month, that’s 3k a month. A lot of people will do a $333, just to make it a 1k package. 

So I think it more depends on the pricing strategy. Let me get women in hormone detox and you’re going to charge for this program $157, and the goal is 20 women, that’s $3140. And then taking them to that next step. It can all be in group capacity, but you can also have these as your one on one offers, or even in your gym with the very women that you’re training.

Do I think that it’s great to give people a mini snap? Yes. Because it’s nice when someone has that win. But I’ll show you the other one. I don’t think it’s like absolutely necessary. Any of your workshops really could lead to a one-on-one call a nurture sequence really leading to that next program and importing them intod each one of these areas, which I feel is the biggie. You have the PowerPoints here. So you even have two freebies or two PowerPoints and you have pre-marketing sequence, etc. 

If you wanted to just go right to the perimenopause, where do you want to take your women right away? The biggest thing is, what is that signature system that you’re taking them from step one to step two, and then you are repeating. So you’re constantly bringing people in at those different stages or working with somebody for 30 days, because she wants to get hormones right with her husband or she wants to do BFF. 

Why You Should Keep Your Offer Simple

This is the one specifically on perimenopause and we’ll look at how this is the nice thing about the other. I do think that you have a little more range of women who maybe are in their 30s and want to get their body healthy and prepped so that they lessen the perimenopause. I feel like you can dance in both if you really want to work with both women. 

Then you have quizzes in here, you have even content that you can send to them weekly, whether you do it in something like teachable or Thinkific, or any different platform. Or you just keep it simple with a system like practice better, where you do your client intake forms, and you do your zoom meetings in there and take payment and even create sales pages. So this we are diving deep into perimenopause.

Iif you’re doing testing or if you’re having women get tested, or if you’re giving this more as like being their advocate, which is how I always positioned myself, I didn’t do testing, but I would always say I’m your advocate with this information to help. How to look for the right doctor for yourself or find somebody who specializes in some of these other health issues.

Jill: Yep. Okay. Awesome. Well, again, I have more ideas.

Rachel: I always say this, keep it simple. What I love about this, when I coached either one-on-one or in a group, I went section by section. I’m gonna give you the whole guy, but we’re gonna focus on it section by section to make it doable for you. 

Jill: This is great. I appreciate you taking the time to clear it up.

How To Differentiate Yourself & Your Offers

Rachel: It can get really overwhelming. For example, if you were to say, You know what? I’m not going to buy the estrogen dominance workshop, or I’m going to do the 21-day hormone detox in the perimenopause, that’s going to come with two workshops. If you know that you just want that perimenopause, individual workshop, and you really are looking at that is like, this is my heavy hitter, that I’m going to close it down using the quiz, bringing them to that workshop. That could be literally your game-changing masterclass. That teaching series, really educating, giving the handouts and follow up emails on after somebody opts in. Your story and your personality really shines through also on video.

You know what I mean? I’ve been told that you’re just a people person. My suggestion always, even in any business, even with fitness yoga is we do need to really separate ourselves these days. In a world where everyone is online, there’s resources left and right that are really at people’s fingertips. How are you going to go right at the problem? Kick them with that solution? Help them identify with you? Talk about your hero journey? What do you wish he would have known? Boom! Close that out and keep it simple.

Jill: I appreciate this. This gives me a good idea. Now I can go in and say, Alright, where do I want to start? I know what’s in each and say. I know I tend to be like that idea on Think Tank with those different possibilities. 

Rachel: The reason I’m all for knowing what the offers are, is it’s really hard to close on our freebies. It’s really hard to close on our challenge if we don’t know where we’re leaving that. List building comes with conviction when we’re like, Guys, I’m covering this, even if you go old school, and you’re like, boom, iPod, I mean, it doesn’t have to be fancy forms. It just needs to be to the point, solve the problem and make them really see you as the expert. That’s the high end, like we said, it’s just not out there and it needs to be. 

Jill: I put this on Facebook and I got three people within like 12 hours. But I wonder. So many of the other women I used to teach at the local JCC, and I taught them in the preschool. So I know a ton of moms that are in their 30s and my feeling is they probably don’t know it yet, either. They’re like, Oh, she’s older than me. That’s what she’s doing.

What Problems Does Your System Solve?

Rachel: This is where I would geek out so hard working with you. But you’re gonna get this let’s do it. This is what I always say to coaches, when you’re looking at your programs, think about the problems that that one system solves. 

So you think about the 21-day hormone detox, you’re like, Damn, that is my system for all those moms in their 30s Right now, because we know stress causes hormonal issues, thyroid starts to go a rise mid 30s progesterone issues and estrogen dominance. So that’s the system for those women. 

One of the PowerPoints in there which really talks about Indus endocrine disruptors, what is every young mommy thinking about? Her children. The little girl she birthed, her sister, her mom. That is the Whoa of the woman in her 30s and she’s also like, okay, I had kids, and I have no sex drive now. I love my partner, but it ain’t working anymore. I have gained this weight and I’ve tried everything. That that’s her system. 

There you are. Now, you are being known. You want to be known for perimenopause. But you’re also saying to those women listen, we can work together in this group. You might even have a bunch of moms from JCC or whatever, anything that you do, where you will totally get 20 women together. That is how I created offers. 

Jill: I love that you’re talking about looking at locally for existing relationships, that’s going to be a referral base. 

The Two Step System You Take Clients Through

Rachel: And then the second system is you have your hormone detox, women in the 40s, we’ve got a prime target. We’ve got a cleanse out all the makeup, the hair, the lotions for our body to be able to process and utilize our hormones. Hormone talk. But then you’re really taking her through a two-step system. 

