135. How To Build The Know, Like, & Trust Factor With Your Audience ft. Sonja Bannon

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Are you struggling to know where your time and attention should be going to grow your business? I get it. Running a health coaching business involves a lot of moving parts. But no matter what stage you are at, every coach needs to build their know, like, and trust factor if you want to reach (and help) more clients. 

So how exactly do you build your know, like, and trust factor? Well, today, Sonja Bannon of Dare To Design and I will tell you! Because when you focus your efforts in the right places, you’ll stand out from the crowd, be known for your niche, and solve a specific problem that your clients struggle with. THAT is what builds a successful and impactful health coaching biz.

Sonja’s website: https://daringdesign.co/

Rachel: Good morning, or good afternoon, wherever you are in this amazing world. This free training is for any coach out there who is either brand new, or maybe you have struggled to have an amazing launch, whether it’s a website launch program, and you are saying to yourself, What am I doing wrong? I’m here with my webmaster and the designer of our done-for-you websites, and also my pages. So do you want to introduce yourself before we got today’s topic?

Sonja: Sure. I’m Sonja Bannon, owner of Daring Design Company Studio. I’ve been working with Rachel for the last four years. We’ve done multi figure launches together. I’ve also helped other clients and customers launch their programs and websites. So this is not our first rodeo. 

Rachel: So let’s talk about it. Before we started, we were even talking about our other clients who have done five-figure launches, and we took them from brick and mortar to completely online, memberships, everything. So no matter what stage you are at, this is essential for everyone. 

What we’re going to talk about is something that I created a long time ago, because I struggled. I didn’t have money for Facebook ads, and many people do not. So this method is really important, especially for new coaches, or even for anyone that does not have a list. What we’re going to talk about in today’s training, which is the first of a series because we know many of you want to launch in September and many of you are graduating school.

What’s Essential To Build The Know, Like, & Trust Factor

We want to talk about how do you actually build this, like, know and trust factor? Because you’re all seeing things like let’s do an evergreen webinar, all these different strategies. I just want to break it down on what is realistic as a new coach. So Sonja, do you want to talk about first, from your perspective as a webmaster and landing pages, what is really essential when you’re building that know, like, and trust factor?

Sonja: The most essential part is to be able to collect emails. And to do that you have several tools, but we’re not going to go into tools. You need to have a system to collect emails because your emails are what is going to bring money into your bank. 

But before you can collect emails, you need to be known. Who are you? Where are you? How many of you have an email marketing system and nobody is clicking over? That point we’re going to talk about. 

Because so many of you, whether it’s ConvertKit Active Campaign Mailer Lite, MailChimp, InfusionSoft, Ontraport, Kartra, Kajabi, back in the day, there was MailChimp, MailChimp that I was having still more content is still on now chimp. So we want to go back to the old school days of building that like, know, and trust factor and really defining it. 

So in the first two parts, the two to two method. This means that people actually have to know what you do. They’ve got to start liking you. They’ve got to start trusting you before they give you their email. Especially in that saturated world where everyone has a challenge. Everyone’s doing masterclasses. Know that everyone’s not you. But in a world where the digital market has pictures left and right on Instagram and infographics, you have to stand out. 

What Do You Teach That’s Different From Everyone Else?

So step number one, you have to know what you teach that is different from anyone else. And that means building your content around that. 

Rachel: So one of the things that I love and Sonja said before about building a list, how do you do that without getting overwhelmed in tech? One of my favorite things is to sit there and say, Okay, I know I want to be known for this niche. I’m going to teach these pillars these concepts that make me different. 

For example, if my niche is weight loss, am I just gonna say oh, I want people to lose weight and feel happy and be able to get in their skinny jeans. Well, you can say that and then constantly feel failure. Or you can really separate yourself and say, Do I believe in this pillar of intermittent fasting is about insulin resistance? Am I connecting this to hormones? My connecting is to the gut. Those are four signature topics, those are four elements that separate you, from what everyone else is saying. Or maybe it’s emotional eating, maybe it’s your signature process of stress eating, and really starting to break down and to start to test it. 

How To Get Out There & Get Known, Even Without A List

So Sonja, give me some examples, in your perspective, from an OPT, from what you would suggest for a person to get out there with even without a list.

Sonja: Okay, so you’re in a world full of billions of people. Everybody’s online. You got to keep going there, you got to choose one or two channels that you want to master. That’s it, don’t go on Twitter, don’t go on LinkedIn, don’t go on all of them. Choose one or two. 

If YouTube is your channel of choice, do it every day, several times a day. It doesn’t have to be long and don’t worry about repeating yourself, because you don’t know where your future customer might come from. They might see your first video, they might see your number 237 video, but if you don’t repeat yourself, they don’t know what you’re about. So repeat yourself without being just a machine but take one subject, or two or three or four, like Rachel suggested, and hold on to it. Break them down. 

Rachel: The things that I always suggest, and this is a no-cost way is in today’s world, there are Lives. So I’m not saying that you should put all your eggs in one basket on Facebook. But if you did one Facebook Live, say on your personal page, I never suggest making your personal page, a sales page. That’s not what Facebook is about. 

But the truth is, many of you come out of school, and people are not landing on your business page. People are not landing on your blog, because you haven’t built up that presence. You haven’t built a great SEO pages, which Sonja does really well on my site. You haven’t built your presence enough that when somebody Google’s, they find a YouTube video because you haven’t been doing it. 

Why Going Live Is A Strategic Tactic To Build Your Know, Like, & Trust Factor

So take that time to build that like know and trust factor on your personal page. Go Live consistently say, for the next two weeks. Start asking people on day one, what are you guys struggling with? I know I’m struggling with 12345. It’s been really hard for me to not stress because right now I’m feeling a lot of uncertainty, or whatever relates to your life, whatever is your personal experience, whatever is your WHY as a coach and always relate it to your niche. Make it a problem and a solution. 

Facebook and social media are not a diary. It’s for people to connect with us. That’s the like. The trust is that they trust that if I say I was having some viral issues and some autoimmune, this is one of my trusted companies. If I consistently show up with Lives, and people know that, wow, I can trust this girl, I’ve seen so many other people that always just show up and teach just a lot, but I don’t really connect with them on a personal level, it’s really hard then to convert. 

So always include some element of your life. It doesn’t mean that you have to share everything. But you do have to share some aspect that is relatable. Make sure that each day you’re sharing a tip –it doesn’t have to be 20 and it shouldn’t be 20 because people have a tough time digesting so much information. 

Ask questions, then start sharing over a week and watch which topic gets the most engagement. Maybe it’s an essential oil, maybe it’s journaling, maybe it’s your favorite lemon water, your favorite juice, maybe it’s that you use of juice powder, whatever is relative to your niche. If you really struggle with it, get a PowerPoint, get a freebie and actually say to people Hey guys, you know what? I’m gonna go Live and I’m actually reading off this PowerPoint or I’m reading off this free guide because I want to make sure that you guys have information that is not only value valuable information, but that is trustworthy information in a world of misinformation.

I became a coach because I’ve struggled so hard to find information about 123 and four, or when you start to build that presence and get comfortable with speaking, get comfortable with infusing a personal story, which is called a micro story. The problem, the solution, people. Start signing in that two week. You’re looking at the engagement, people are starting to ask questions. Write those down because that is the most valuable content, you can hire people to look at Google Analytics, you can hire people in Facebook for marketing. 

But when you get used to looking at what people are asking and ask high mileage questions like, Hey, what’s your biggest struggle right now? Over eating? Weight? Fitness? Exercise? You can ask all those different questions, which are really different niches, as long as you relate it always back to what you want to be known for and who you help. Then you’re never going to confuse your ideal client. 