If they’re like, I already detox. Great. You can move her right into perimenopause, the great thing is we see the flexibility. The last part is that estrogen dominance, you can even do that as a paid offer, like really teaching as a gateway low cost. So they’re coming in, and that perimenopause, or even the estrogen dominance, those can be low cost for only $27, get this 90-minute class, it can be used in a free way, that 90 minute class with those handouts, and maybe a little extra. Hey, you want to take the next step with me? 

That’s how we make content really work. When we’re understanding if she is coming in with this set of problems with this age group. What would be the no brainer step? How do we want to use the content? Is it better just to bring them in free? Or even take the estrogen dominance and build that out and really teach it to your one on ones? You’re not having to recreate the wheel. And again, that videom that PowerPoint can be saved as a PDF.

Jill: Yeah, this is great, Rachel, I really appreciate you.

Why You Need To Walk The Talk

Rachel: I bet you’re gonna be one of those people, you wouldn’t even have to mark a lot, you would just have to dig into people who trust you.We don’t realize, I mean, you’re an independent contractor, you have always had this realization that like you are your word. If you’re walking the walk and talking to talk, people will be like, Oh, that’s refreshing. Somebody’s being transparent with me about what I wish I would have known. You already have that built authority. Now you’re just telling a different story. You can even add additional which would be fitness videos for women who are in these different places. How do you actually tone and sculpt? Plyometrics, core, etc. That’s the cool thing is it doesn’t have to be HIIT. This is what works. The CH is for hormones.

That’s why the contents really neat is that if you really can step back and just go back into your own pain, what you wish you would have known and say, what worked for me? Then really just filling in holes of content and systems where this person Great.

Jill: I’ve got a better understanding of what each of the things are, and so I can figure that out. Which ones I’m gonna get.

Rachel: You really have to age demographics. It’s not taking you away from being known as the perimenopause expert, because what you’re saying is, ladies where we are, boom, I get it. But ladies, I don’t want you to struggle with any of these issues, because the truth is, if we really detox properly, our suffering less.

Jill: Absolutely. I know myself. Like you said, My story will speak to those people.

Rachel: In your clarity of that story, like I said, Do not ever not tell that backstory overnight with sitting there and being like, I know, I’ve realized I have this issue. I think every person has been like, I realized that this and this is going on and someone looks at you like you’re an alien. You should have that. Be having this and you’re like, but I am.

Why Your Story Matters & How To Use It To Connect

Jill: Well, and it’s funny, I was thinking about this, I’m sure I don’t have any pictures of me, because I would camouflage and stand in the back. Now. I’m like, I wish I had a picture. Because last summer was the first time I wore a bikini and probably like 15 years. 

I wish I had it so I could say, Hey, ladies, look at this. This is where I was a year ago. You can do it, trust me. I went through it. I had hair loss because I was working with a hormone doctor and they just kept putting me on testosterone, push, push, push, push me into hyper thyroid, and I was like, Oh, my God, I should have taken all these pictures. But I didn’t even want to look at it. 

Rachel: Yes. Oh, you can always sit there and still talk about that and be like, what I was. So it’s not that you’re embarrassed. You just weren’t comfortable, right? 

Jill: Yeah, exactly. 

Rachel: I have trouble with that myself. Really just go back into the story. Just keep telling. Our whole business is not about us. But it’s these stories. They’re called micro stories, these stories that help our potential lady to go, oh, my god, that was me five months ago, or that’s me now. That’s my sister, or that’s my mother. Let me refer. They start getting tags on Facebook.

Jill: Thank you so much. I’m so sorry. I took so I don’t even know what to say. 

Rachel: I recorded this and I’ll give it to you. Every one of us knows what we’ve gone through. We’re just like, how do I put this into a process without making myself feel overwhelmed? Not being consistent, or feeling exhausted, which I talked about and then researching.

Jill: Awesome. Well, thank you so much, and I will definitely be MIT placing my order, just need to figure out exactly what I want.

How To Think Through Your Funnel & Signature Offer

Rachel: Either way, I’m gonna send you a follow up email. Just give a recap. Clearly, I’m sending you this. So you can really listen to it really just go through in and pull down, we have that 60k workbook. Hold down and be like, here’s the freebies. 

Think in your mind, really play out if this woman who has this set of problems, does she know she has perimenopause or she doesn’t know? You’re gonna go into the content and pull out, are you struggling with this? Or use the quiz. Think, where does this freebie lead to? What makes the most sense? How can I optimize it the most? How many people do I need to have in a group to make X money? Is my goal 3k this month? Is my goal 5k? How am I going to get there? How many how much do I need to be showing up? 

If you’re using your personal page, you can always say to women, start talking about these problems for a solid week, teasing it in, bring them into a Facebook community, or sign them up and say guys, I’m going to be doing a live a week, really set the stage. 

It doesn’t take a lot to launch. But what it does take is thinking about that story that we need to share the core problems, the different messages. To the woman who is like you, she’s the researcher. Or she’s the other one who doesn’t even know and has weight issues and she’s doing she’s having heart palpitations and she’s constipated and her skin is dry and she has no liquid down there. 

Have you invested in a bottle? Women will say, “Oh my god, that is me. What do I need to do?” Do that. Marinate it for a week, pull down the content, and just take about an hour on that map or somewhere else to say, what from these freebies do I need to pull out? What am I talking points? What is the date that I want to work with women to change their lives? Just reverse engineer into that constantly thinking if I go back in time, what would I say?

Jill: Yeah. This is great. All right. Well, I will look forward to getting this email so that I can rewatch and make my decisions. I appreciate it seriously because you get it. 

Rache: Now you just need to start implementing it. That’s all. 

Jill: Yeah. Awesome. Rachel, thank you.

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