Creating Other Content From Your Live

So to recap this, sit there and say, you know what? I’m gonna hold myself accountable to going Live every day. If you want to take it to another level, download that Live from desktop and upload that to YouTube, upload that to IG TV, you can take that over to a blog because you’ve uploaded that to YouTube. You can actually put the video onto a blog, you can actually put a social media image and share that to Pinterest. You can actually tweet that from a blog. 

Just in one video, and one blog, you have been able to, in one hour a day, dominate social media, just like Gary Vaynerchuk says. That is how women like mysel –who started business with babies. Sonja and I both started a business with very young children– were able to build businesses. Even though there were times when it was hard, where we felt tired, and where we would have wow moments with each other.

We made it possible because we were really smart with our time, and really smart about where we invested our time. Do you want to add anything about maybe something that you see people make a mistake when it comes to launching, without doing this pre-testing? That like, know, and trust factor?

Why You Need To Show Up Consistently

Sonja: What I see a lot of people believe is that because your program and your website is up, it’s pretty, it’s great. People will come. And this is cannot be further from the truth. You can have the most beautiful sales page and most beautiful landing page, people are not going to come if they don’t know who you are, and where to find you. 

So the majority of your time needs to be spent consistently online. Choose one channel or two max and just do it. Even Gary Vaynerchuk said the first year and a half of his wine business, nobody even watched his YouTube videos. So it’s not because you don’t have the like factor or low recognition that you should stop. Because you will see after a while, you will gain a lot of experience. 

Rachel: The first one is going to be sucky and expect to be sucky and who cares. Think action? 

Sonja: Yeah, look at Rachel’s YouTube videos, where she was very sick. I mean, she did her best. She was talking like a machine. Now you see after four years she’s a master at it. So do it. The only thing is mastery comes with skills and experience. So this needs to be a second to none every day you need to show up even if it’s for two minutes. Show up. 

Rachel: I love that. We will just close with this. I wish there was this one blueprint. I know everyone downloads a blueprint and we all think that it’s going to come off this perfect map in business. 

I was just saying yesterday that the biggest problem in the health and wellness industry is we need to understand business, we need to understand sales. It doesn’t mean that we need to be salesy. But we do need to understand the elements of business building and know that business building is not perfect, just like our health. 

There wasn’t a perfect protocol for any of us. There wasn’t this one supplement this one book, this one pill, this one, anything. That’s why we all became coaches because we searched. So when you’re thinking about your launch, this is the individual launch, because each one of you attracts different types of people. 

I really encourage you to be willing, if something’s not working, if you’re like, but I thought this niche was right, let go of it. It may be that people see you for something else. We’ll dive into that on another time. But just be willing to start asking these high mileage questions, because it will give you so much insight and it will save so much struggle. 

Reach Out & Shout Out Those You Know Already

The other part is that I’ve been talking about this a lot on my membership, and just a lot in general. Many of you are depending so much on social media. Take the time to reach out to people who already know you, like you, trust you, believe in you. Friends. 

Give shout outs on Facebook, people that are your own doctors, your own acupuncturist, massage therapists, people who are wanting to interview you, and start to build that like, know, and trust factor with people who already have lists. That’s a referral base. It’s really shocking how fast you can build. We’ll talk about that again on another day. 

For this week, focus on writing down what you’re going to do for the next seven days. Just commit to a topic a day. No fear, imperfect action, and make sure to tag under here because we’re going to give you a little gift if you do it. 

Rachel: Alright guys, if you have any questions where to find us, you can go to yourhealthcoachbiz.com Also you can go to Daretodesign.co. And then the last one, go and check out the podcast at Rachelafeldman.com. There are so many coaches are so many service providers. Just to hear people’s stories. It just can give us that oomph that we need when we want to quit and we want to pull our hair out to just say okay, that’s it. I’m going to keep moving forward. Put your big girl panties on or your big boy boxers because it’s going to be okay. Take a deep breath and let’s do it. And with that being said we will see you guys later. Bye guys.

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